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  1. here is what i use for my local-host(testing) saved in a bat file, but everything is under one folder..... @echo off START "arma3_x64.exe" "arma3server_x64.exe" [email protected];@Epoch;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Chernarus_Redux;@Ravage;@CBA_A3;@A3EAI;@Flying_Saucer;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle;@FAP_Units;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;@Zombies_and_Demons;@Enhanced_Movement;@Advanced_Towing;@Advanced_Sling_Loading;@RealisticUnitsRagdoll; [email protected];@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Chernarus_Redux;@Ravage;@CBA_A3;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle;@FAP_Units;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;@Flying_Saucer;@Zombies_and_Demons;@Enhanced_Movement; -config=SC\config.cfg -Port=2307 -profiles=SC -cfg=SC\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoInit
  2. @Tiwaz "[email protected];" "[email protected];" -config=A:\EpochServer\EpochStandard\sc\server.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=sc -cfg=A:\EpochServer\EpochStandard\sc\basic.cfg -name=sc -autoINIT you where almost there but.... first add @Epoch to the server cause this needs to run on both the client & server second change -port=2302 to -port=2307 so it like the below example (server command line) [email protected];" "[email protected];@Epoch;" -config=A:\EpochServer\EpochStandard\sc\server.cfg -port=2307 -profiles=sc -cfg=A:\EpochServer\EpochStandard\sc\basic.cfg -name=sc -autoINIT now you will also need to change the port number in the following files @epochhive\EpochServer.ini change port number to 2307 in the [EpochServer] section only As server is 64bit -- SC\BattlEye\BEServer_x64.cfg change RConPort 2307 If server is 32bit -- SC\BattlEye\BEServer.cfg change RConPort to 2307 I don't think I have forgotten anything but i made silly mistakes too, best way to learn lol let me know how you go please. cheers natoed
  3. @Tiwaz soz not enough information to pin point the issue/issues can you pastebin your server rpt file so I can take a look,, we'll get you sorted in no time cheers natoed
  4. @reaperxt666 lol this is an easy fix and yes i have done this as well so don't worry.... As the error message is telling you that 'Ryanzombies' is required. things that you have to change first of rename this mod folder from @Zombies and Demons to @Zombies_and_Demons second change server line command to the below [email protected];@Zombies_and_Demons; [email protected];@Epoch;@Zombies_and_Demons; the mod have to run on the server and the client also please check the below also example: mission file, i use epoch.ChernarusRedux please make a backup first epoch.ChernarusRedux\mission.sqm open with notepad++ and add the four lines shown below to the addons section in your mission.sqm. save and repbo your mission file now enjoy being eaten by zombies hope it helps
  5. Only if settings to allow this are enabled epochz\init\fn_init.sqf line 62 to 71 (settings are here to throw vehicles) hope this helps
  6. fuck'n sick @Helion4 can't wait to plow through a horde of zombies on my hover board....
  7. @webbie soz dude i did miss a file in my post (corrected), thx for pointing that out, lol its good when you learn it for yourself
  8. @webbie EPOCH_client_VehicleMaintananceCheck.sqf EPOCH_client_VehicleMaintananceDo.sqf CfgActionMenu_target.hpp open each link then click the "raw" button then left ctrl + a (select all) then left ctrl + c (copy) then left ctrl + v (paste) into your copy of each file dont forget to thank @He-Man edit: opps i forgot some files thx @webbie
  9. @Tarabas well done, thou i did something similar awhile back leading to the same issue I use the ryan's modules to ensure i can enforce the settings i have set in epochz, I have tested without the modules and the settings work fine back at time can be weird....but that's arma/epoch lol just need to nut out the issue, 9/10 it was what i did lol
  10. @Tarabas i use the default AH and it is not that, pills or injector work just fine it has to be something you have done.....or haven't done go back to basic and start again
  11. @He-Man on the money as always dude thx
  12. @Tarabas soz for the late reply try the version i was using https://github.com/natoed/Oceanic--1-Epoch-Zurvival-Chernarus-Redux/blob/master/%40epochhive/addons/epochz.pbo
  13. try here https://github.com/natoed/Oceanic--1-Epoch-Zurvival-Chernarus-Redux/blob/master/%40epochhive/addons/helicrash.pbo note: change loot to sort your needs HeliCrashes.sqf change line 30 from this rms_mapcenter_pos = [6865.42,0,9218.16]; //[_size/2,_size/2,0]; to rms_mapcenter_pos = [_size/2,_size/2,0];
  14. @Tarabas As you can't use Antivirus Pills or Antivirus Injector infection has not been enabled. Did you add any of ryan's zombie modules to your mission.sqm in the editor? You don't have to, but if you did check their setting to see if they match that of epochz\init\fn_init.sqf maybe the issue as ryan's zombie modules settings override epochz I take it you did added the below to your addons section in your mission.sqm note: no comma on the last line if the above is not the answer, try re-download epochz and start again
  15. epochz\init\fn_init.sqf check your settings for infection, if the Antivirus Pills or Antivirus Injector not working you must have disabled _Ryanzombiesinfection = 1; // Enable infections *(-1 to disable) Here's my settings for infection.
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