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Found 80 results

  1. Evening all.... I am pulling out of Arma Dayz.... so I have attached the server files for both my Arma2 Devils Playground servers with some very unique and custom scrips. over 2,500 hours of work and 8 years of experience. My (Left4Dead) witch that everyone has tried to steal is in there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hko7qEEZzNM&t Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvv2v7simvz5hsv/Server Giveaway.zip?dl=0 Server side files (except for KFC Admin Tools, they are removed) Mission Side Keys (Taviana as its the origins version not Taviana2.0) Battleye Filters I'm not offering any support for these files, how to use them or if you cant get them working, you can take what you like and use what you want. please don't use the name "Devils Playground" and change any artwork how you see fit. If you see the names Liqu1dShadow, Arrakis, SapphireBunny or Loki in the scripts... they are all me. Features list of both servers: can be seen on Discord https://discord.gg/rJqwb8B Cherno: - A Standalone mixed with vanilla feel - No air vehicles at all and no armed military except 2 which are rare mission only finds - No humanity, everyone gets XP - 125XP for a player kill (if you kill the same player twice you get 120XP) - 25XP for any AI - 2XP for a zombie - 15XP if you bury a body - 10XP if you cut up a body - Building limits are based on XP, the more XP you have the more building parts you can have - Base building will take time so the following is normally how you would do it - Big tents that you can walk in, these will be lockable and will need blowing open and can have trees planted round them to hide - Wood will be the 2nd tier of base, this is because it will take you a while to afford the locks, so starting with a tent first is sensible - Cinder, you will need to buy iron ore, then break this into stone, then take the stone to the Manufacturing Facility to turn into Cinder (dangerous) - Central Trader City with 7 vendors, 6 people & 1 vending machine (this is the only safe zone on the map) - 4 Tier weapon loot - Very Low: Military containers - Low: Military barracks with green doors - Medium: Military barracks with the door at the front and each room doored off - High: Military tents that have a single entrance - Very high: Military tents that have entrance at either end (only found at Skalisty) - Weapon loot gets higher as you move inland and are colour coded via markers - There are no Anzios, rocket launchers... Again, a more real world feel - Missions have all been reworked - All missions are neutral, meaning not hero or bandit, you get XP so you can do any mission - There are three main mission with 1 always being Skalisty - There are a number of vehicles driving round the map, some armed. and a heli flying about - Some AI have cash some dont - There is no bank. You will see a money bag on your hud, thats how much you have on you. Store your wealth in safes, lockboxes - Base raiding is balanced and harder to do, with each base material upgrade it gets harder to break in with Cinder offering 5% chance. - Garden of Eden - Weed Growers - Manufacturing facility process: - Oil into gold - Oil into methylamine - Stone into cinder blocks - Metal sheets into panel kits - Panel kits into metal floors - Weed plants into Weed Bricks - Opens when 7 or more players are online - Oil tanker Train - Stone, metal processing - New HUD with mission and player kills - Spawn prisons that protect you as you spawn in - CCTV with thermal - Scanner - Same spawn gear for all with 2 changes, radio and then binoculars as you get higher XP - No halo spawn, so no scooting across the map at 500mph - 40 dirt bikes hidden close to spawn locations, find them and thats your ticket back - over 500 buildings added - 14 military locations added - Irradiated One, Yes that bitch is here too - Take clothes, bury and cut up bodies - Take a shit (heals you) - Door bell - Flip vehicle - Hide from zombies (cover yourself in guts and wash off in ponds) - Completely reworked traders - Reworked pricing - Addition of new weapons - All located in one place - Custom signage - 200m vehicle trading distance (so you can park anywhere) - iPad for stuff and rules (press right-alt) - Reworked deployable menu - Get drunk and overdose on weed and cola - Suicide with sidearm - No build zones - Variable view distance - Standard 300, 500, 1000m (via iPad) - Binoculars 100m - 1200m - Range Finders 100m - 3000m - Devils Workshop for CCTV + other future stuff - Buy XP at traders - Raid menu (if something can be blown it will give you a menu) - Blow tent doors - Blow all wood items - Blow Cinder doors - Stalisty Bridge - Skalist island wall (only 2 ways on or off) - Skalisty train on main island (good for food loot) - Custom Military Locations - Cherno - Electro - Altar Radar Array Base - Berezino - Solinchi - Zelenogorsk - Stary - Grishino - NWAF - NWAF - Tents - Bashnya - Green Mountain - Rify - Lysina - Shakhovka - Gvozdno - Skalka - Infected Camp - Skalisty (10 camps + 2 Urals + AI) - Custom Airfields - Balota - NWAF + Industrial - NEAF - Fugitive mission (has one of the armed vehicles in - de-spawns at restart) - Vodnik mission (has the other armed vehicle - you get to keep it) - Pirate treasure (mostly food, couple guns, ammo and maybe a nice item) - Suspicious Vehicle mission (truck with loot in that blows up on a timer) - Tool dulling (keep them sharp) - Reworked loot tables, if you need to go to Klen then you wont find that spawning - Fast time, goes at 5 times the speed, in game you start at 10am and after a 4 hour restart you will