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Looking to pay someone to help me install an Epoch Server



Hello all, 

Last week I attempted to start my own Arma 3 Epoch server to use with friends. Unfortunately I have never been able to get one to work on my computer since I ran Arma 2 Epoch a few years back. 

I continue to run into one particular unknown module error after seeing Mission Read in the server main log.

(Fault address:  A699B810 00:A699B810 Unknown module
file:     epoch (__cur_mp))

Since this is very time consuming to troubleshoot, I've decided that I am willing to pay someone to help me create a server for my friends and I. My intentions for the server are listed below:

  • Server: Arma 3 Epoch 1.3+
  • Map: Chernarus Redux
  • AI Missions/Patrols
  • Zombies (the integrated Ryan zombies are fine)
  • I will host this on my own machine

I am willing to pay upwards of $40 for this. If you are capable and confident in doing this, please reply to this and we can strike out a deal. 

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