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Found 24 results

  1. Custom textures for player skins. This guide will show you how you can change textures on an excisting skins IF this skin supports the texture. In more detail, I will show you how to give admin a certain skin on command. You can use this for other ideas ( clan skins, event clothing, make fun of the admin skin?). Screenshots (My work): Screenshots (raymix): As you can see, you can make some nice stuff with custom texture The first one is build on a civilian model ( default ) and raymix uses a different one ( i dont know which one that is) NOW HOW DO I DO THIS 1) in your compiles.sqf add a public event handeler inside if (!isDedicated) then { add "PVOZ_adminSkin" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _obj = (_this select 1) select 0 ; _colour = (_this select 1) select 1; // this can also be a color or an image (color format = #(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,1) _obj setObjectTexture [0, _colour]; };(THIS ACTIVATES admin skin on all clients) 2) now in your init.sqf, add the following at the bottom { _adminated = _x getVariable ["adminated",0]; if( !isNil "_adminated" && _adminated != 0)then{ _x setObjectTexture [0, "gui\upg\admin.jpg"]; }; }forEach playableUnits; // if your antihack doesnt allow this use nearestObjects[player, ["Survivor2_DZ"],25000]; ( this will check all players if they have adminate active and reskin their skin) , THIS IS SO IF a client LOGS IN HE ALSO sees that the admin has adminskin on) 3) to activate , i'll show u how i do it in infistar I add a option "Suit up" above "teleport to player" add them to each level u want adminadd = adminadd + [" Suit UP",adminskinning,"0","0","0","1",[0,0.8,1,1]]; now look for admint2me = { and add ABOVE: ( change the image path to your image) adminskinning = { PVOZ_adminSkin = [player , "gui\upg\admin.jpg" ]; // (or color , "#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,1)" ) publicVariable "PVOZ_adminSkin"; player setObjectTexture [0, "gui\upg\admin.jpg"]; // (to also see it yourself) player setVariable["adminated",1,true]; }; To deavtivate your skin, just change into another skin! The skin image must be in your missions pbo IMPORTANT BATTLEYE Add the following exeptioon to publicvariable.txt in your battleye folder on line 2 or 1 ( depends how it is made) on the FIRST line that start with 5 add add the very end ( see there is a space between this and the last item) !="PVOZ_adminSkin" IMAGE SIZE: 1024px x 1024 px !! example images: (MINE, quickly made with limitted time ^^) raymix probably did this quite better https://www.dropbox.com/s/crd2qjk2zczj8kb/admin.jpg?dl=0 or CHANGE THIS TO 1024 x 1024 to work ( By Sukkaed)
  2. https://github.com/andgregor/dayZ-AI-Bus-Route While testing this old script in Epoch, I got an issue: When I ride on the bus which an AI is driving, the bus start driving well. But after running about some ten or hundred meters away, the bus suddenly stop and damage me as if there's an invisible barrier in front of me, and it starts bouncing like a football there. I want any idea to make the script works well. --- I have changed a part of init_bus.sqf from to to make it work in 1061, and player_axebus.qf to to make it work for any player skin.
  3. Usually it would state "You cannot gut this animal without a knife" but now the scroll action is dead and I don't get an error. Please help!
