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  1. Thank you, You are right, I did so and I resolved. Vampire, you've been clear and helpful. Now my server works well with the flight model. Sometimes they seem impossible, and sometimes, They ask elementary questions, but what matters is the answer, without too many "spins" of words. Great, great. Thank you!
  2. Hi and excuse the intrusion. I'm also trying to fix it, but in my server.cfg I can not find the string forceRotorLibSimulation = 0; // Forces flight model. Default 0 (user config setting), 1 - forced AFM, 2 - forced SFM I have the A3 epoch server with the map Chernarus, Thank you Antonio - Italy
  3. Good evening at all! I'm Antonio, and I've already built servers with Nitrado, to have fun with friends, and we say they were pretty good. Now after a few months I still subscribe to a server with Nitrado and I saw that I also have Infistar Admin tools. I can not find the configuration procedures, and even a list of keys to use or how to get into the admin tools. Anyway I came in and with the F2 button I see the menu, when I close it with the esc key then it does not let me enter. I probably make mistakes or misses. Where can I find a step-by-step setup guide ??? Thanks to who has time to devote to me. Antonio - Italy Good job everyone, and very very thanks Sorry - google tralator
  4. Hello dear friend,
    I am aware that you are an important person in the epoch, and the time you have dedicated to me makes you a lot of honor and professional.

    I will place my current script and give you indications:

    server nitrado/arma3/config/battleye/script.txt

    7 EPOCH_C_SET !="!isNil \"EPOCH_C_SET\"" !="_array = EPOCH_C_SET;" !="EPOCH_C_SET = nil;"
    7 "BIS_fnc_dynamictext" !="\"BIS_fnc_dynamictext"\" !", 0, 1, 5, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !", 0, 0.4, 5, 2, 0, 2] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !", 0, 1, 6, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !"snil '_fnc_scriptName') then {_fnc_scriptName}"
    7 forceRespawn !="reviveHandleForceRespawnAction"
    7 setFriend
    7 setAmmo
    7 RscDebugConsole_watch !="RscDebugConsole_watchSave = [true,true,true,true];"
    7 enableFatigue
    7 setUnitRecoilCoefficient
    7 setWeaponReloadingTime
    7 allMissionObjects
    7 callExtension
    7 showCommandingMenu !="showCommandingMenu '';" !"showCommandingMenu '#USER:"
    7 moveIn !="\"A3\functions_f\Misc\fn_moveIn.sqf\"" !="\"A3\functions_f\arrays\fn_removeIndex.sqf\"" !="player moveInAny _vehicle;\nEPOCH_antiWallCount = EPOCH_antiWallCount + 1;" !="[\"I_UAV_AI\", position _unit, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_driver moveInAny _unit;" !="_driver moveInAny Epoch_mission_uav;" !="axeVIP moveInDriver vehicle axeVIP;" !="axeVIP moveInCargo vehicle axeVIP; !="_driver moveInDriver _axeCopter;" !="_unit moveInGunner _axeCopter;" !="axeVIP moveInDriver vehicle axeVIP;" !="axeVIP moveInCargo vehicle axeVIP;"
    7 attachTo !="EP_light attachTo [player];" !="_bomb attachTo [_unit, [0,0,0],\"Pelvis\"];" !="_dogHolder attachTo [_dog, [-0.2,1.2,0.7]];" !="EPOCH_target attachTo[player];" !="_sapperSmoke attachTo [_sapper,[0,0,-0.4]];"" !="_cage attachTo [_cage2,[0,1.3,0]];"
    7 enableCollisionWith
    7 hideObject !="_dogHolder hideobject true;" !="_dogHolder hideobject false;"
    7 setvelocity !="setVelocityTarget" !="_bolt setPosATL _pos;\n_bolt setVelocity [0, 0, -10];" !="EPOCH_target setvelocitytransformation" !="_currentTarget setVelocity [0,0,-0.01];" !="_head setVelocity [\n(sin _dir * _speed), \n(cos _dir * _speed)" !="_vel = velocity this; _dir = getDir player; this setVelocity[(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir * 2),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir * 2),(_vel select 2)];" !="_head setVelocity [random 2,random 2,10];" !="_bobber setVelocity [0,-1,-1];" !="_bobber setVelocity [0,-1,-10];"
    7 assignAs !="assignAsCargo" !="_unit assignAsGunner _axeCopter;" !="_driver assignAsDriver _axeCopter;" !="axeVIP assignAsDriver vehicle axeVIP;"
    7 assignAsCargo !="_x assignAsCargo axeGeneralsBoat;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle player;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle axeVIP;"
    7 allowDamage !="_unit allowDamage false;" !="_unit allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage true;" !="vehicle player allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage false;"
    7 addWeaponCargo !="_acceptHolder addWeaponCargo [_wWeapon, 1] ;"
    7 onMapSingleClick !="onMapSingleClick '';"
    7 addMagazine !"addMagazineCargo" !="player addMagazine [_item, _magazineSizeMax];" !="player addMagazine [_item, floor (_magazineSize % _magazineSizeMax)];" !="player addMagazine [(_x select 0),(_x select 1)]" !="player addMagazine \"sledge_swing\";" !="player addMagazine \"Hatchet_swing\";" !="player addMagazine \"stick_swing\";"
    7 addMagazineCargo !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"RabbitCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Pelt_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Venom_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"SnakeCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !"_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"ChickenCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_acceptHolder addMagazineCargo [_wAmmo, 1] ;"
    7 addItem !="{player addItemToVest _x} forEach _vestItems;" !="player addItem _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="axeVIP addItemToVest _item;" !="_plyr  addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="EPOCH_fnc_addItemOverflow"
    7 addBackPack
    7 addMissionEventHandler !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call Epoch_gui3DCooldownEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call epoch_gui3dModelPosEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call epoch_gui3dWorldPosEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler [\n"ended",\n{\n\nBIS_fnc_missionHandlers_end = _this;"
    7 removeMissionEventHandler !="removeMissionEventHandler [\"Draw3D\", _id];"
    7 removeAllWeapons !="removeAllWeapons axeGeneral;"
    7 removeAllItems
    7 removeAllActions
    7 setViewDistance !"setViewDistance 1600"
    7 createGroup !="EPOCH_server_createGroup" !="_grp = createGroup RESISTANCE;" !="if (isserver) then {\n_group = creategroup sidelogic;" !="grpVIPGeneral = createGroup RESISTANCE;" !="_grp = createGroup side _plyr;" !="_grp = createGroup side player;" !="_grp = createGroup _side;" !="_grp = createGroup (side _plyr);" !="createcenter sidelogic;\n_grpLogic = creategroup sidelogic;\nbis_functions_mainscope"
    7 createVehicleCrew
    7 createVehicleLocal !"\"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal" !"\"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal" !"\"BloodSplat\" createVehicleLocal" !"[\"lightning1_F\", \"lightning2_F\"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;\n_lighting = _class createVehicleLocal"
    7 createUnit !="_unit = _grp createUnit[(_arrUnits select _i), _pos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_driver = _grp createUnit[\"I_UAV_AI\", position _unit, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="axeGeneral = grpVIPGeneral createUnit ["I_officer_F", axeGeneralPos, [], 1, "CAN_COLLIDE"];"
    7 createAgent !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent ["Epoch_Sapper_F", getPos _cage2, [], 0, "FORM"];"
    7 createTeam
