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Found 76 results

  1. Hey im not sure if im in the right forum, but i've been struggling with this problem for about 3 days now and google searches haven't gotten anything out for me, since my problem isnt really described other than that my server crashes after i join and start loading in. im running 1.0.7 Epoch with a few scripts/mods (DZSM, WAI, Lift&Tow, clickActions, remoteVehicle, marker_Manager, custom safezones script) + infistar. it was working all fine until i made a change to dynamic_vehicle.sqf in the dayz_server, after that the server kept crashing and i even made a backup and moved the old file back, but it kept crashing after that too, so i dont know what the problem is, i do have an rpt. but its basically no use since it doesnt show any errors. I left last few lines out, because its infistar stuff that is keys and other things im not supposed to show. After that it just cuts off from there because it crashes. Edited dynamic_vehicle.sqf (only AllowedVehiclesList changed):
  2. so i have been making a server between trying to get my provider to update their mods section. after getting this don i found the server with epoch and infistar were conflicting each other such as: when joining i can use infistar but when i press f9 or i to enter my inventory or f10 for the mobile pad it then conflicts (i think) infistar and i can no longer use it. any ideas on how to stop this
  3. Simple Peace Of Code But Alot Of Help Reason For : Catch People Who Duplicate Install : Open AH.sqf Find : _log2 = format['Blood: %1 Humanity: %2',(_unit getVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000]),(_unit getVariable['humanity',0])]; Replace With : _log2 = format['Blood: %1 | Humanity: %2 | Money: %3 | Bank: %4',(_unit getVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000]),(_unit getVariable['humanity',0]),(_unit getVariable['headShots',0]),(_unit getVariable['bank',0])]; Replace With This If You Have Soul's Edits : _log2 = format['Blood: %1 | Humanity: %2 | Money: %3 | Bank: %4',(_unit getVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000]),(_unit getVariable['humanity',0]),(_unit getVariable['CashMoney',0]),(_unit getVariable['bankMoney',0])]; Image :
  4. Is there anyway to add a disable footsteps for admins? Also I would love to be able to spawn a mission in from the admin menu, I tried some code but it just breaks Infistar, it would seem it is executing it automatically. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, doing up a server for myself and a few friends but am having one issue which I am clueless as to why it is happening. It doesn't really affect game play but does make it difficult navigating through certain tasks. The issue arises with ZSC and Virtual Garage dialogs only as far as I have tested. Certain buttons within dialogs do not show, such as the deposit and withdraw buttons for the bankers and the store vehicle button in the Virtual Garage dialog. I am running InfiSTAR admin tools and antihack and as far as I know, that could be the culprit with these problems but I have checked the servers .RPT and checked for errors with ZSC and the Virtual Garage with nothing coming up. There are InfiSTAR logs showing though and one refers to a dialog. In-game screens And my .RPT from the last restart to when I tested the dialogs to gather screenshots All help is appreciated as I can't find anything to do with infiSTAR in the script installs. Thanks all!
  6. After a lot of trial and error, i still haven't managed to get InfiSTAR to work with the new Epoch And it seems like Chris hasn't done anything to update InfiSTAR yet. Both myself and everybody else who try to join the server keep getting kicked by Battleeye. - You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Script Restriction #2) - Does anyone have a solution to make this work?
  7. My server is running epoch & Overwatch 0.25, I have the following mods installed/enabled: Snap And Vector Building (Believe this is included in epoch Custom Overwatch & Epoch Loot Tables Custom Overwatch & Epoch Traders DZMS Missions System Deploy Bike From ToolBox Spawn Selection Local Server Messages Custom Regular & Donator Loadouts Infistar Antihack Group Management Enabled (<-- This is what i'm having issues with) When i or other players press f5, The menu for group management comes up with all the stuff like invite ect. I get entries in the hackerlog for "Active Menu CTRL4" then the player is banned moments later, NOTE: This is happening for SuperAdmins aswell. I have tried disabled Checking CMDmenus ect but this error still occurs? arma2oaserver.rpt: (Didn't include all 10kish lines as i thought that might annoy some players)
  8. has anyone had issues with installing infistar on 1.0.... for some reason the dll's are freezing my server
  9. Hey... With the new infistar updates my Safe and Door Lock / Unlock logs are being tracked in the RPT . But not being saved separately. But the Vehicle Lock / Unlock logs is being saved separately as it was... Only Safe and Door logs stopped recording separately. Any idea how to fix this ?