  4. * Sorry ... This should be ARMA 2 not ARMA 3 ... Not sure how I got myself into the wrong forum* I'm currently on Epoch and I've been banging my head against the wall when it comes to getting my intro.ogg file to play when a player connects to the server. I've been using some of my old server scripts to try to build a new one, and I've been online searching for a current script ... but they all seem pretty old and I wonder if they are still working. Everyone I have tried does nothing. I've tried adding it to a welcome message/credits script and to a camera intro script but nothing happens. Actually, I can't even seem to get my stock Server Rules .sqf to stop running. It's getting really frustrating. Then I found the server_playerLogin.sqf and I wondered if maybe I needed to script the code in here? If anyone knows of a current playsound / welcome credits / camera intro script, in any combination of the three or you know where I should be placing the script, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. I had an idea about doing an elevator script to extend the base building a little or just for some fun with ArmA/Epoch! :D Here is a video of the current prototype: (and don't laugh I got stuck after I fell from the roof :P) Just recorded another video to show how to call an elevator, I've placed 4 stops around the house, looks kinda funny yeah :D If anyone is wondering, I use the preview version of the metal floor to display the stop points of the elevator.. some item has to be present so you can call the elevator there and the positions get saved to the database. This item can be changed in the config but the preview items have no collisions so you can just travel through it and it's easy to see where the elevator can stop. Everything is saved to the database without any need to modify the server files or database structure. It only updates the "CharacterID" field in the "object_data" table like safes or locked door also do in Epoch, I don't want to bore you with the technical details but I encoded the elevator and stop point ID's in an 8 digit long code, always starting with "6976" (that is ASCII code for "EL" :P), the next 3 digits are the elevator ID and the last the elevator stop ID. Meaning you can have up to 10 stops per elevator (0-9) for now. It looks like this (without the "-"), just in case you want to find an elevator in the database or whatever. ID 8 digits: EL-ID-STID = 6976-###-# e.g the ID's of an elevator with 2 additional stop points: 69760010 -> 69760011 -> 69760012 The elevator can be build similar to the in-place upgrade system from Epoch, so just look at a metal floor (item can also be changed in the config) and you will get an option "Upgrade to Elevator" and "Upgrade to Elevator Stop", the elevator stop can only be build if there is an elevator in range (max. range for the elevator to travel can be changed, default 25m), you have to select an elevator first (the select action will be available if you look at an elevator, also new built elevator are selected by default). Once you have built an elevator with at least 1 stop point you can just look at it and select "Activate Elevator: Next Stop" or "Activate Elevator: Previous Stop", it will then find and move to the next/previous stop. If there is no stop in range you get a message and nothing happens, the menu could be hidden if there is no next stop for the elevator but in the first version the actions are always shown. You can also call the elevator at any stop point, it will travel along the way, stopping at every stop point and wait there (default 5 sec. can be changed in the config). Installation and configuration Ok now to the installation and configuration of the elevator script. The script is only client side, so very easy to add to your mission file! You can get the current scripts here: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/elevator just download the whole folder and extract it to your mission file. To enable the script on your server add this line to your init.sqf at the end of the block "if (!isDedicated) then {" (so just above the next "};" should be fine): ["elevator"] execVM "elevator\elevator_init.sqf"; Assuming your have the elevator folder with the scripts in your mission root, the only parameter of the script "elevator" is the folder relative to your mission file, it's needed to load the other scripts from that folder. You can change it to "scripts\elevator" if your put the elevator-folder there for example. That is all you have to do to install the elevator script on your server, there are some config variables you can change, take a look at the file "elevator_init.sqf" where it says "global variables", you can change the values there, but I would suggest changing it in your init.sqf like the Epoch settings, e.g.: ELE_MaxRange = 100; // maximum range the elevator can travel / stop points can be built (in meter) ELE_Speed = 5; // speed of the elevator (meters per second) ELE_StopWaitTime = 0; // disable the wait time if you call the elevator ... ["elevator"] execVM "elevator\elevator_init.sqf"; Added building requirements and upgrade animation to build the elevator and elevator stops. Default requirements are: ELE_RequiredBuildTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar"]; // required tools for building an elevator and elevator stop ELE_RequiredBuildItems = [["PartGeneric",4], "PartEngine", "ItemGenerator", "ItemJerrycan"]; // required items to build an elevator ELE_RequiredBuildStopItems = [["PartGeneric",4]]; // required items to build an elevator stop You will get the default messages from Epoch if you are missing the tools or items. There are no access restrictions yet! Any player can built or use