be at 10pm (30 minutes of night) - Full screen NVGs only found in military tents, non-full screen can be bought - XP base part allowance: - 0XP - 5000XP > 50 items - 5000XP - 10000XP > 70 items - 10000XP - 20000XP > 90 items - 20000XP - 30000XP > 110 items - 30000XP - 40000XP > 130 items - 40000XP - 50000XP > 150 items - 50000XP - 60000XP > 170 items - 60000XP - 70000XP > 190 items - 70000XP - 80000XP > 210 items - 80000XP - 90000XP > 230 items - 90000XP - 100000XP > 250 items - 100000XP or more > 300 items Lv0 - Survivor - 2,500 XP - 6 Spawn Locations Gun: [CZ 75 PHANTOM SD Pistol] + 2x [18Rnd Ammo] Melee: [BaseBall Bat] Meds: [2x Bandage + 1x Painkiller + 1x Bloodbag] Food: [1x Can of Stew + 1x Water Bottle Full] Tools: [Map + Flashlight + Compass] Backpack: [Czech Vest Pouch] + 2x [Heat Packs] Lv1 - Survivor - 7,500 XP - 6 Spawn Locations Gun: [CZ 75 PHANTOM SD Pistol] + 2x [18Rnd Ammo] Melee: [BaseBall Bat] Meds: [2x Bandage + 1x Painkiller + 1x Bloodbag] Food: [1x Can of Stew + 1x Water Bottle Full] Tools: [Map + Flashlight + Compass + Radio] Backpack: [Czech Vest Pouch] + 2x [Heat Packs] Lv2 - Survivor - 20,000 XP - 20 Spawn Locations Gun: [CZ 75 PHANTOM SD Pistol] + 2x [18Rnd Ammo] Melee: [BaseBall Bat] Meds: [2x Bandage + 1x Painkiller + 1x Bloodbag + 1x Morphine] Food: [1x Can of Stew + 1x Water Bottle Full] Tools: [Map + Flashlight + Compass + Radio + Binoculars] Backpack: [Czech Vest Pouch] + 3x [Heat Packs] Lv3 - Survivor - 30,000 XP - 21 Spawn Locations Gun: [CZ 75 PHANTOM SD Pistol] + 3x [18Rnd Ammo] Melee: [BaseBall Bat] Meds: [2x Bandage + 1x Painkiller + 1x Bloodbag + 1x Morphine] Food: [1x Can of Stew + 1x Water Bottle Full] Tools: [Map + Flashlight + Compass + Radio + Binoculars] Backpack: [Czech Vest Pouch] + 3x [Heat Packs] Lv4 - Survivor - 40,000 XP - 22 Spawn Locations Gun: [CZ 75 PHANTOM SD Pistol] + 4x [18Rnd Ammo] Melee: [BaseBall Bat] Meds: [4x Bandage + 1x Antibiotic, 1x Painkiller + 1x Bloodbag + 1x Morphine] Food: [2x Can of Stew + 1x Water Bottle Full + Pepsi] Tools: [Map + Flashlight + Compass + Radio + Binoculars] Backpack: [Czech Vest Pouch] + 3x [Heat Packs Taviana: Below is some of the features the server has - - Sector-B: Highest & Unique Loot only found there. Hard mission only a few have completed - Zombies Removed From Sector-B: No more irritating zombies demanding to be shot - Player Loadouts: Russian weapons for Bandits and NATO Weapons for Hero’s - Trader Island: The Trader island is where you will do your buying and selling - Hidden Traders: All found on the main islands, (check the map for what’s hidden) - Marked Traders: Not everything can be bought at the trader island. Some have cool stock - Player Scan: 150m GPS, 350/450/900/1500/2500/7000/8000m using deployable items and map locations (check map) - Oil Mission: collect and see oil for $$$ - Weed Farms: Take a knife to farm weed, take a machete for double weed - Farm Metals, Wood & Stone: Take a pickaxe and some locations can be farmed for useful bits - Garage Door Opener: Open garage doors from within your vehicle. - View Distance: Change from 300m to 10,000m view distance and requires 2 items to get all - Looting: Some items cannot be bought, GPS, Range Finders etc, you need to find them - Gem Exchange: Breakdown ruby’s for other gems here - Dr Ivanica’s Lab: Exchange Sapphire for rare ammo here - Drug, Gem and Bomb Dealer: Sell your drugs, ruby’s and Gems here - Gas Station Explosions: Gas stations will blow up and loot from vehicles is thrown out - Bomb Crates: Random crates filled with loot - Deploy Items: Tables, scanning equipment, walls, vehicles, base decorations etc - Deploy Houses: 8 houses can be deployed, 4x wood and 4x brick - Grow trees: Find the hidden tree trader to grow trees at base - Overdose on Cola and Weed: Just get baked out your head - Humanity Dealers: Buy back your humanity, be warned, you can’t buy much - Locate Vehicle: Find lost vehicles on the map as long as you have the key - Flip Vehicle: Right click tool box and flip it back - Custom Map Markers: All locations marked on the map - Base Raiding: Get scrap electronics from Sector-B to raid bases (you cannot take over a base) - AI Checkpoints: Various locations with AI protection squads - Air Patrols: There are three islands on Taviana, regular air patrols fly around - Base Regulations: Sick of seeing those stupid cock towers all over the map… not here - Safe Zones: These are only at the trader island and aircraft dealers - Balanced Vehicles: All armoured vehicles have the gunner exposed - Aircraft No-Shoot Zones: The orange strip at each airport is a no shoot down location - Mission System: These with Sector-B and heli patrols, there is plenty to shoot at - High FPS: Upgraded server running a high speed CPU, some player have over 100FPS - Leader Boards: Get on this board and get access to secret missions such as safe hunt - Plot Hoarders: Check game time every 4 weeks to stop players holding locations - Service Points: Arm and repair from gas stations - Tow & Lift: Advanced tow and lift - Origins vehicles: Inc the submarine which can submerge, flying fortress and other vehicles - Large Base Build Limit: 300 items per plot pole, 1 plot per player - Snap Build: Full control over how a base object is placed, tilted, spun or manipulated - CCTV: Fully working CCTV systems for base defence and monitoring - Game Time Perks: If you have high in game play time you get some unique perks - Door Bell: Ring the door bell of your friends bases or scare people hiding in their base - The Devils Tree: Worship the tree and get a Satanic gift that may be shit, might be good - Race Track Cars: Fancy a race, take one