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Found 18 results

  1. Ok so I'm helping out manage a server and they want me to make a change to the loading screen. I thought I knew how but the guides I have found conflict with what I see in the files on the server. If anyone could give me the exact file paths of the pbo I need to unpack and pack that has the image in it. I see everywhere it says mission.pbo but all i see is the server.pbo and it doesn't have what i'm looking for. Thanks!
  2. This is How-to reskin/retexture vehicles. I do not take credit for any of the script. I just made a how-to because a few people asked for it. For advanced user: This was created after a lot of searching and at least 100 different ways of trial and error. It's unbelievably simple and I'm sure someone has posted this before but I hope it helps. Features: No noticeable server startup lag. Easy to install. Works on the fly for purchased vehicles. Works for dynamic vehicles. Works on server restarts. Tested with 7 custom vehicle skins setup on traders and dynamic, worked flawlessly and tested restarts too. Credits [VB]AWOL whose postethe proper way to do this. [VB]AWOL + Epoch Dev Team and EpochMod.com community for sharing awesome mods. Requirements Custom texture files that are known to work. Ability to edit sqf files PBO Manager Notepad++ Installation Step 1. Get some custom textures and put them in your mission folder somewhere. Write down the folder structure for future use. For my example textures are in the custom folder in my mission file. Step 2. Unpack your dayz_server pbo Step 3. open these three files: server_publishVehicle2.sqf, server_publishVehicle3.sqf, and server_monitor.sqf Step 4. In your server_monitor.sqf find this: _lockable = 0; if(isNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "lockable")) then { And ABOVE it put this if (_type == "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1") then {_object setVehicleInit 'this setObjectTexture [0, ''custom\SUV.jpg''];';}; Change the Vehicle Classname and the texture pathing for your texture and vehicle. Keep adding more lines like this for each texture that you need. Step 5. Again in your server_monitor.sqf find this: // # END SPAWN OBJECTS # And below it put this: processInitCommands; Step 6. In server_publishVehicle2.sqf find this: } else { _object = createVehicle [_class, _location, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; }; And BELOW it put this: if (_class == "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1") then {_object setVehicleInit 'this setObjectTexture [0, ''custom\SUV.jpg''];';}; Notice the only difference is _class instead of _type. Again keep adding more lines like this for each texture that you need. Step 7. This Step is for BOTH: server_publishVehicle2.sqf AND server_publishVehicle3.sqf find this: publicVariable "PVDZE_veh_Init"; And BELOW it put this: processInitCommands; Step 8. Now in server_publishVehicle3.sqf find this: //Add weapons _objWpnTypes = _weapons select 0; _objWpnQty = _weapons select 1; And ABOVE it put this: if (_class == "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1") then {_object setVehicleInit 'this setObjectTexture [0, ''custom\SUV.jpg''];';}; It's the same line from server_publishVehicle2.sqf with _class instead of _type. again repeat more lines exactly like this for more textures. Step 9. Save Changes and Repack PBO Congrats your done! Note: This could also be done by creating a function and then calling the function from each file, i think.... but I prefer to do it this way.
  3. Hello! So, I am not experienced with big server setups like that of ArmA's (so don't expect me to be too computer-smart), but I have come a long way with setting up my ArmA 3 server until I got to my BEC setup. I've gone through everything the instructions say and everything should all be connected and working, but... I keep getting and error saying: BePath is not a valid directory Now, i know this should be a simple fix, but no matter what i do the error won't go away! I'm using TADST for my server setup, so I'm using the Battleye directory stored there. the path I put in the config.cfg for BEC is: C:\Users\andre\Desktop\Arma3_server_stuff\server_files\TADST\SirRapplez\BattlEye (yes I made sure I didn't have an accidental space put in anywhere... I'm not that stupid) I also put a BeServer.cfg file in the same directory as the BeServer.dll with the following: RConPassword password RConPort 2309 If anyone knows what my problem is, please help. I hope my question isn't super dumb, but I'm lost so, again, help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Hello, this video shows you how to install an overpoch server: and this one how to add custom loot tables: Greetings, Matijs PS: question, am I not allowed to make a topic about overpoch? I'm not sure why my previous post got removed, because this will only bring more people to epoch?
  5. Hello. I am trying to set up a test server and want to spawn some stuff for myself to play around for a bit. can you explain how I can spawn for example an URAL with cinder blocks & Mortar in it in a desired location? Lets say balota. I am using Vilayer host and I am new to this. Any help would be great. Thanks a lot!
  6. hey guys, so me and my friend wanna add 50 .cal to DZMS. I tried to spawn in the machine gun as a building(vehicle) in missions, and they do spawn in, but seems like the AIs don't use it. Is there a way to spawn it with an AI using it or can't do this on DZMS? This is what I add in each mission sql: i add in "_gunner" in private private ["_missName","_coords","_base1","_base2","_base3","_base4","_base5","_base6","_base7","_base8","_base9","_base10","_base11","_base12","_base13","_base14","_base15","_base16","_base17","_veh1","_vehicle","_crate","_gunner"]; then i add in spawn in gunner as a building before spawn in AI units //gunner _gunner=createVehicle ["M2StaticMG",[(_coords select 0) - 7.5078, (_coords select 1) + 7.2578,0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; Once again, the machine gun do spawn in, and player can use it, but the AI don't use it
  7. I hope this is in the right place? :/ I have an Epoch Server with Dayz.ST and I'm looking at an Origins Overpoch server with all three islands and Sector B but I cant work out how I get one oft these or where will host these. Google is coming up with mindless amounts of options but none are valid when I start going into into each website. Anyone got any ideas, as I really wanna get off Cherno :) Thanks Aaron
  8. Hello again, this question today. How to disable the weapons on a particular technique, ie that on the Mi24 or Ka52 missiles did not work (and when you try to shoot the player does not Ban and Kick), and BTR90 worked, or the like?
  9. Hello, I am making progress on my server, I've added several scripts and removed weight limiting. I am trying to figure out how to remove the requirement of a plot pole in order to build. All I can find is how to make them required. Any help please? Thank you
  10. This is not my fix, I'm just posting it here for people as there seems to be a lot of bad information out there. This fix requires the steam version of arma 2. 1. First go into your Arma 2 OA folder and delete all the exe files (ArmA2OA, arma2oaserver, Arma2OA_BE) 2. Open the Expansion folder and inside delete the folder called 'beta'. If you are running a newer version you might not have a beta folder and you can skip this step. 3. Now go into your steam library and right click on Arma 2 OA -> properties. Select the beta tab and pick 1.62 - older version of the game. 4. Again in properties choose local files tab and verify integrity of game. This will bring you back to 1.62.95248 5. Now you can open DayZ Commander and install any patch you want, no more error about 1.63 being newer then 1.62. Hope that helps.
  11. Okay so I'm helping out a friend and for some reason for AI missions the vehicles disappear, In like mid flight or driving. I think its something within the Server Functions area but Idk where that is, Please help thanks !!
  12. I am curious on the process of how to add new guns to my epoch server. If you could link a tutorial or give me a brief description here that would be great. Anything to really get me started because after doing some research nothing has stood out to me to be very helpful. Thanks!
  13. We currently had a friendly player hack our server and describe how our current version of anti hack is becoming very easy to get around. So my question to the community is what is the best anti hack out right now or one that has the fewest known back doors. If anyone knows what the top ranked servers use I'd also be interested in knowing that info. Thanks for the time!
  14. I have gotten some requests from my server to remove the random civilian chat that happens in game. It just pops up in that as civilian and asks how you're doing or something along those lines. Is there anyone that could point me in the right direction? Thanks, longshot
  15. I am currently trying to add chemlights into loot spawns in military buildings on my server. I know the cfgloot and cfgbuildingloot files are what I need but I need help with where exactly to add them in and the syntax for it. When I go to edit the military buildings loot in the cfgbuildingloot it seems to have a second call in the list that looks like it is referring to a list somewhere else or something that the item that is being called for the loot is in. Let me know, thanks!
  16. longshot

