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  1. hello, i have a question, RyanZombiesAntiVirusCure_Item and RyanZombiesAntiVirusTemporary_Item doesn't work, i add it to the bm and the trader, i can purchase it but i can't use it .... no action on ... can you tell me why ? i need it to stay alive when i am beat by a zombie ?
  2. Hello RetroTorero, did you find a solution ? same problem ... i use only admin menu not infistar i try to disable antihack_addActionCheck = "false"; // false to disable addAction checks doesn't change
  3. same bug for my friend
  4. i will ask my friend next time
  5. hello, can someone tell me why i have this bug of textur when i put this boat inside water CUP_B_LHD_WASP_USMC_Empty https://www.noelshack.com/2019-09-4-1551365342-why.png when i turn the boat on axe 180, i have a less bugs but i always see some texture blue ... https://www.noelshack.com/2019-09-4-1551365687-dd.png thx
  6. i try this but don't work inside init.sqf //Lumière if (isServer) then { _lamp = createVehicle ["Land_LampAirport_F", getPos lampspot,[], 1, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; };
  7. can you develop plz and i try this -> niteLight[] = {1,1.88,22}; (Light enabled, Light Brightness, Light Offset in Z) and doesn't work and light pole from crafting menu work and lighting
  8. hello, i have a question, on the airfield there is 2 Land_LampAirport_F who doesn't light and with the adminmenu, i can delete this 2 Land_LampAirport_F .... can you tell me in which file i can activate this Land_LampAirport_F ... the street light on all the map is working but all light i add inside epoch_server_settings\config\maps\Altis.h doesn't work thx
  9. think it doesn't work .... i can remove from atm 500000k and it give me 250000k on my soldier, but i can give me 500000k with adminmenu and drop it on atm i put the max at 900000 https://pastebin.com/L8jpDCHZ
  10. thx, will try at next restart !
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