for a spin - Methylamin trader: $350,000 per barrel if you sell them, and also required to grow trees - Sector-B 7km Scan: Scan up to 7km by using the massive Sector-B radar array - Deploy Houses: 4 wooden and 4 brick (these are being tested to make sure they don't de-spawn) - Deploy Origins Nests: (these are being tested to make sure they don't de-spawn) - USS Fleshlight: Aircraft carrier with an MV22 loaded with Oil on the flight deck for you to grab - Sector-Z Mission: Cave system with loaded Urals for you to grab - Air Launch Zones: Take off from the mountain on a deep dive - Pyro's Onion Ballistics: Player run shop where you buy and sell with real players who have looted, won, fought or stole everything they sell - Take a Poo: Take a big shit and heal all your pain, just right click on toilet paper - Kill Yourself: Kill yourself with your side arm, just right click it - Take Clothes: Remove clothes from your body and other players - Bury or butcher bodies: Lose or gain humanity for doing it - Three new Spawns: Bet you are dying to see - Mrs Bee's Flight School: Free planes - Hidden Safe Missions: Find the hidden safes - High Level Traders: You need 450,000 humanity either + or - shop here - Loot Maze: At Taviana Zoo - Abandoned Safes: if you let your safe go unused it will reset the code and tell everyone - Pirate Treasure: who knows... what’s in there! - Roaming AI: AI will now spawn on you randomly... heat just got turned up - Roaming Vehicles: 5 vehicles driving round the map... if they see you they will jump out! - Rivet City Mission: Fight for loot under USS Fleshlight which is in dry dock for repairs - Tank: Only 1 on the server, grab it from Sector-B, de-spawns on restart but you have till then to be a nuisance - The Irradiated One: - Custom HUD: - Base Jumping: From 30m up, should make more options for picking a sniper spot and not worrying about getting down Have Fun
  2. Hello I've just bought myself a DayZ Epoch server, but I have some trouble with it. I've installed noxsicarius Epoch admin tools, but now whenever I try to buy building supplies as a non admin I get kicked by battleye. The error code is 214. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. I am enjoying Grahame's EpochZ immensely. However, if you are infected by the z's, after 30min you will die (animation for the 30min infection period is excellent btw). Upon death you will be shown the option to re-spawn. At that time you are promptly kicked by BattlEye for setvariable restriction #0: 04.10.2018 00:14:33: C4-timah ( 57f9a830eeb99412623ce1c3d14b7d50 - #0 "ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 2:2877 Epoch_Male_F If you are killed by the z's (beaten to death), upon your death you will also be shown a re-spawn option and then promptly kicked again for a BattlEye setvariable restriction #0: 05.10.2018 21:53:02: C4-timah ( 57f9a830eeb99412623ce1c3d14b7d50 - #0 "ryanzombiesimmunity" = false 2:17479 Epoch_Male_F Adding !"ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 or !"ryanzombiesimmunity" = false does not appear to stop the BE kick. All the other filters in the setvariable.txt all start with != which would indicates the filter must match exactly which would lead me to believe the key word that I need is something entirely different. I am using BattlEye Filter Manager to add the exceptions to the setvariable.txt. As you'll see, all the exceptions have !=" instead of !" unlike the last two that I have placed. //new2 5 "" !=(traderName|Offer|Accept|BUILD_SLOT|TRADE_ACTIVE|last_targeter|epoch_(antagobj|antagBomb)) !="bis_fnc_objectvar_var" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="#(rev_enabled|var)" !="cup_tow_towedveh" !"ryanzombiesimmunity\" = false" !"ryanzombiesinfected\" = 0" My rpt file shows the following error when killed by an EpochZ Zombie: 17:44:02 BE protection activated for player id=726964973, name='whitehorse', msgType=285 setvariable.log: 11.10.2018 17:44:02: whitehorse ( c2568b411cbd25fa774021698eade7c5 - #0 "ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 2:15917 Epoch_Male_F Ideas? Getting kicked every time you get killed by a Z has to be annoying to theses guys and I'd rather not lose the few that are consistently playing on our server. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello there, Today is the first day I ever had this issue: the game closes itself for updating BattlEye (something that, apparently, isn't doing). As soon as I join my server via DayZ Commander, I connect to the lobby and then, after a few seconds, a red BattlEye error message appears: The installation is never done, because everytime I connect to server's lobby, it appears the same message and the game closes itself after a few seconds. I already tried uninstalling BattlEye, install it back and reinstalling ArmA2 OA Beta Patch, but that didn't do the trick. Here's the RPT Client Log: I also have taken a look at RPT Server's Log: Do you have any solution for this issue? It really never happened to me, which is really weird. PD: Don't just say it's easy to find out in Google, because I have already been searching for a while how to fix this and didn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I' using the plm script. When moving and releasing a crate, users are being kicked by SetPos #0. The log is as below: xxxx - #0 2:1469 USOrdnanceBox [6329,7782,306] xxxx - #0 2:535 USVehicleBox [1897,9119,289] I tried to add those box names to SetPos.txt under 5 line: 5 !="RUVehicleBox" !="USVehicleBox" But it doesn't seem to work, users are still being kicked. Can you please provide some help how to add these boxes names (or actions) into BE filter? Thanks.