    7 createDialog !="createDialog \"rmx_dynamenu\";" !="createDialog \"rmx_craftingUI\";" !="createDialog \"QuickUpgrade\";" !="createDialog \"QuickTake\";" !="createDialog \"InteractBank\";" !="createdialog \"SelectGender\";" !="_handled = createdialog _dialog;" !="if !(createdialog \"InteractItem\") exitWith {};" !="createDialog \"TapOut\";" !="if !(createdialog \"Trade\") exitWith {};" !="_ok = createdialog \"Interact\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"TradeNPCMenu\";" !="createDialog \"Epoch_myGroup\";" !="createDialog (if ((Epoch_my_GroupUID == \"\") && (Epoch_my_Group isEqualTo [])) then {\"EPOCH_createGrp\"} else {\"Epoch_myGroup\"});" !="createDialog \"GroupRequests\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"MissionSelect\";" !="createDialog 'Skaronator_AdminMenu';"
    7 createDisplay !="createDisplay \"rmx_dynamenu\";" !="_parent createdisplay _displayClass;"
    7 deleteMarker
    7 setMarker
    7 createMarker
    7 assignItem !="axeVIP assignItem _item;"
    7 forceAddUniform
    7 removeAllMPEventHandlers
    7 setDamage !="player setdamage 1;"
    7 setDammage
    7 displaySetEventHandler
    7 ctrlSetEventHandler !"BIS_fnc_guiMessage_status" !"ctrlSetEventHandler ['LBDblClick', '_this call" !="_buttonRespawn ctrlseteventhandler [\"buttonclick\",\"with uinamespace do {['buttonRespawn'," !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseEnter\""
    7 addMPEventHandler
    7 addEventHandler !"displayAddEventHandler" !"ctrlAddEventHandler" !"[\"FiredNear"\" !"[\"EpeContactStart"\" !"[\"GetOut"\" !"[\"local"\" !"[\"PostReset"\" !"[\"TaskSetAsCurrent"\" !="player addEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];"
    7 displayAddEventHandler !="(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"true\"];" !="_display displayAddEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" !"[_display] call _fnc_animate;" !"tVersion select 4) == \"Development\") then" !"_display displayaddeventhandler\n[\n\"mousemoving\"," !="_addCase = _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown',{_this call EPOCH_KeyDown;}];" !"_display displayaddeventhandler [\"unload\",\"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_fnc_guiMess" !="findDisplay -1337 displayAddEventHandler ['Unload'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"keydown\",\"with uinamespace do {['keyDown'"
    7 ctrlAddEventHandler !"rCfg >> \"refreshDelay\");" !" [\n\"draw\"," !" [\"buttonclick\"," !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlAddEventHandler['Draw', '_esp_targets = EPOCH_ESPMAP_TARGETS;" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'" !="(_display displayctrl _idc) ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBSelChanged\"," !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseEnter\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseExit\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseButtonDown\", (format [\"call %1;\",(_buttonSettings select _e select 2)])];"
    7 removeAllEventHandlers !="ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers" !="_vehicle removeAllEventHandlers \"GetOut\";" !="_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";\n_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="_unit removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";\n_unit removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="_display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyDown';"
    7 removeAllMissionEventHandlers
    7 ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers 'Draw';" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'"
    7 removeEventHandler !="displayRemoveEventHandler" !="player removeEventHandler ['Fired', 0];" !"_currentTarget removeEventHandler[\"EpeContactStart\", _onContactEH]" !" [_adminVar,objnull];\npublicvariable _adminVar;\nplayer removeeventhandler [\"respawn\",_respawn];" !="_plyr removeEventHandler [\"FiredNear\", _smokeEH];" !="player removeEventHandler [_ehKey, 0];"
    7 displayRemoveEventHandler !"BIS_fnc_guiMessage_status"
    7 switchCamera !="vehicle player switchCamera"
    7 remoteControl !"fn_moduleRemoteControl.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_moduleRemoteControl"\"
    7 drawIcon3D !="drawIcon3D[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\Member.paa\",_color,_pos,1,1,0,_text,1,0.025,\"PuristaMedium\"];\n}forEach EPOCH_ESP_TARGETS;" !"drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_stability],_color,(getPosATL EPOCH_stabilityTarget),5,5,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !"drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_num],_color,_pos,4,4,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !"EPOCH_drawIcon3dStability" !"EPOCH_drawIcon3d" !"if (_condition) then {\ndrawIcon3D [_icon, _color, _position, _sizeX, _sizeY, _angle, _text," !="drawIcon3D [\"\A3\UI_F_MP_Mark\Data\Tasks\Misc\background.paa\"" !="drawIcon3D[\"x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\snap_ca.paa\""
    7 drawLine3D !"{\nfor [{_i = 1}, {_i < count _x}, {_i = _i + 1}] do {\ndrawLine3D [_x select (_i - 1), _x select _i, ((BIS_tracedShooter getVari"
    7 ctrlCreate !="ctrlCreate [\"RscProgress\",_idc + 1];" !="ctrlCreate [\"rmx_rscControlsGroup\"" !="_ListGroup = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars\"" !="ctrlCreate [_x,call _getIDC];" !="_mainGrp = _display ctrlCreate [\"Epoch_main_config_group\",_value];" !="ctrlCreate [\"RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars\",call epoch_getIDC];" !="ctrlCreate [\"rmx_rscPicture\",(66600 + _e)];" !="ctrlCreate ["RscStructuredText",call epoch_getIDC];"
    7 ctrlClassName
    7 ctrlModel
    7 ctrlModelDirection
    7 ctrlModelSide
    7 ctrlModelUp
    7 ctrlSetDirection
    7 deleteVehicleCrew !"fn_deleteVehicleCrew.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew"\"
    7 loadFile
    7 selectPlayer !="selectPlayer _playerObject;"
    7 setGroupIconsVisible
    7 setGroupIconsSelectable
    7 setGroupIconParams
    7 addGroupIcon