    Zombie drop items

    How can I add hot wire kits to be a rare drop on police officer zombies on my server?
  17. Special Thanks Goes Out To machine On Open DayZ He helped me out with this problem alot. Thanks machine , Your awesome !! ( http://opendayz.net/members/machine.2338/ ) And whoever created this tutorial,code etc. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! Tutorial Step 1 . Once you have finished doing all of your editing on your map in Arma's 3D Editor.Save your map under what ever you want.For Example we will use MyMapName. Once Saved correctly it goes here: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\MyMapName Step 2. Open the mission.sqm file in MyMapName folder. Copy all of the code in your file. Code From Our Example: _vehicle_11 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["Land_Mil_Barracks_i", [4635.2856, 10493.992, 3.0517578e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_11 = _this; _this setDir 58.857197; _this setPos [4635.2856, 10493.992, 3.0517578e-005]; }; The code above is just one building,Make sure to copy all of the buildings like that. do not copy the playable character you used in the editor. Step 3. Make a new file called buildings.sqf Inside that file you want it to look like this: Code From Our Example: if (isServer) then { _vehicle_11 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["Land_Mil_Barracks_i", [4635.2856, 10493.992, 3.0517578e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_11 = _this; _this setDir 58.857197; _this setPos [4635.2856, 10493.992, 3.0517578e-005]; }; }; Step 4. And save this file in you mission folder. Now in your mission folder open your init.sqf,After that scroll towards the bottom and paste the code below on the bottom of the init.sqf file. Code: //buildings [] ExecVM "buildings.sqf"; Finale : Pack up your mission.pbo and upload and test ! If you need anything such as help please don't hesitate to ask,Just upload your mission.pbo with everything and your mission.sqm
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