  6. So I've tried many many times already to update my Battleye and nothing happens. I've uninstalled it and deleted the files and then gone to steam and verified the integrity of game files and still nothing! Whenever I try to join a game its starts downloading the mission files then I get kicked and in the bottom left side of my screen it says Server requiring Battleye version 1.239 up-to-date. I don't know what to do. This is not the first time that this has happened. In the past I used to to just be able to download it from the Battleye website but they no longer have the downloads. I'm trying to play Overwatch and Epoch. Those two mods are up to date. I've verified them like 10 times already. Maybe someone could share with me their battleye folders? Anyways please help and thanks in advanced!
  7. I'm trying to set up vanilla A3Epoch server, but whenever user join, get kicked BE with "Script restriction #23" Arma3 Server:1.76.142872 (steamcmd) Epochhive: (epochmod.com) EpochClient: (steamcmd) ---- scripts.log timestmp: username (ip:port)UUID - #23 "eplaced = true; }; } forEach _data; private _ehId = addMissionEventHandler [_event select [2], _code]; private _argsVarName = f" ---- scripts.txt #23 (no changed file.) 7 addItem !="{player addItemToVest _x} forEach _vestItems;" !="player addItem _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="axeVIP addItemToVest _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="EPOCH_fnc_addItemOverflow" !="CBA_fnc_addItem" !="\\fnc_addItem" !="\"addItem" !="fnc_addItemCargo" Anyone have a fix for this?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn how to deal with Battleye filters, i've been looking at several posts but i just don't get it Everytime I try to join my server I get kicked by the following in remotexec.log #1 "bis_fnc_execvm [[C Alpha 1-1:1 (playername) REMOTE,true],"initPlayerServer.sqf"]"
  9. I've been creating a Dayz (arma 2 OA) epoch server. I have an issue where when I used the .bat file to launch epoch chernarus BattlEye won't initialize. When I just launch the arma2oaserver.exe it works fine. Can someone help me?
  10. I just setup a fresh install of epoch on the latest version of the arma 3 branch(because jetsDLC) and any one who logs in gets kicked for script restriction #49 Reverent script.txt lines. Line 49-51 #49 - > 7 addEventHandler !"displayAddEventHandler" !"ctrlAddEventHandler" !="player addeventhandler [\"PostReset\",{BIS_EnginePPReset = true;} ];" !="player addEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" !="\"CBA_fnc_addEventHandler\"" !="\\fnc_addEventHandler" !="\"addEventHandler" !="_eventFunc = _eventFunc + \"(_this select 0) addEventHandler ['Respawn', \" + str _eventFunc + \"];\";" !="_unit addEventHandler [\"hitpart\"," !="CBA_fnc_addEventHandler" !="_unit addEventHandler [_x, format ['call cba_xeh_fnc_%1', _x]];" !="_ship addEventHandler [\"AttributesChanged3DEN\"" !="addEventHandler [\"HandleDamage\",bis_fnc_reviveOnPlayerHandleDamage];" !="_unit addEventHandler [\"FiredNear\"" !="_smokeEH = _plyr addEventHandler [\"FiredNear\", \"airDropHandle setFSMVariable" !="_onContactEH = _currentTarget addEventHandler[\"EpeContactStart"" !="_object addeventhandler [\"local\",{[[_this select 0],\"bis_fnc_objectVar\"" #50 - > 7 displayAddEventHandler !="(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"true\"];" !="displayAddEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" !="_display displayaddeventhandler\n[\n\"mousemoving\"," !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"unload\",\"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_fnc_guiMess" !="findDisplay -1337 displayAddEventHandler ['Unload'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"keydown\",\"with uinamespace do {['keyDown'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [_x,_fnc_animate];" !="Development\") then\n{\n_display displayaddeventhandler [\n\"keydown\"" !="CBA_fnc_addDisplayHandler" !="_display displayAddEventHandler [\"MouseMoving" !="private _handler = _display displayAddEventHandler [_key, _code];" !="_display displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\", \"_this call cba_keybinding_fnc_onKeyDown\"" #51 -> 7 ctrlAddEventHandler !="_control = _display displayctrl 37305; \n_control ctrladdeventhandler" !="_ctrlMap = _display displayctrl 101;\n_ctrlMap ctrladdeventhandler" !="_display displayctrl 21995;\n_assetsButton ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_display displayctrl 2406; \n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_display displayctrl 2400;\n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_ctrlTags ctrladdeventhandler [\"lbselchanged\"," !="_ButtonGeneral ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_ctrlExecuteLocal ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_bg ctrlAddEventHandler [\"MouseEnter\"," !="_container ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBDblClick\",\"_this call EPOCH_itemInteractClick\"];" !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlAddEventHandler['Draw', '_esp_targets = EPOCH_ESPMAP_TARGETS;" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'" !="(_display displayctrl _idc) ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBSelChanged\"," !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseEnter\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseExit\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseButtonDown\", (format [\"call %1;\",(_buttonSettings select _e select 2)])];" !="_prevButton ctrlAddEventHandler [\"MouseButtonUp\", {_this call cba_diagnostic_fnc_debug" !="BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlHeaderRespawnButton ctrlAddEventhandler [\"ButtonDown\"" !="_control = _display displayctrl 105;\n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"MouseButtonUp\"" !="_ctrlAddonList ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBSelChanged\", cba_settings_fnc_gui_addonChanged];" Scripts.log output Date Time: user (Ipaddress) Guid - #49 "wnControlsMap_ctrlHeaderRespawnButton", controlNull]) ctrlAddEventhandler ["ButtonDown",{ ["[RESPAWN] Main respawn button used" Any thoughts?