an elevator with this version, so keep that in mind if you want to use it on a live server. I already have some ideas to use the default car keys to use an elevator, that should work.. unless your have some better ideas for access control? :) Just one more thing, as I use the "MetalFloor_Preview_DZ" for the elevator stop by default, if you want to keep it like that you have to add that class to your allowed objects in Epoch, otherwise Epoch will delete it right after you upgrade a metal floor to a stop point. To do that the class needs to be added to the file "dayz_code\init\variables.sqf", at line 466 there is a list "dayz_allowedObjects", just add "MetalFloor_Preview_DZ" to that list and copy the file to your mission folder as usual (the file is referenced in the init.sqf). if you don't want to do that just replace the stop class with this config variable: ELE_StopClass = "MetalFloor_Preview_DZ"; Replace the classname with whatever you like, I didn't test any other but the elevator will just travel there and you can call the elevator with looking at that object. Remember this is still work in progress, there might be bugs and maybe the elevator ID gets changed so already built elevators might not work after an update, but you can already play around with the script and tell me what you think, Ideas are welcome... :)
  6. Hi! How to fix Bug? The image is darkened,As if the character wanted to faint,darkens. Sometimes it happens,Random And: Tired of character, bad targeting too R3f? Thanks,Sorry NO SPEAK ENGLISH :)
  7. Hi, I've recently tried to edit the spawn select mod and everytime a player dies, I get the message displayed twice Bob was Killed Bob was killed. When the player respawns the spawn select isn't there and I spawn into worldspace with the same items as when I died and 2 of my old bodies on the floor. Any help would be appreciated. arma2oaserver.RPT : if (isServer) > 16:01:43 Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_deployables_config 16:01:43 File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\addons\bike\init.sqf, line 35 16:01:43 "Loading custom server compiles" 16:01:44 "HIVE: Starting" 16:01:44 ["TIME SYNC: Local Time set to:",[2012,8,2,13,1],"Fullmoon:",true,"Date given by HiveExt.dll:",[2017,5,25,13,1]] 16:01:44 "HIVE: trying to get objects" 16:01:44 "HIVE: found 6 objects" 16:01:44 "HIVE: Request sent" 16:01:44 "HIVE: Streamed 6 objects" 16:01:44 "Res3tting B!S effects..." 16:01:44 "HIVE: BENCHMARK - Server_monitor.sqf finished streaming 6 objects in 0.169983 seconds (unscheduled)" 16:01:44 "Total Number of spawn locations 6" 16:01:44 "[DZAI] Initializing DZAI version 2.2.1 Release Build 20141208 using base path z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI." 16:01:44 "[DZAI] Reading DZAI configuration file." 16:01:44 "[DZAI] DZAI configuration file loaded." 16:01:44 "[DZAI] Compiling DZAI functions." 16:01:44 "[DZAI] DZAI functions compiled." 16:01:45 "[DZAI] Epoch classnames loaded." 16:01:45 "[DZAI] DZAI settings: Debug Level: 0. DebugMarkers: false. WorldName: chernarus. ModName: epoch (Ver: dayz epoch DZAI_dynamicWeaponList: true. VerifyTables: true." 16:01:45 "[DZAI] AI spawn settings: Static: false. Dynamic: false. Random: false. Air: false. Land: false." 16:01:45 "[DZAI] AI settings: DZAI_findKiller: false. DZAI_useHealthSystem: false. DZAI_weaponNoise: false. DZAI_zombieEnemy: true." 16:01:45 "[DZAI] DZAI loading completed in 0.240997 seconds." 16:01:45 "SERVER FPS: 43 PLAYERS: 1" 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net2) at [8818.56,6352.77,0] with 9 items." 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net2) at [9552.11,11592.5,0] with 8 items." 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net2) at [7750.49,8778.34,0] with 7 items." 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net1) at [7200.35,5241.69,0] with 5 items." 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net2) at [2672.79,6926.47,0] with 7 items." 16:01:45 "DEBUG: Spawning a care package (Misc_cargo_cont_net2) at [6771.79,10043.7,0] with 8 items." 16:01:45 "CRASHSPAWNER: Starting crash site spawner. Frequency: 25±20 min. Spawn chance: 0.75" 16:01:45 "CRASHSPAWNER: Spawning crash site (CrashSite_RU) at [3029.85,11950.4,0] with 6 items." 16:01:46 Strange convex component93 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component94 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component95 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component96 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component99 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component100 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component101 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component102 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component103 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component104 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component105 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component106 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component107 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component108 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component109 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component110 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component111 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component112 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component113 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component114 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component115 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component116 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component117 