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  1. This has worked for the past 8 years. Doubt it's randomly stopped working now.
  2. Have you read the WAI config file? There's an option to blacklist certain areas. If you use DZE_SafeZonePosArray in your configvariables, copy those coords. Make sure you don't have a , after the last entry.
  3. Haven't tried it with buildings from a trader, but you could use trade_any_vehicle instead of trade_items. Make sure you're near an invisible helipad (like a vehicle trader) so the item will spawn in a good place. Then use the tow/lift load in feature to load the item into a vehicle for transport and placement when back at base. As I said haven't tried it but that method used to work for static weapons / ammo crates.
  4. Hi, I would like to change epoch event notifications from 'title text' to dynamic text, just like WAI has. Using this example from Juandayz I know this is the line that needs to be replaced, but could someone please give me an example of how to do it? I have ZSC and WAI which both use the remote_messages.sqf if that helps. Thanks!
  5. Hi, My friends and I (squad of 8) are considering returning to A2 Epoch / Overpoch. We would like to find a server that is 'good'. When I say good, I mean a server that is unique, balanced, secure and well coded. Every highish pop server that I've scouted this weekend has been horrible. Same scripts, same laggy antihack (what happened to BE filters?), full of overpowered bullshit (tanks, launchers etc) and honestly just bad. Are there any good, unique servers that offer balanced gameplay? Some custom coding? Thanks for reading, if your server or the server that you play on sounds like what I'm looking for please leave a response. Cletus.
  6. Looks like something that someone has spent a considerable amount of time on, integrating with the coin / bank system. When you joined the server to get the code, did you bother to ask the admin / staff?
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