  11. Hi. Can you help me improve the similar mistakes? http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/ Because I do not really understand that I'm click Group radio or F5 key and kick server battleye/publicvariable.txt Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #5 "PVAHR_0_dqdrqmx_355968" = ["Szebi","myid","BAN",[65,99,116,105,118,101,32,77,101,110,117,32,67,84,82,76,52]] Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #0 "kicked" = "kicked"
  12. If you have a Battleye Errormessage like this: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rlls.dll or [INFO] Blocked loading of file: C:\Windows\System32\zdengine64.dll or other dll´s ============================================================= Open CMD as Admin and run sfc /scannow thats all :)
  13. Hi! There is nothing else Admintools mods/script? Nox.. He does not want to work. Only Battleye kick admin mode. There is simply no solution @juandayz You have?
  14. Hi! Someone has battleye files? I just do not know what to do with mine Only admintools and other bugs So is someone ready for a file? Battleye / all txt. Thanks for help
  15. Hi. How to fix error battleye? 02.05.2017 14:14:46: Szebi (myip) ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #2 "0)) then { _x setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; }; } forEach (allMissionObjects "allVehicles"); }; while {true} do { if(!isNull player"
  16. Hey everyone, i recently added the HSBlackmarket Traders to my server but whenever i try to join the server i get Battleye Script Restriction #38. I have added the exceptions from the installation tut that comes with HSTrader. I must be missing an exception but i am not sure which one. Thanks in advance for any help given :) Below is my scripts.txt file. //new2 7 "BIS_fnc_dynamictext" !="\"BIS_fnc_dynamictext"\" !", 0, 1, 5, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !", 0, 0.4, 5, 2, 0, 2] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !", 0, 1, 6, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !"snil '_fnc_scriptName') then {_fnc_scriptName}" 7 forceRespawn 7 setFriend 7 setAmmo 7 RscDebugConsole_watch !="RscDebugConsole_watchSave = [true,true,true,true];" 7 enableFatigue 7 setUnitRecoilCoefficient 7 setWeaponReloadingTime 7 allMissionObjects 7 callExtension 7 showCommandingMenu !="showCommandingMenu '';" !"showCommandingMenu '#USER:" 7 moveIn !="\"A3\functions_f\Misc\fn_moveIn.sqf\"" !="\"A3\functions_f\arrays\fn_removeIndex.sqf\"" !="player moveInAny _vehicle;\nEPOCH_antiWallCount = EPOCH_antiWallCount + 1;" !="[\"I_UAV_AI\", position _unit, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_driver moveInAny _unit;" !="_driver moveInAny Epoch_mission_uav;" !="axeVIP moveInDriver vehicle axeVIP;" !="axeVIP moveInCargo vehicle axeVIP; !="_driver moveInDriver _axeCopter;" !="_unit moveInGunner _axeCopter;" !="axeVIP moveInDriver vehicle axeVIP;" !="axeVIP moveInCargo vehicle axeVIP;" 7 attachTo !="EP_light attachTo [player];" !="_bomb attachTo [_unit, [0,0,0],\"Pelvis\"];" !="_dogHolder attachTo [_dog, [-0.2,1.2,0.7]];" !="EPOCH_target attachTo[player];" !="_sapperSmoke attachTo [_sapper,[0,0,-0.4]];"" !="_cage attachTo [_cage2,[0,1.3,0]];" 7 enableCollisionWith 7 hideObject !="_dogHolder hideobject true;" !="_dogHolder hideobject false;" 7 setvelocity !="setVelocityTarget" !="_bolt setPosATL _pos;\n_bolt setVelocity [0, 0, -10];" !="EPOCH_target setvelocitytransformation" !="_currentTarget setVelocity [0,0,-0.01];" !="_head setVelocity [\n(sin _dir * _speed), \n(cos _dir * _speed)" !="_vel = velocity this; _dir = getDir player; this setVelocity[(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir * 2),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir * 2),(_vel select 2)];" !="_head setVelocity [random 2,random 2,10];" !="_smokeg setVelocity _Gvel;" 7 assignAs !="assignAsCargo" !="_unit assignAsGunner _axeCopter;" !="_driver assignAsDriver _axeCopter;" !="axeVIP assignAsDriver vehicle axeVIP;" 7 assignAsCargo !="_x assignAsCargo axeGeneralsBoat;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle player;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle axeVIP;" 7 allowDamage !="_unit allowDamage false;" !="_unit allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage true;" !="vehicle player allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage false;" !="if(!isPlayer _x)then{_x allowDamage" 7 addWeaponCargo !="_acceptHolder addWeaponCargo [_wWeapon, 1] ;" 7 exec !="execVM "Custom\welcome.sqf";" !="execVM \"semClient.sqf\"" !="trader\init.sqf";" 7 onMapSingleClick !="onMapSingleClick '';" 7 addMagazine !"addMagazineCargo" !="player addMagazine _craftItem;" !="player addMagazine \"jerrycanE_epoch\";" !="player addMagazine \"emptyjar_epoch\";" !="player addMagazine \"jerrycan_epoch\";" !="player addMagazine \"Hatchet_swing\";" !="player addMagazine [(_x select 0),(_x select 1)]" !="player addMagazine _x;" !="if !(player canAdd (_x select 0)) exitWith {};\nplayer addMagazine[_x select 0, _x select 1];" !="if !(player canAdd (_x select 0)) exitWith {};\nplayer addMagazine[_x select 0, _x select 1];" 7 addMagazineCargo !