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component118 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component119 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component120 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component121 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component122 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component123 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component124 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component125 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component126 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component127 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component128 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component129 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component130 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component131 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component132 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component133 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:46 Strange convex component134 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView 16:01:55 "HIVE: Vehicle Spawn limit reached!" 16:01:55 "HIVE: Spawning # of Debris: 1" 16:01:56 "HIVE: Spawning # of Ammo Boxes: 3" 16:01:56 "HIVE: Spawning # of Veins: 50" 16:01:57 "HIVE: BENCHMARK - Server finished spawning 0 DynamicVehicles, 1 Debris, 3 SupplyCrates and 50 MineVeins in 11.527 seconds (scheduled)" 16:01:57 "EPOCH EVENTS INIT" 16:01:59 Error in expression <0012207031]; }; _group_8 = createGroup _center_0; _vehicle_627 = objNull; if (> 16:01:59 Error position: <_center_0; _vehicle_627 = objNull; if (> 16:01:59 Error Undefined variable in expression: _center_0 16:01:59 File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\bsb_updates\bsb_chernarus_plus_v2.sqf, line 3808 16:01:59 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\customsettings.sqf not found 16:01:59 "WAI: AI Config File Loaded" 16:01:59 "WAI: AI Monitor Started" 16:01:59 "WAI: Initialising missions" 16:02:01 "[DZAI] Verified 156 unique classnames in 1.47101 seconds." 16:02:01 "CLEANUP: INITIALIZING Vehicle SCRIPT" 16:02:01 ["z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_sync.sqf","TIME SYNC: Local Time set to:",[2012,8,2,13,2],"Fullmoon:",true,"Date given by HiveExt.dll:",[2017,5,25,13,2]] 16:02:06 "infiSTAR.de - Player-Log: JakeQue(76561198133333192) - 0h 00min | ******ADMIN******" 16:02:09 "Chernarus static spawn configuration loaded." 16:02:09 "INFO - Player: PID#3(JakeQue)(UID:76561198133333192/CID:95) Status: LOGGING IN" 16:02:10 Server: Object 3:8 not found (message 99) 16:02:10 Server: Object 3:6 not found (message 98) 16:02:10 Server: Object 3:7 not found (message 91) 16:02:10 Server: Object 3:9 not found (message 91) 16:02:10 "INFO - Player: PID#3(JakeQue)(UID:76561198133333192/CID:95) Status: LOGIN PUBLISHING, Location Drakon [108129]" 16:02:10 "INFO: Cannot Sync Character JakeQue near respawn_west [-18700,25800,0.00149536]. This is normal when relogging or changing clothes." 16:02:10 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [1234,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE,"76561198133333192"]" 16:02:10 "infiSTAR.de ******ADMIN-LOGIN******: JakeQue(76561198133333192)" 16:02:10 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [1234,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE,"76561198133333192"]" 16:02:10 "INFO - Player: JakeQue(UID:76561198133333192/CID:95) Status: CLIENT LOADED & PLAYING" 16:02:37 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [4,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE]" 16:02:37 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [4,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE,B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE]" 16:02:37 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 (JakeQue) REMOTE JakeQue Adminkilled JakeQue" 16:02:37 "PLAYERDEATH: Player Died 76561198133333192" 16:02:49 "INFO: OnPlayerDisconnect exiting. Player is near respawn_west. This is normal after death. ["76561198133333192","JakeQue"]" 16:02:49 Warning: Cleanup player - person 3:19 not found 16:03:30 "INFO - Player: PID#3(JakeQue)(UID:76561198133333192/CID:95) Status: LOGGING IN" 16:03:30 Server: Object 3:28 not found (message 99) 16:03:30 Server: Object 3:26 not found (message 98)
  8. My new mod may change the way you play DayZ, simply put this mod enables all players on the server to get the choice of using multiple characters (without having to buy multiple copies of ArmA2:CO :P). I've set up a prototype on my test server with a 3 character selection dialog (see picture below), this may be improved but the base mechanics itself are working great so far. So when you join a server after the loading screen you see a dialog like this: you have to chose one of 3 character slots every time you log into the server, each character slot is completely independent (different humanity and other stats, like different players). the slot count isn't static but I though 3 is a good start, admins can change the character selection dialog to a different number of slots, if you want you can have 100 slots for each player. :D This mod can't be archived with a little script, but I've tried to made the installation as easy as possible. For an overview this is what I've done to get this mod working: Database schema: added one extra column "Slot" to the "character_data" table (the database stays fully compatible to the default HiveExt.dll) Custom HiveExt.dll to add a new method for loading all character data of a player (CHILD:100), also a small change to the current