    and if you need I can give you the script.log file

    I have:
    -epochah.hpp edited the files, to have the admin panel

    -A3EAI entered the mission, with only the two pbo files in the folder MPmission, and, moreover, the old type and not the new one. And they work for AI as patrols, although I think there is something wrong ....

    I friend, I am available to donate to your projects, you just indicate how.

    EBEALIEN admin theHunterItaly.com and fishingplanetitaly.com


    1. Ghostrider-GRG


      Could you remind me what error you are getting please? If the problem is with BE kicks due to script.txt problems also include something from your scripts.log.





      Ah well! I had seen the answer, tonight I try to put the mission blckeagls-mission-system-v-2.0.2-updated-master and I get the status bar again, then transmit errors.

      thanks for your patience, I've a lot with my 780 subscribers, and a lot increasingly.


  5. I are no been kicked out of BattlEye, simply do not accessed to my serves address, remained blocked and I had to remove it all. My script you read it on the previous page and I've never touched .... with exile I have no problems ... I put even the DMS missions without problems on the first try and work. With epoch I A3AEI patrols and work .... Thanks for the link but I can even understand where to place the specified strings.
  6. ok thank you, tonight I follow step by step and I record my actions and mistakes, then we evaluate. Maybe you saw can be of help to many others. We hope, it's too good to evolve and perfecting !!!!! Antonio
  7. So where do I place the lines 20 and 23 where position it if I have not playable and also exec ??? I put everything in the end after my line 78 ?? Grazie Antonio Ps Also for example, in the addon SEM missions AI, tell me to change lines, but even here missing the required lines ... sigh ..
  8. I have searched, even with "find" playable units, but where is ????? the file, is what I have in my Nitrado server .... Thanks for your interest and for the help .... you are serious people! Antonio
  9. Yes, i have in my server mpmission, epoch.Chernarus.pbo, and whit PBO manager decompressed. File mission and file description. Does not work probably make mistakes .... control throughout the procedure .... I must succeed. Example, I have these lines, but it happens to me with other add on, require you to change lines that I have: 4. Open scripts.txt BE filter add make the following additions ~line 20 7 playableunits !=""pto: %3 | Players: %2 | FPS: %1 ", round diag_fps, count playableUnits, EPOCH_playerCrypto, mapGridPosition player];" ~line 23 7 exec !"addons\status_bar\init_statusBar.sqf" Thanks for your interest, this evening (Italy time) I try everything from neat Antonio
  10. FANTASTIC, instant response times ..... compliments. Well, then the addon folder staus bar put it there, and then regrouped? 1. Place 'addons' folder into your mission file example: Status_Bar-master/addons The entire addon folder in the file epoch.chernarus.pbo? Anyway, you merit for the answer. Thank you very much Antonio
  11. Hello, sorry to bother you, but I'm a novice! We often hear of "Mission" file, and here is asked to place files in 1. Place 'addons' folder into your mission file 2. Open init.sqf and add this to the last line //Status Bar if(hasInterface) then{[] execVM "addons\Status_Bar\init_statusBar.sqf"}; 3. Open description.ext and add this to the last line Can you tell me what addon, because there are several. There I am working on epoch and slowly I read and I instruct you, you are all very good, and I also managed to position Ai patrol A3AEI thanks to instructions. I would now like to solve this bar. I have a server, and place the files on the server with FileZilla, it is right ??? Author of the bar, I send my contribution, as it is very pleasant, and the work deserve compensation. Thank you all ...... and sorry my ignorance .... sigh Send a pm to me coordinates Google translator
  12. Hello everyone, and congratulations for the support they given to all, thanks for this. I would want if I can to ask a question. Some days ago, I installed A3EAI old, I took two pbo files and put them in the "/ arma3 / @ epochhive / addons" stop. Artificial intelligence, it works without further changes, the patrols in the cities, and patrols along some routes, trucks, SUVs ifrit and helicopters. ok. But I never saw the missions, never. Now, yesterday I installed A3EAI master, indicate some post above this, I took the first file as instructed and I took the folder and put it in the weapon directory on my server, but nothing, nothing ... not even the patrols. I unfortunately have to translate everything with google and ask if possible indications of how to position it. I thank you for your time and your kind answers. Antonio
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