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"RabbitCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Pelt_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Venom_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"SnakeCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"ChickenCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_acceptHolder addMagazineCargo [_wAmmo, 1] ;" 7 addItem !="player addItem _craftItem;" !="player addItem _x;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="axeVIP addItemToVest _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="_this call HS_additemtolb;false" 7 addBackPack 7 removeAllWeapons !="removeAllWeapons axeGeneral;" 7 removeAllItems 7 removeAllActions 7 setViewDistance !"setViewDistance 1600" 7 createGroup !="_grp = createGroup RESISTANCE;" !="if (isserver) then {\n_group = creategroup sidelogic;" !="grpVIPGeneral = createGroup RESISTANCE;" !="_grp = createGroup side _plyr;" !="_grp = createGroup side player;" !="_grp = createGroup _side;" !="_grp = createGroup (side _plyr);" !="createcenter sidelogic;\n_grpLogic = creategroup sidelogic;\nbis_functions_mainscope" 7 createVehicleCrew 7 createVehicleLocal !"\"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal" !"\"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal" !"\"BloodSplat\" createVehicleLocal" !"[\"lightning1_F\", \"lightning2_F\"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;\n_lighting = _class createVehicleLocal" 7 createUnit !="_unit = _grp createUnit[(_arrUnits select _i), _pos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_driver = _grp createUnit[\"I_UAV_AI\", position _unit, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="axeGeneral = grpVIPGeneral createUnit ["I_officer_F", axeGeneralPos, [], 1, "CAN_COLLIDE"];" 7 createAgent !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent ["Epoch_Sapper_F", getPos _cage2, [], 0, "FORM"];" 7 createTeam 7 createDialog !="createDialog \"QuickTake\";" !="createDialog \"InteractBank\";" !="createdialog \"SelectGender\";" !="_handled = createdialog _dialog;" !="if !(createdialog \"InteractItem\") exitWith {};" !="createDialog \"TapOut\";" !="if !(createdialog \"Trade\") exitWith {};" !="_ok = createdialog \"Interact\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"TradeNPCMenu\";" !="createDialog \"Epoch_myGroup\";" !="createDialog (if ((Epoch_my_GroupUID == \"\") && (Epoch_my_Group isEqualTo [])) then {\"EPOCH_createGrp\"} else {\"Epoch_myGroup\"});" !="createDialog \"GroupRequests\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"MissionSelect\";" !="createDialog 'Skaronator_AdminMenu';" !="createDialog "HS_trader_dialog";" 7 deleteMarker !="deleteMarkerLocal format[\"SEM_MissionMarker" 7 setMarker !="Local" 7 createMarker !="createMarkerLocal [format[\"SEM_MissionMarker" 7 assignItem !="axeVIP assignItem _item;" 7 forceAddUniform 7 removeAllMPEventHandlers 7 setDamage !="player setdamage 1;" 7 setDammage 7 displaySetEventHandler 7 ctrlSetEventHandler !"BIS_fnc_guiMessage_status" !"ctrlSetEventHandler ['LBDblClick', '_this call" !="_buttonRespawn ctrlseteventhandler [\"buttonclick\",\"with uinamespace do {['buttonRespawn'," 7 addMPEventHandler 7 addEventHandler !"displayAddEventHandler" !"ctrlAddEventHandler" !"FiredNear" !"EpeContactStart" !"InventoryClosed" !"GetOut" !"InventoryOpened" !"local" !"Respawn" !"Put" !"Take" !"Fired" !"Killed" !" [\"PostReset\",{BIS_EnginePPReset = true;} ];" !"_logic addeventhandler [\n\"local\"" 7 displayAddEventHandler !"[_display] call _fnc_animate;" !"tVersion select 4) == \"Development\") then" !"_display displayaddeventhandler\n[\n\"mousemoving\"," !"(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"true\"];" !"(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"_this call EPOCH_KeyDown\"];" !="_addCase = _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown',{_this call EPOCH_KeyDown;}];" !"_display displayaddeventhandler [\"unload\",\"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_fnc_guiMess" !="findDisplay -1337 displayAddEventHandler ['Unload'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"keydown\",\"with uinamespace do {['keyDown'" 7 ctrlAddEventHandler !"rCfg >> \"refreshDelay\");" !" [\n\"draw\"," !" [\"buttonclick\"," !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlAddEventHandler['Draw', '_esp_targets = EPOCH_ESPMAP_TARGETS;" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'" !="(_display displayctrl _idc) ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBSelChanged\"," 7 removeAllEventHandlers !="ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers" !="_vehicle removeAllEventHandlers \"GetOut\";" !="_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";\n_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="_display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyDown';" 7 removeAllMissionEventHandlers 7 ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers 'Draw';" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'" 7 removeEventHandler !="displayRemoveEventHandler" !="player removeEventHandler ['Fired', 0];" !"_currentTarget removeEventHandler[\"EpeContactStart\", _onContactEH]" !" [_adminVar,objnull];\npublicvariable _adminVar;\nplayer removeeventhandler [\"respawn\",_respawn];" !="_plyr removeEventHandler [\"FiredNear\", _smokeEH];" !="player removeEventHandler [_ehKey, 0];" 7 displayRemoveEventHandler !"BIS_fnc_guiMessage_status" 7 switchCamera !="vehicle player switchCamera" 7 remoteControl !"fn_moduleRemoteControl.