load player method to support multiple characters (CHILD:101). I could have made completely new methods for the login process, but this way only a very few modifications are necessary in the Hive code and the script files, but this also means my modified HiveExt.dll is not compatible with servers who don't have the "Slot" column in the "character_data" table one new script for the server and a small change in the server_playerLogin.sqf (to send the slot id to the hive) for the client files I've changed the player monitor to inject the character selection before the login process (see player_monitor.fsm changes below) To visualize the changes made to the login process, take a look at this state machine diagram of the player_monitor.fsm (changes are highlighted in green): Download latest version for Epoch 1.0.5 and http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/multichar1.3.3.zip Older versions are available here (for other Epoch version since Installation instructions I've tried to make the installation as easy as possible and still do it the proper way and change the files like the Epoch devs would do it. Some steps could be changed and the code simply be put in the init.sqf instead of changing the Epoch files, if you have some experience with ArmA script you can do that but if you follow my instructions it is the best way to do it like this in my opinion. Pre-requirements: a PBO manager and basic knowledge of ArmA script editing. Note: I've added all changed files to the download package, so you can see how they should look like with the changes applied. If you didn't make any custom changes to those files you can also just use them instead of following my instructions to change the files below. run the SQL query to add the "Slot" column to the "Character_DATA" table in your Epoch database: ALTER TABLE `Character_DATA` ADD COLUMN `Slot` TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `PlayerUID`; copy the file HiveExt.dll to the @DayZ_Epoch_Server folder (overwrite the Epoch file) Note: the source code of the HiveExt with my changes can be found here. unpack your dayz_server.pbo and copy the file server_playerCharacters.sqf to the compile sub-folder open the file compile\server_playerLogin.sqf, around line 47 replace _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName]; with _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:%4:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName,_this select 2]; open the file init\server_functions.sqf and add the line server_playerCharacters = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerCharacters.sqf"; after the line 9 BIS_Effects_Burn = {}; repack your dayz_server.pbo unpack your mission.pbo (e.g. DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo) if necessary and copy the file RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp into the mission folder, open the file description.ext and add this line at the very bottom: #include "RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp" unpack your dayz_code.pbo (on your PC @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code.pbo) and copy the files init\publicEH.sqf and system\player_monitor.sqf to a "custom" folder in your mission folder (if you don't already have custom versions of those files), change the references to those files in your init.sqf to something like "custom\publicEH.sqf" and "custom\player_monitor.sqf" copy my custom file player_monitor.fsm to your "custom" folder (the changes in this file are not easy to reproduce, so it may be best you use my custom file instead of adding the changes yourself) open the file publicEH.sqf and add this line above the line starting with "PVDZE_plr_Login" (around line 54): "PVDZE_plr_Characters" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn server_playerCharacters}; open the file player_monitor.sqf and change the path to my custom player_monitor.fsm so that the line looks something like this: _id = [] execFSM "custom\player_monitor.fsm"; repack your mission.pbo if necessary That's it! Yeah I know not the easiest mod to install, but that is DayZ/Epoch.. I Hope I didn't forget anything, but I think that is all. :P Restrictions (since version 1.1) I've added two restrictions to minimize the possibilities for players to abuse quick character switching: character switch timeout - how often a player can switch to another living character (in minutes), the last used slot is always available and the player can also spawn fresh if he has a dead character or never used slot minimum distance to dead bodies of the same player - calculates the distance to previously died characters of the player (in meters), this will prevent the player from "stacking" two or more characters at the same place (like a base) and switch to another character if one dies There are global config variables for changing the default settings for the restrictions: DZE_CharacterSwitchTimeout = 30; // default 30 minutes timeout (0 to disable) DZE_CharacterMinDistance = 1000; // default 1000 meters min distance (0 to disable) You can add those variables to the config section in the init.sqf. Here a screenshot how it may look like with active restrictions: Disabled character slots are displayed with a red disabled button (cannot be pressed) with info text on the button. If one or more restrictions apply there is also be an info text displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note: at the moment there is no automatic timer or anything to count the timeout down, you have to manually press the refresh button to refresh the character data and last login time. Suggestions and ideas welcome. Also for the character selection dialog what do you like to see on there?
