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  1. Here is the new keyboard.sqf to work this cool mod with Epoch 1.0.7 I just made it for our server :)
  2. Iv not had any issues with god mode myself but another admin today reported that his was stuck on even after relog and we have yet to find a fix for him (he is able to turn off but when relog its back on). We use both WAI and DZAI and so far nothing in server or client logs to speak of
  3. Awesome thanks I know about zombie speeds and global max zeds. Thats not what we are saying though.. But thanks anyway
  4. iv noticed this too.. Doesnt seem to be a setting for that though... yet xD
  5. Can anyone actually confirm they have this working as of the latest script version 1.6 and have fully tested its function. Iv installed this many times before on previous epoch versions but cannot get it running on 107 out the box. I will have to have a closer look what is going on but there are about 1 thousand undefines variables / errors as is.
  6. Iv just finished setting this up on my 107 server now mate, what are you having problems with maybe i can help? It is working great on our server tested on Namalsk Epoch 107 i towed a vehicle to a new location then checked on both client and server logs to find them clean. Maybe try a reinstall. Hope this helps, dont forget you also need toolbox
  7. If you search for " MF_Tow_Towable_Array " you can modify which vehicles
  8. I need to do this again for my 107 server so i will have another look at it. its not hard to update outdated variables though. i think if i remember right the epoch devs post all the ones that have change to a text file in the Documents folder. id be more worried about that epoch antihack. i had a right pain in the but with infistar last time i did this
  9. Wonderful script thank you for putting the time in and not asking for a subscriptions of any sort! Im using it now got bored with SA. Had some issues with the antihack/admin scripts not liking any .hpp files within my mission file and giving me false "not found" errors but put it down to human error as started over and running great. Dont you just hate when that happens.
  10. Please consider joining our custom Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk or Takistan servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too! Click here to join our Discord for more information DayZSA Expansion Namalsk | DayZSA Expansion Takistan | A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk | | Custom Content: - Armed Roaming / Dynamic AI Bandit Patrols - Custom Land and Air Trader Camps - Banking and Wallets - Customization Land Rovers - Advanced Weaponry - No Vehicle Crash Damage & Fix Vehicle Positions - More weapons packs, loot+, vehicles+, custom clothing & backpacks - Bounty Hunting - Unlimited Stamina - PvP & Raiding - Modular Vests - Igloo Crafting Thanks we hope to see you there! CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz RAM: 16GB Storage: SSD Additional Features: ATM Banking | More Weapons | More Cars | More Loot | Namalsk Igloo | Light Saber Mod | No-Vehicle-Crash-Damage | Trader Wallet - Money/Item Storage | Custom Namalsk Spawn Selection | Custom Trader Cities | All items added to traders |Namalsk Airdrops | | Notification System | Territories System | Auto-run System | No Stamina System | Safezone System | Mission System | Skin System | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers System | KillFeed System | Towing System | Player Attachment | Custom lighting | Custom interiors | Custom ocean | Working Street lights | Builderitems | Gravecross | KillFeed | Notifications | Gravecross | Horn | Autorun | No stamina | MoreGuns | Street lights | Car Keys | CodeLock | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers | Global/Transport/Party Chat | Book (Server Info, Rules, player stats | party management | territory management) System
  11. From what I see this was made by user matt-d-rat about 6 years ago. All i did was light up a few smokes and update all the old variable names to get it running on our 1062 + 107 servers from which we use a lot of scripts from here so here is a contribution back from me. I only added Epoch Vehicles in there. Original Instructions Original Thread All you need to do is follow matt-d-rats Original Instructions above, But instead of using the old files he made use my edited versions below mf-tow\init.sqf mf-tow\tow_AttachTow.sqf mf-tow\tow_DetachTow.sqf
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