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Found 22 results

  1. Hello im trying to setup a dayz overpoch server with taviana. The mod from taviana is the latest Dayz Taviana 2.0 but when im trying to join im getting a error that the server needs a key or i have to remove some files. i tried searching google but i didnt had much succes with that. My question is, can someone send me the valid keys for the latest Taviana dayz mod? Or if you know what im dealing with please help me. Thanks
  2. I wonder, would it be possible to have a trader sell a vehicle key thats not assigned to a vehicle and receives a new id every time a purchase is made? The reason i ask is im using otters key changer and we dont have vehicles for sale so i thought it would be nice to Claim found vehicles but you already need to have a key. in other words i want the key to have its id assigned upon purchase.
  3. I want to know how many people want to be able to take permanent ownership of their car? Almost like a key,Once you lock the vehicle it's yours forever until you die. Maybe have a certain item as a place holder almost like the "item_swing" as a key for your car. And the result? No more losing your vehicle with all your precious items can't be stolen unless you forget to lock it :D An RFID chip used to unlock vehicles-Thanks DivineHolienes for the GREAT idea :D
  4. CPS - Chernarus Positioning System - FIND CARS WITH INGAME VEHICLE NAME Every Admin knows the Problem, a Player asks if an admin can track the vehicle that is lost and user have the key for. Its not that easy with the Database check. So we decided to bring up a Map where you can enter the Keys Name and it shows you the position of the car. Proudly announce our all new CPS (Chernarus Positioning System) for DayZ Epoch. Installation is easy. Just enter your Information into the "config.php" file for Database Connection and Upload all your stuff to an FTP Server with PHP 5+ running. Bug Reports are welcome! We are working this CPS System to give Donators something back. We do not want Loadout - so this is the best way. In Future there are some Bug Fixings planned (Execution time for each Key search 30min, Database Data older then 60min so others cannot track players around the map). Download Link: http://www.utcity.net/vehicle_finder.zip Screenshots: Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlQx0S9W5UE Greetings Stranger - www.utcity.net
  5. ( I didn't mean to make 3 posts, tried to edit 1 and accidentally made 3) I'm Aussie and want to test out the Australian servers. Thank you in advance. c:
  6. Hey, I would like to play some Arma 3 Epoch, and would appreciate a key. I would also report any bugs I find into the bug report section. Anyways, thanks in advanced, Kujo.
  7. Hey Guys i just got a Key for the Mod from Moondye7, i tried to use it in the Whitelister and it luckily worked. Then i pressed the Button for "Log in with Steam" and started the Mod. Sadly when i join a Server i get the Message: "You are not whitelisted for ArmA 3 Epoch Mod" or something like that. Can you help me?
  8. hey I would like to know if anyone would be interested in seeing me stream the game and have the opportunity to join our developing clan and forum. We also play a lot of arma 2 so it not just restricted to arma 3 epoch. If this is ok I will post up relevant details.
  9. Hey EpochMod, Do you have a spare key for a streamer so I can stream Arma 3 Epoch ~Regards~ Authorised ONLY
  10. Hello Names Angel Twitch name is Angelblood123, I stream mon-fri from around 8am - 5am pst heard about this and saw it in the arma 3 game types, i would like to promote your mod on my channel wouldn't be all that i would play which is just me being honest will more then likely be around 5 or so hours a day cause if i play something to much i just get burnt out if u think that i can be of help or if you could use anymore attention by all means send me a key if not, its no biggy i don't mind waiting til everyone else gets to play. Also a question in the turns of base building i was watching Psy build a base by the air field and he was worried about the materials that he was using turned the wrong way and killing him is that something that will be patched out or will it be something that is left in. Also are there any sort of special vehicles like super armored cars or a Tank like car, maybe something with mounted weapons. as a side note i figured u guys might want to know that i average around 25-150 viewers depending on what im streaming so u can get a hint as to how many people will be watching me play. ^,^ I hope you guys have a good day. and i cant wait to play. Twitch user name is same as it is on here.
  11. Hey guys, me and my mate really wanna start playing this but need some keys, which as alot of us know are hard to get. Was wondering if we donated about $20 could we get 2 keys or so? Cheers guys.
  12. WindStorm04v