  9. Hey guys im trying to make a little script, which allows a player to delete a nearby Object. In that case a "Sr_border". First i did it like this: With Clickaction. removeBorder.sqf _nearBorder = nearestObject [player,"Sr_border"]; if (_nearBorder distance player < 5) then { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [_player, ["Sr_border"], _range] } else { SystemChat "No Carspawn nearby!"; }; Worked pretty good, except for the problem, that after restart the border was back. I think thats because the {deleteVehicle _x} is exec. localy. So i tryed this: init.sqf "removecarspawn" addPublicVariableEventHandler { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [_player, ["Sr_border"], _range] }; removeBorder.sqf _nearBorder = nearestObject [player,"Sr_border"]; _range = 5; _player = player; if (_nearBorder distance player < 5) then { publicVariable "removecarspawn"; } else { SystemChat "No Carspawn nearby!"; }; But its not working. Im a bit clueless, any tips for me?
  10. As the topic suggests this allows a player to recover the skin from the dead body. On death, it activates the script which then checks for the players model and adds the clothing parcel associated with it to the inventory, assuming the player has space. If he doesn't, it will then add the item to the players backpack. There is an install read me in the .zip file, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you. download here If you like the script, please consider donating below.
  11. Froanta

    User Loadouts

    good evening all, Once again i am in a pickle, I am setting up a new server, I am wondering how to set up custom load outs AND how to edit players loadouts that already have items. Thanks in advance
  12. Players can only log in as civilians on my epoch server... it came this way by default. I am unsure how to change this to either all blufor or a selection of all three factions..? civilians cannot use UAV .... I have looked in the mission.sqm and i seen some stuff in there that looked like it might be it but I don't want to break anything. Does anyone know how to either set it as a selection or change all to blufor? I have done alot of searches and found nothing useful enough to inspire faith. THANKS
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had an idea on this issue i've been having. One of the clients who is trying to connect to my server keeps on getting session lost as soon as he joins the server. On the server it says In the arma2oaserver.rpt file it says Thanks for the help if anyone can
  14. Hello! I was modding my dedicated server and upon joining it it spawns me on the ground without a player model and I am unable to use most of my keybinds for the game. I can start the server with epoch and play just fine, but when I go to install and join with the black-market script on the server it will spawn all players without a model and invisible. (For example: a tiny camara) The black-market script is enabled and works as it should and so does epoch. I am very new to Arma 3 Modding/scripting any help would be appreciated. Current Mods/scripts: Epoch HS Blackmarket
  15. Hi everyone! I have a very small private server that my family plays on. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to modify the damage that players receive from AI? In a perfect world, I could set it in a way that would allow the 'dead' player to not actually die, but have a 5-minute countdown, and maybe even be unconscious, allowing the rest of the family to try and revive them. Is this possible? If so, what file should I be looking for? Thanks to all who can provide feedback!
  16. Hey there guys. My players are having an issue with money storage (I'm using Zupa's 3.0 Currency [no banking]) in vehicles, safes and lockboxes but I have absolutely no trouble with it (in terms of the gold saving on logoff and such). Everything works fine for me so this is getting me to wonder if the issue is with infiSTAR. The only problem here is that I've disabled pretty much all of infiSTAR's checks that would even be remotely relevant to this issue. I've also heard issues of players vehicles just straight up exploding (which may be attributed to roaming/static AI) and their bikes, mozzies or motorcycles disappearing when they're on them. I think the issue here is that these vehicles, when spawned, don't have IDs and they're either being cleaned up by the server antihack or by infiSTAR. How can I go about fixing this, does anyone have any input? Thanks a lot guys. Also a bit off topic, but how would I go about purging all spawned vehicles on the server so my database only loads 100? I've got something like 300 on the server right now and that's an extra 200 objects I really don't want in the database but I'm absolutely retarded when it comes to SQL. I'm also having trouble trying to find the vehicle spawn array that the server reads when it spawns new vehicles. I use Vilayer.
  17. Hi, I'm creating a COOP event for a server that I play on and I'm trying to get confirmation of the player's side they belong to in Epoch. I'm assuming West but knowing for sure would cancel out any doubt. Cheers.
