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  1. Technology Explodes on the trade

    i do understand thou the forum rules state English only Do you understand. happy to help out if i can, but i can't read your first post.
  2. Technology Explodes on the trade

    uhm its 5.41pm AEST here mate.....
  3. Planting gardens

    grows fine for me
  4. Plotpole Alternative Payment

    Hi all, A few years back their was a script run from the mission for an alternative plotpole payment ie: energy I've search my files and the forum just can't find it... If anyone post a link or upload would be greatly appreciated (yes I'm going to do away with Krypto and the traders all together for pure survival mode ) cheers natoed
  5. Default AH

    yep it does work with your instructions above thx and soz was just use to just pressing f5 once then depress scroll wheel on the object.
  6. Sarge AI

    soz for the late reply first one (sure its something to do with SAR_cfg_grps_chernarusredux.sqf or SAR_cfg_grid_chernarus_summer.sqf ) 22:15:05 Error in expression <"SAR_area_%1","x"]; for "_i" from 0 to (_gridsize_y - 1) do { for "_ii" from 0 t> 22:15:05 Error position: <_gridsize_y - 1) do { for "_ii" from 0 t> 22:15:05 Error Undefined variable in expression: _gridsize_y 22:15:05 File addons\sarge\init\fn_postInit.sqf [SAR_fnc_postInit], line 37 second regarding the below third the endless rpt spam thousand and thousand of lines example below removed sarge.pbo ran server rpt spam gone will revisit when i have more time as i would like to use this cheers natoed
  7. Default AH

    Morning, Default AH - Tried F5 (delete) not working thou the circle cursor appears (looking a building with cursor will display building class-name) but delete meue (top left) is not there and the circle cursor can only be removed by a relog cheers natoed
  8. Recommended Game Service Provider

    that's what i'm after thx
  9. I'm tried (bewildered) by my current GSP and the way the handle mod updates, as they do them manually. No Steam Workshop mods, Steam Updater for arma only. Mods must come from armaholics than be vetted or FTP it and 1 GB take some 4 hours to upload and if their are DLL files in there yep have to wait for them to be vetted. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Can you guys recommended a GSP that must allows at least SteamCMD for mod updates with Australian locations Would like to hear first hand about other GSP from people first before move on else where. cheers natoed
  10. BDTZ's POI's

    oh goodies tanks
  11. Epoch 1.0.0 linux version mismatch

    did you remember to update the epoch100.bikey other times that's happen to me is when epoch and epoch experimental both loaded
  12. Apex assets in server addons

    shouldn't matter now as those assets where changed to public from protected when that jets dlc dropped
  13. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.72 build 88

    yep same here but all in all bloody great 23:46:09 "DAYTIME ADJUSTMENT:: time accel updated to 1; time of day = 11.9534" 23:46:09 "_mainThread:: calling blck_fnc_passToHCs at diag_tickTime = 7100.51" 23:46:09 "_fnc_passToHCs:: blck_connectedHCs = [] with count _HCs = 0" 23:46:09 "_fnc_passToHCs:: No headless clients connected"
  14. Sarge AI

    after an hour of fuck'n around got this bad-boy to run, pretty damn good, thou you need to look at the way epoch spawns vehicles (rpt spam)
  15. [UPDATE July2017]-[RELEASE]DP Real Health System v0.6

    @DirtySanchez I know your busy with Experimental, when you have the time could you point me to what has changed and I'll have a go updating apart from the damage to player not much else is working on epoch v1.0 (works fine with v0.5 btw) cheers natoed