  10. Hello I am a new server owner and I have been having issues with my server non stop. After fixing most issues and problems I decided to add a custom mission to the WAI missions. I wanted specific vehicles to spawn like rocket helicopters and tanks etc. I managed to add them after a day of messing around with the config files and what not. Before and after getting inside of the WAI mission vehicles I would get killed after 1 minute of driving off. I looked into the RPT file and found that it said this. 16:30:47 ["z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_safetyVehicle.sqf","KILLING A HACKER","Billy"," IN ","AH64D_EP1"]I also think this killing the AI that mount the machine guns at the missions also 16:30:47 ["z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_safetyVehicle.sqf","KILLING A HACKER","Morgan Hirasaki"," IN ","DSHKM_Ins"] On a old forum thread someone said to add the vehicles to the ZE_safevehicles array in variables.sqf. I added all of the vehicles from WAI to the line of text and uploaded it to the server. When loading into the server It would get stuck with "server responded creating character" I reverted the server back to before I made the changes and now it gets stuck at requesting authentication and the RPT file gets spammed with this line of text. 23:25:11 Error position: <DZE_MoneyStorageClasses})then{_object s>23:25:11 Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_moneystorageclasses23:25:11 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 22323:25:11 Error in expression <rue];if (Z_SingleCurrency && {_type in DZE_MoneyStorageClasses})then{_object s> As I am new to Arma 2 server I have ZERO clue what this means and how to fix this. If anyone knows how to fix this and also fix the "KILLING A HACKER" error too that would be mostly helpful. I will upload my RPT file to google drive as its over 0.50MB
  11. Hello. How can i disable near plot pole actions overpoch (ctrl+d, ctrl+a and etc) In Infistar
  12. Hi, at the moment we have the problem that infistar ban all players every few days. normaly we delete the ban.txt and after that its all fine, but this time its empty and deleting dosent help. i hope somebody can help me with the problem. we also put infistr complete new on the server but even this dosent help :/ thanks for your support.
  13. Hello how can i enable in infistar "display owner plotpole" if have enable Map Markers - PlotPoleMarkers
  14. After i spawn some car or building with Infistar and trying to save it on a map, i see Error massage in sever Log. I see this: 2017-06-07 00:46:32 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 308 Params: 11:AH64D:0:0:[239.363,[1175.84,2229.98,-0.004]]:[]:[]:1:any: 2017-06-07 00:46:32 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:308:11:AH64D:0:0:[239.363,[1175.84,2229.98,-0.00445652]]:[]:[]:1:any:| 2017-06-07 00:46:33 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 388 Params: any: 2017-06-07 00:46:33 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:388:any:| I really need ur help, pls!
