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  1. How to add Locations for Aussie map. Do i need to add this for each location {30708,11868.7,0}, 40, {"Landvehicle","Ship","Tank","AIR"}, "Service Point Land / Ship / Air" , {31173.6,10950.4,0}, 40, {"Landvehicle","Ship","Tank","AIR"}, "Service Point Land / Ship / Air" or can i add a list ike this: {30708,11868.7,0.00143814}, {31173.6,10950.4,0.00143898}, {31173.4,10920.4,0.00143898}, {31093.7,10934.3,0.00143898}, {31519.1,9656.63,0.00143862} etc so file will look like this: class Australia ServicePoints[] = { // Array of coords for ServicePoints {30708,11868.7,0.00143814}, {31173.6,10950.4,0.00143898}, {31173.4,10920.4,0.00143898}, {31093.7,10934.3,0.00143898}, {31519.1,9656.63,0.00143862} }; }; thanks MegaZ
  2. Hi C4, The items listed twice is as far as i know are from Austraila map and are not items for sale in my traders - I have No epoch traders just 6 Blackmarket ones, 5 Static and 1 roaming
  3. Thanks for the reply C4- Added the same as you have in HALV_takegive_crypto.sqf //he-mans fix _cryptolimit = 250000; (This is the only difference) _player = _this select 0; _nr = _this select 1; _cIndex=EPOCH_customVars find 'Crypto'; _vars = _player getVariable['VARS', call EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar]; _curcrypt = _vars select _cIndex; _newcrypt = _curcrypt+_nr; _newcrypt remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; _vars set[_cIndex,_newcrypt]; _player setVariable["VARS",_vars]; got these at top of my init: [] execVM "trader\init.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\resetvehicleammo.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; [] execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; _igiload = execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\halv_spawn\init.sqf"; but still getting : Cant sell vehicle twice error Seems to be random - if i sell say a box truck first one will sell and then the 2nd - 3rd or 4th wont sell with that error ? any one have any idea what to check ? thanks MegaZ
  4. Thank for the reply I already have that see below ? Or should it be like this ? //he-mans fix _player = _this select 0; _nr = _this select 1; _cIndex=EPOCH_customVars find 'Crypto'; _vars = _player getVariable['VARS', call EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar]; _curcrypt = _vars select _cIndex; _newcrypt = _curcrypt+_nr; _newcrypt remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; _vars set[_cIndex,_newcrypt]; _player setVariable["VARS",_vars];
  5. Hello People, I have a issue that keeps poping up : Player finds a vehicle and tries to sell but get a error message : ERROR Attempt to sell (name of Vehicle) twice, and does not give Crypto and does not remove the vehicle. I look at the script and say this which refers to it, but not a clue if or how to fix. ( HS_playertraderequest.sqf) if(_isrental > 0)then{ _message = _message + format[" || %1 'Rental' is OK to sell, dam: %2 pricemod: %3",_x select 4,damage _obj,_damagepricereduction]; removeFromRemainsCollector[_obj]; _obj setVariable["VEHICLE_SLOT","ABORT",true]; _obj setVariable["HSHALFPRICE",0,true]; _obj call HALV_PurgeObject; _cost = ((_x select 1)/_damagepricereduction); _return = _return + _cost; }else{ _message = _message + format[" || - ERROR Attempt to sell %1 twice -",_x select 4,_player]; }; pics below https://imgur.com/a/UsOXJ81 https://imgur.com/a/4WMLhhL
  6. Hi getting a few trades that are not paying the correct amount out when selling items see below: Im using just Blackmarket trades normal traders are off I have 6 at set locations and 1 random spawn. Blue is the price i receive red is pricing as it should be in Pricing.hpp Rpt Log from one issue and section of pricing.hpp Anyone else have these issues or know what i need to do to fix ? Thanks MegaZ EDIT I think I found the answer: in this part of the script - it reduces the price if vehicle sold is damaged.
  7. Thanks Graham, had 5 items that were causing the problem, Removed them and now all good thanks MegaZ
  8. Has anyone seen this error before: 18:54:05 Error in expression <_libtxt,_pic,_BIStype select 0,_BIStype select 1]; _return }; _config = "HSPric> 18:54:05 Error position: <select 1]; _return }; _config = "HSPric> 18:54:05 Error Zero divisor 18:54:05 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Australia\trader\tradermenu.sqf, line 21 tradermenu.sqf saw the post on page 35 but mine is different. This shows when i have error logging on in arma thanks MegaZ
  9. Thanks for looking at my file- Yeh didn't see that i put it in front of the last bracket - All working thanks thanks for the share MegaZ
  10. I Added that see below: CfgActionMenu_self and CfgActionMenu_target im using infastar dont know if that would stop it ?
  11. Hi Schalldampfer, I installed this as per instructions but i don't see a deploy menu when i push space bar does the player need anything in inventory to spawn the bike ? thanks MegaZ
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