  18. I notice it 2 days ago, this player status bar is missing and I didn't find the way out. please help, thanks, Ped.
  19. Hi, so this seems to be a recurring issue for me. I have a server that's been running for a few months. I want to switch hosts but keep my database. I've tried two different was of creating backups of the database and both had the same result. When I setup the new server it has a really, really hard time starting up... I constantly get kicked back to the lobby and it takes about 4 tries to get into the game. No RPT errors that I can find. If I put a fresh database in the server it starts up normally first try. The server does not stutter like this normally, just having trouble getting it moved onto a new system for some reason. Anyone know what might be causing this? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  20. So I've been working on a script using the extra_rc.hpp script to make a new tool function. A headlamp or lantern if you prefer. (In effect it is really more like the latter.) The lamp part works perfectly, but I am unable to shut it off afterwards. Here is what I have so far: if (isNil "headlamp") then { headlamp = 0; }; if (headlamp == 0) then { _hlight = "#lightpoint" createVehicle (getpos player); _hlight setLightAmbient [.15, .15, .15]; _hlight setLightColor [.15, .12, .10]; _hlight setLightBrightness .25; setaperture -1; _hlight setDir (getDir player); _hlight attachTo [(vehicle player), [0,0,1.5]]; Sleep 0.1; headlamp = 1; hint "Headlamp ON"; } else { Sleep 0.1; detach _hlight; _hlight setPosATL [-10000,-10000,100000]; Sleep 0.1; deleteVehicle _hlight; Sleep 0.1; headlamp = 0; hint "Headlamp OFF"; }; It never makes it to "Headlamp OFF". It is having trouble detaching the light from the player and it can't delete it while it is attached. Any ideas? Am I just using the command wrong?
  21. I like flying around the coast and giving new players on our server a ride to wherever they want to go. A lot of them either shy-away from the strange chopper or shoot at it, not realizing it's trying to help. I know how to add map markers (for Admin bases etc) but they're static. Is it possible to get the marker to follow me (based on my UID number) and maybe toggle it on/off with a keypress or mousewheel menu? Thanks. (Yes, I get bored easily :D)
  22. I have seen a couple of threads where debugging is becoming an issue and thought I would share one of the tools I have written. Basically it allows you to add an entry to the server log, normally done with diag_log at the server, from the client (player) side of your mission scripts. Normally, for the client, hint is the only way to do any sensible debugging. I now use this religiously when scripting. All this does is setup a public variable event handler that, when called, runs a small script on the server that logs whatever is sent to it via the public variable. The reason for this requirement, if you have tried doing a diag_log from the client you will have noticed that nothing appears in the server log. This is because of locality. In short, not all things are available to the client that are for the server and vice/versa. If you are serious about scripting locality is one thing you will want to get your head around, it explains why a lot of things that, at first glance, appear like they should work but just don't.. To Install: In init.sqf (in your mission folder) add (Or add the relevant code to an existing isServer): if (isServer) then { axe_server_log = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tools\logtorpt.sqf"; "axeDiagLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn axe_server_log}; }; Create a folder called tools in your mission folder and add logtorpt.sqf (this can be packaged in, and referenced from, dayz_server.pbo): //logtorpt.sqf private ["_targetObj"]; _targetObj = _this; diag_log format["AXELOG: %1",_targetObj]; Then when you want to create a log entry from your clientside code use this as an example (the key bits are the last two lines): _var1 = "wow"; _var2 = "a log entry."; axeDiagLog = format["I am logging something here: 1st Var=%1 | 2nd Var=%2.",_var1,_var2];//Set the public variable value publicVariable "axeDiagLog";//Send the public variable 'to the event handler' Obviously you can make axeDiagLog pretty much anything you want. That example will then appear in your server side log as: 13:49:31 "AXELOG:I am logging something here: 1st Var=wow | 2nd Var=a log entry." This is creating public variables so may cause network issues if overdone. Always remove for live servers to increase performance. That said I have had this running at hundreds of logs per second on my test server and had no noticeable lag with 2 to 3 players in testing. Is entirely possible this could be optimised using publicVariableServer instead, it works so I haven't 'fixed' it. That's it, server side logging from the client, enjoy.. :)
  23. How I can change the distance of player display name's? I need to reduce it to 5 meters. Help please
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