  15. Hello guys, with the new infi version, the logs changed. There is no unlock/lock.log anymore, at least for me. Is there a way to get it back? I searched a bit but couldnt find anything about it, Also is it possible to get a saparate log for maintain? Cause now it wrotes in the rpt. But a seperate log would be better. Edit: Im rly confused, in AHconfig: /* Log Epoch Maintain */ _LEM = true; /* true or false */ in AH.sqf: [] spawn { _name = 'DEAD';if((alive player)&&(getPlayerUID player != ''))then{_name = name player;}; _puid = getPlayerUID player; while{1 == 1}do { "; if(_LEM)then{ _AHstring = _AHstring + " 'PVDZE_maintainArea' addPublicVariableEventHandler { private['_input','_player','_targetObj']; _input = (_this select 1); _player = _input select 0; _targetObj = _input select 2; _log = format['%1(%2) maintained %3 @%4',name _player,getPlayerUID _player,typeOf _targetObj,mapGridPosition _targetObj]; ['MAINTAIN',_log] call fn_custom_log; _input spawn server_maintainArea }; So, actually it should make a log called MAINTAIN right? But there is none. Same for Unlock/Lock: server_logUnlockLockEvent = { private['_obj','_player','_objectID','_objectUID','_pos','_worldspace','_log','_codeEntered','_doorCode','_status','_statusText']; _obj = _this select 1; if(!isNull _obj)then { _player = _this select 0; _objectID = _obj getVariable['ObjectID', '0']; _objectUID = _obj getVariable['ObjectUID', '0']; _log = ''; if(count _this > 3)then { _codeEntered = _this select 3; if(_codeEntered == 'NOTHING ENTERED')then{_player setDamage 5;_codeEntered = '-HACKER KILLED-';}; if(_codeEntered == '')then{_codeEntered = '000';}; _doorCode = _this select 4; if(_codeEntered==_doorCode)then { _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['DOOR UNLOCKED: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5 Code Entered: %6',_objectID,_objectUID,_nameP,(getPlayerUID _player),(mapGridPosition _obj),_codeEntered]; } else { _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['DOOR UNLOCK ATTEMPT: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5 Code Entered: %6 | Correct Code: %7',_objectID,_objectUID,_nameP,(getPlayerUID _player),(mapGridPosition _obj),_codeEntered,_doorCode]; }; } else { _status = _this select 2; _statusText = 'UNLOCKED'; if(_status)then { [_obj, 'gear'] call server_updateObject; _statusText = 'LOCKED'; }; _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['SAFE %6: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5', _objectID, _objectUID, _nameP, (getPlayerUID _player), (mapGridPosition _obj), _statusText]; }; ['UNLOCKLOCKLOG',_log] call fn_custom_log; }; };
  16. Hi. For something, everything is blocked by the infistar Example: Trader menu,ESSv3,Vehicle lock,vehicle buy Why?
  17. Hi, I purchased a new epoch server through survivalservers yesterday, and have made absolutely no progress when it comes to just getting infiSTAR online. I had an older epoch server up and running with infiSTAR and 20+ mods about 4-5 months ago, and had no troubles getting everything up and running with little to no debugging. However, everytime I follow the instructions in the latest infiSTAR version, it never works. When loading into the server I either get stuck at waiting for server to authenticate or kicked for create vehicle restriction #0. I am 1000% sure I am following his instructions correctly, there is no doubt in my mind. I have replaced the BE filters with his, added the correct line to serverfunctions, placed the folder containing the ah sqf files into the correct directory, etc. I have even tried doing other methods to call the AH.sqf file such as: #include "ah.sqf" at the top of serverfunctions.sqf and edited to file path in different ways. After I wiped and tried to reinstall infiSTAR about 10 times, I started searching all over for different solutions based upon my problems and what my log said. This is what my publicvariable.log looks like: 22.02.2017 19:54:37: "Player" ( "GUID" - #0 "PVDZE_plr_Login" = ["GUID",<NULL-object>] As far as what I have tried to do: I have attempted to delete the publicvariable files completely from the BE filters, and I was able to join the server with infiSTAR functioning. HOWEVER, I encountered even more problems. The first thing I noticed is that, if I spawned ANYTHING and tried to enter it, it would eject me and blow the vehicle up, then proceed to kick for some kind of MPEventHandler restriction. I also noticed that the current infiSTAR version is up-to-date for 1.0.6. Does this mean that it can ONLY be used for 1.0.6 and I will need to somehow get an older version? Or even perhaps, there are new filters/lines that aren't compatible with and it is causing issues. At this point, I am completely out of ideas, and can't find anymore potentially useful threads. If you guys would like to see some screenshots of anything let me know. But, the only error that comes up in the logs is the one above pertaining to restriction #0. Thanks P.S. : This thread is similar to some of my issues, and none of these solutions work: http://opendayz.net/threads/desperately-need-help-with-be-filters.22233/ Update: I just noticed that all of the BE filters in the newest infiSTAR have "PVDZ" references (which are apparently for vanilla) instead of "PVDZE" for epoch. I am not sure if they are supposed to be like this.