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_moduleRemoteControl"\" 7 drawIcon3D !="drawIcon3D[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\Member.paa\",_color,_pos,1,1,0,_text,1,0.025,\"PuristaMedium\"];\n}forEach EPOCH_ESP_TARGETS;" !"drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_stability],_color,(getPosATL EPOCH_stabilityTarget),5,5,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !"drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_num],_color,_pos,4,4,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !"EPOCH_drawIcon3dStability" !"EPOCH_drawIcon3d" !"if (_condition) then {\ndrawIcon3D [_icon, _color, _position, _sizeX, _sizeY, _angle, _text," !="drawIcon3D [\"\A3\UI_F_MP_Mark\Data\Tasks\Misc\background.paa\"" 7 drawLine3D !"{\nfor [{_i = 1}, {_i < count _x}, {_i = _i + 1}] do {\ndrawLine3D [_x select (_i - 1), _x select _i, ((BIS_tracedShooter getVari" 7 ctrlCreate !="_ListGroup = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars\"" 7 ctrlDelete !="ctrlDelete _ListGroup;" 7 ctrlClassName 7 ctrlModel 7 ctrlModelDirection 7 ctrlModelSide 7 ctrlModelUp 7 ctrlSetDirection 7 ctrlSetModel 7 deleteVehicleCrew !"fn_deleteVehicleCrew.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew"\" 7 loadFile 7 selectPlayer !="selectPlayer _playerObject;" 7 setGroupIconsVisible 7 setGroupIconsSelectable 7 setGroupIconParams 7 addGroupIcon 7 EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar 7 EPOCH_GROUP_Delete_PVS !="EPOCH_GROUP_Delete_PVS = [player,Epoch_personalToken];"
  17. Hello, I'm trying to get my battleye filters working. I join the server & get kicked with this message: Player Matijs kicked off by BattlEye: PublicVariable Value Restriction #48 In the public variable log file I get this: Value Restriction #48 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" = [0,[[<NULL-object>,false],"initPlayerServer.sqf"],"bis_fnc_execvm",false,false,false] Apparently I need to look into publicvariableval.txt on line #48 (found out I needed to look 2 lines up) & this was there: 5 "BIS_fnc" I tried adding this: 5 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" to the publicvariableval.txt but that does not work. Anyone knows whats wrong & how to fix it? Kind Regards, Matijs
  18. ZBot ( An experimental project. ) -> For any BattlEye rcon game supported! Current version: 1.0.1 A Discord bot that can roam your Discord server and function as an RCON client for your BattlEye game servers. Screenshots at the bottom. What can it do? Print all chats in different discord text channels in their respective colours ( Side, Vehicle, Global, ... ). (Tip: Print sidechat in a channel that everyone can read !) Execute RCON & Server commands to your arma server in the assigned Command channel. Protect these commands with an appropriate Discord Role. Reply to user commands when they type ingame. These replies can be printed ingame and in discord. ( eg: !admin -> Admins can be found on discord -> @Admin some asked for an admin ingame. ) Webpanel to configure your rcon-game servers. List players, admins & bans trough rcon commands. ( All BattleEye commands supported ). UPCOMING in next version: Schedule text commands for ingame/discord through the web panel. How to add it to my server? https://bot.devzupa.be/ Follow the flow of the site. It should be straightforward. Always remember to save a page if needed before navigating to another page! Add the bot before or after you filled in all the info. ( The button on top ). Always be sure the chosen roles and channel exist in your discord server! ( channel names are without the # ) Whenever you make changes in the config panel you need to reload the config of your server onto the bot. This can be easily done by just typing in a channel: !zbot reload This commands also refreshes your rcon instance if it would have stopped for some reason. All rcon commands can be viewed in the assigned 'command' discord channel. List these commands by typing !rcon All commands are prefixed with that aswell. 1 example for a global message by the bot: !rcon say all Welcome you our server! All rcon commands: # ZBot BattlEye RCON commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** ## Commands players List all players admins List all admins bans List all bans load scripts Reloads al BE scripts load events Reloads al BE events say all [text] Sends text to all users say [playerId] [text] Sends text to specific user id MaxPing [ping] Sets the maxping of the serve. kick [playerId] [reason] Kicks player (eg: kick 32 Language pls.) ban [playerId] [minutes] Bans online player (eg: ban 11 0 Duping) 0 = forever [reason] addBan [GUID|IP] Bans on/off player (eg: addBan 0 Duping) [minutes] [reason] removeBan [banId] Remove bans (eg: ban 11 ) version Display the BattlEye version update Check for a newer BattlEye version loadBans Reload Bans from bans.txt writeBans Rewrite Bans to bans.txt disconnect Disconnects the rcon exit Exits the whole rcon client ## Server Commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** #shutdown Shutdown the GAME server #lock Locks the GAME server #unlock Unlocks the GAME server #missions Stops current missions and goes to mission list #reassign Moves all players back into the lobby #userlist Displays the list of users on the server #kick [serverPlayerId] Kicks an online player #exec ban Bans an online player [serverPlayerId] Please provide as much feedback as possible ! 1 mistake by myself can crash the whole bot. So if there are still use cases where it fails we can finetune it! You can join our discord server to discuss or report bugs ( or the topics ). https://discord.gg/WYbeSKR Technical info about the bot. Hosted in france on a good server. Coded in NodeJS ( Ecmascript 6 ). Modular build The bot will be hosted by myself until we encounter any problems we can't solve that way. If i ever stop hosting the bot i will release the sourcecode. I might also release the sourcecode earlier. ( If i know you, you can ask me for access to the code). Credits - Testers MGT -> DB Edge of Sanity -> Tobias Solem Screenshots
