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  1. Hey guys thanks for all the replies and great tips, sorry I couldn't reply sooner, work has been crazy today. Thanks for the class name too. I hope I'm allowed to raise the spawns though :P
  2. "rebreathe" lol that's an awesome name for it hahaha Ok thanks dude, I was also looking through the menu but could not find them. Has anyone been able to spawn the sub and Oxygen equipment using the menu?
  3. So after hosting a server since day 1 I have today finally had the time to play it. :lol: Whilst playing I noticed some icons out in the ocean on the map, so curiosity and all that I decided to go investigate with a friend. We finally arrive to find nothing and discover its actually a ship-wreck on the sea bed. :huh: After looking everywhere I finally got a wet-suit but we are unable to find both a submarine and gear to help us breath underwater. So I opted to check the cheat menu. I could not find a submarine or any breathing masks to be spawned in or on any of the vehicle map markers. Can anyone tell me if the sub is suppose to spawn with all the other dynamic vehicles on the map? Also the same goes for the breathing gear? If you have the class names of them to that would be an extra help as I have other plans for those. Perhaps I am mistaken and these items are not included in epoch A3 but after searching around forums etc it would seem they are however there is no mention of how / where they got the sub or breathing gear from. If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great. Cheers everyone.
  4. Hello. Please try to keep support for your product on our ticketing system or our forums so I can help you faster. Can you give me your IP/port and I will ensure your server is setup and working for you myself.
  5. We are finished integrating BEC and its ready for you all to install from the Mod Manager now!
  6. Where aiming for midnight. If BEC is causing the issues then yes running this will resolve them.
  7. ohh sorry my bad. In a matter of a few hours. You all have my word.
  8. Hello Everyone. We see that Epoch for Arma 3 requires BEC so we are doing this for you all now and this will be done very soon. We didn't use this for our DayZ product as there where other issues.
  9. really? I don't think so, just checked. Pre-order still
  10. Your all very welcome. It was my pleasure to build it. I'm just shocked sooo many people actually download and run this. :D
  11. Yes it is VERY Epochy :)
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