  18. I updated the antihack to version v1429A and it seems that when players select HALO spawn, they are ejected from plane and then are suddenly in debug, fully geared. They can even spawn a bicycle in debug which sometimes causes them to HALO spawn above the bicycle.
  19. Hey guys a friend and I have been trying to get this teleporting with Infistar to work for the past week to no avail. I've done the reinstall of Infistar and tried all the old tricks for disabling it but it seems to keep reverting the tp's. Any ideas or literally any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hi, trying to get infistar on my arma3 epoch server to run. The basic server was already working fine. Once i installed the infistar plugin it just doesnt want me to join. Battleye keeps kicking. Can someone point me to a functioning script.txt for a clean epoch server install? Please let me know. Liu-Kang
  21. Hi, Can you guys help me with solving the problem that only admins can lift and tow? I got players who ask to lift and to themselfes. I am lost for now, I checked infistart, in the allowed dialoges the R3F is in. Do I have to edit stuff with battle eye too? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!!! THX. in advance Templer
  22. Hi help solve the problem , bloodsuckers on namalsk set damage administrators with God. Thank you! i am using latest infistar.
  23. arc7r7

    BEC messages

    Could infiSTAR be blocking the functionality of my BEC messages from my scheduler.xml? I'm not sure what else it could be. On a fresh install the messages were showing up fine, but after adding infistar and my other files it doesn't display anymore or lock my server. If anyone has any insight into whats going on I would appreciate it. This problem has been bothering me for awhile. Thanks Edit: Issue resolved.. Like 90% of issues it was something I overlooked.
  24. Hello, I bought a GTX server then bought infistar and put it on my server, everything works great but when i spawn in the crates at the bottum for the spawn it menu everything spawns outside the box and causes lag, any help with a fix to this would be great. It is an overpoch server fyi.
  25. Hi all. Im after a little help im running and overpoch server and for some reason whenever i spawn a infistar support box it will spawn the box but ejects the contents all round the box . has anyone else experienced this ? RTP LOG 14:12:12 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [9004,B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE]" 14:12:12 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [9004,B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE]" 14:12:12 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE ********** - SMALL SUPPLY PACKAGE @116076" 14:12:23 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE,3c454100# 1059152: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:23 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE,3c454100# 1059152: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:23 "DELETE: ********** Deleted by UID: 0" 14:12:23 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE ********** ( ********** ) deleted WeaponHolder @116076 - characterID any - objectID: 0 - objectUID: 0" 14:12:24 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 (**********) REMOTE,3c4b6b00# 1059142: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:24 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE,3c4b6b00# 1059142: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:24 "DELETE: ********** Deleted by UID: 0" 14:12:24 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE ********** ( ********** ) deleted WeaponHolder @116076 - characterID any - objectID: 0 - objectUID: 0" 14:12:25 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE,3c4b5d00# 1059145: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:25 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE,3c4b5d00# 1059145: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:25 "DELETE: ********** Deleted by UID: 0" 14:12:25 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE ********** ( ********** ) deleted WeaponHolder @116076 - characterID any - objectID: 0 - objectUID: 0" 14:12:26 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE,3c4b5600# 1059146: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:26 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [-2,B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE,3c4b5600# 1059146: dummyweapon.p3d]" 14:12:26 "DELETE: ********** Deleted by UID: 0" 14:12:27 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 ( ********** ) REMOTE ********** ( ********** ) deleted WeaponHolder @116076 - characterID any - objectID: 0 - objectUID: 0"
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