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  1. Hi there, its possible theres somthing up with the init file or you are doubling a call to somthing in description.ext or.......the database isnt running or configured correctly. check server_log.txt in your DZE_Server_Config directory and the .RPT file on both client and server.
  2. Thats an oft overlooked one. You need to verify your arma 2/arma2OA installation. Whats happened here is some config files are required to be generated they havnt been generated because you havnt played the game. Basically its Download game - Verify file download - initialise installation (see below) 1)Open Arma2 2)create a profile 3)Open Single Player and choose 4 4)run around a bit then close Arma2 5)Open operation Arrowhead till you see the menu and check your profile 6)You should be good to go
  3. Try appid 33935 thats for the dedicated server. 1.64.144629 is latest revision and build number
  4. Hi there, I think this is configurable n the Mod scriptts somewhere I believe there is an option to disable voice chat. Also check battleeye filters you may have set to filter for the voice key press.
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