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  1. Hi Everyone I'm the Community Manager for The Misfits. Our core group is older gamers 25+ YO Our community is made up of people of all ages. We have been playing DayZ and DayZ Standalone for four years, and we are expanding our server profile. For our first Arma 3 server, we chose, EPOCH for it's hardcore survival aspect. If you need a place to call home, we would be glad to have you stop by and chat a spell with us. If you are over 25 YO and are looking for a great group of gaming people to play with, come talk to me, or Cheeky, or Wukku. SERVER : MISFITS EPOCH|ZOMBIES/DEMONS|ROAMING AI|CBA| IP : ADDONS : ZOMBIES AND DEMONS, CBA_A3, CUP (VEHICLES, UNITS, WEAPONS), DAYZ STYLE HELICOPTERS, HELICOPTER SUPPLY DROPS, DEPLOY BIKE MAP : ALTIS WEBSITE : WE ARE NUMBER 2 DISCORD : THE MISFITS
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