    Ok, I have a channel on youtube and wish to give out keys, Is there somewhere I need to sign up with this or what. I dont have alot of subs(74) But im not going to use it for subs I wish to help. So when some can tell me how to get keys or sign up to get some thinks.
  13. Well Ive looked at Otters Key Changer Script but the post is all out of sorts(not to dis Otter, He's an incredible scripter) So i was wondering does anyone have a working keychain/key changer script? or maybe could give me the working files for Otters? Thanks in Advance! :)
  14. Well I dont know if the Dev's actually read these suggestions but I am going to give it a go in any case. A couple of ideas for new content for the mod, don't know if the Dev's want to add new content or not but hey maybe they like some of these Ideas. 1. Ammo Crates - Instead of buying 10 safes and a couple of trucks and pitching tents everywhere why not make different size ammo crates craftable, much like the gunrack to store guns but ammo crates can store guns and high quantities of ammo. 2. Concrete Blocks - Arma 2 has them already, maybe a couple of cinder blocks mortar buckets and metal poles for reinforcing and viola you got a craftable concrete block , or even the mentioned recipe gives you a concrete ramp & if you have 2x ramps you can craft 1x concrete block. 3. Narrow Vertical walls - Something like the 1/3 wall but a vertical one for those annoying corners or even a wall the size of the 1/4 floor. Its a waste to craft another full wood wall if you only want to patch a small gap. 4. Large Windows - Basically a window the size of a full wood wall. use some tank traps as a frame and 4 or 6 windscreen glass and you are all set. For the modern homes. 5. Metal Fencing - Something like the wooden fence but that is made with metal poles instead to give it a more industrial and hardcore look. 6. Smaller metal floors - Maybe a 1/4 of the size of a full metal floor. Those are just a couple of small ideas that might make a difference. If it has been mentioned before I do apologize. Kind Regards Farmboy102
  15. Short overview: Adding locks with keys that work similar to vehicles, a base owner can then choose if they want to have keys to their base or a codelock. Features and design: * New lootable lock with a key, the original key is bound to the player and will spawn with the player (and use up a slot). * Only the one who upgraded the door and got the original key will actually spawn with the original key in their inventory * A killed player will also drop their key, the dropped key upon player death will be a copy. * The key-lock can only be unlocked with the original key or a copy * On top of manually making copies of the keys, copies of the same lock can be crafted, so a key can go to an entire base * Changing or removing the lock requires a key Explanation: One of the issues with codelocks is that they are quite easy to crack, giving the option to have a key to the base will add a different way of locking down a base. No longer can a group of enemy players spend all night and crack the codes to a base, as there will be no other way (aside from blowing the entire door up) to open a door into a base with a key. The balance to this is of course that if the original key owner is killed, anyone can steal a key from his corpse and thus access the base, and or make copies of said key, thus presenting the mechanic with a balance toward the increased security.
  16. I'm looking of a mod that basically puts all keys for vehicles onto a one tool belt slot key ring.... Is there anything like this or similar. It puts all keys to vehicles onto one key chain and you no longer need to have a ton of sticky notes on the side of you cpu monitor to find what key goes with what vehicle. thanks in advance!
  17. Hi. I am creating php tool for administrate dayz epoch database. I need help with transports. Questions: I need add locked transport to server via database, and put key from that transport to character toolbelt. So: 1) How i can generate key? 2) How i can put generated key to toolbelt? 3) How i can add transport to object_data locked by that key? I am really need answers. Better if it will be with examples. Thank you P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
  18. MJsoldier

    Vehicle keys

    Hello. I'm wondering if it's possible to assign a key to a vehicle you like just spawned in. It would be something great if it worked like editing the database or something :) if so, please tell me :D all help is appreciated!
  19. I have a shared safe with vehicle keys for vehicles purchased by a mate. I accessed the safe, retrieved the key, locked the vehicle (a Ural), put the key back in the safe, locked the safe, and then moved on to do other things through a server restart. After server restart, I returned to the safe, opened it, and could not transfer any of the vehicle keys to my toolbelt or backpack even though both have space to accommodate a key. I aborted back to lobby and then loaded back in, no change; I then restarted my client, no change. Effectively, I can no longer transfer keys out of the safe.
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