  19. 12/4/2016 5:46pm EST publicvariable.txt and publicvariableval.txt changed all 5s to 1s, not a good thing to do. No more kicking. At less players can buy air vehicles now. So now I will go through and change back 1s to 5s 10 at a time to find whats causing the problem. Unless someone knows the answer. ALL OTHER TRADERS ARE WORKING, THE AIR TRADER IS THE ONLY ONE THAT KICKS FOR ANY PLANE YOU TRY TO BUY. 12/4/2016 8:00am EST Replaced the trader with another and still getting kicked! UPDATE Dec 1 2016 last night I downloaded and installed the newest version of infiStar and its filtes. Still getting kicked. @infiSTAR can you take a look at this please I dont understand why the only trader that will kick a player is the AIR TRADER (UNARMED HELIS, UNARMED PLANES, AND ARMED PLANES) every one of those vehicles in that list will kick a player This is the Batteye kick Value Restriction #32 "PVDZE_obj_Trade" = [<NULL-object>,9999,0,"C130J_US_EP1","Sauerland Airfield","Coins",400000] What I have done to try to fix is below, and nothing so far works. I put this in the publicvariable.txt on line 4 5 "PVDZE_" !"PVDZE_player" !="PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_log_lockUnlock" !="PVDZE_Server_Simulation" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" !="PVDZE_plr_Characters" !="PVDZE_lockVault" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_EvacChopperFieldsUpdate" !="PVDZE_bank_Save" !="PVDZE_account_Doublecheck" !="PVDZE_veh_Colour" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" THAT DID NOT WORK So I open publicvariableval.txt and put it on line 34 which was 5 "rland" now it looks like this 5 "rland" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" THAT DID NOT WORK Then I added this to line 312 right above 5 "PVDZE_" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" NOTE I added 5 "PVDZE_" because it was not there 5 "PVDZ_" 5 "PVAH_" 5 "PVAHR_" 5 "PV_" Really need help on this.
  20. Setup new 3.9 server and get kicked for battleye Script restriction #1 Context of scripts.log: 06.08.2016 20:23:37: tux-box1 (IP:port) ID- #1 ""BIS_fnc_paramReviveBleedOutDuration","BIS_fnc_paramReviveForceRespawnDuration","BIS_fnc_paramTimeAcceleration","BIS_fnc_ORBATOp" I've been trying to go in and add != to lines but the more != I put in the more errors I get. Can some one post a working scripts.txt for me to test. Thank you.
  21. UEP BattlEye Extended Controller Installer This is an installer created by me under the Unified Epoch Project to allow server hosters to easily and properly install BEC into their servers on any epoch map. FEATURES: Auto Downloads and installs the latest BEC into your server Supports GUI dialogue options for users to configure BEC settings Comes with a pre set up scheduler that will auto restart server every 3 hours Officially supported by the BEC creator and can be found on their site! Download: https://github.com/bbatton/UEP_BattlEye_Extended_Controller_Installer Donate A Beer If You Like The Installer!
  22. Hello , we do have on your server Bandit Island. Buildings added , everything ok . As the AI use of WAI mission . But after writing positions Battley kicking for this mistake: Script Log: #0 Tom (e452c6b964f5e473994450f48db7d018) - #0 "in " + str(_number) + "</t>", 0, 1, 5, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext; sleep 1; }; playsound "Alarm_BLUFOR"; }; 0 = [_posit" Do you have some experience? As an exception is necessary to enter into BattlEye ? Thank you, have a nice day
  23. Player are getting kicked when placing frequency jammers. 10.07.2016 12:16:44: ScaRR ( 13f8eb23ba598d279c7c6c30aeb4a12b - #8 "ole_EPOCH", "PlotPole_SIM_EPOCH"]) then { _alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH'; _c = 0; { if ((_x getVariable["BUILD_" I have added the following battleye filter but still getting kicked. 7 allMissionObjects !="_alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH';"
  24. Hi guys, I had some trouble with BattlEye when UN-Lifting Cars from Helis and when taking clothes from dead bodies. Players were getting kicked with the below error: "BattlEye setpos restriction #0" With some help on the forums I found a solution to this: Stop the server... 1. Go to your Battleye folder on your server. 2. Find a file called "setpos.txt" 3. Open up the Editor and in the first line you will see a long code starting with a number (5 in my case it was). 4. Change the 5 to 1. 5. Save and Run the server again. You should no longer be getting kicked for this restriction.
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