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  1. Hi Graham i added this and get 1 error been looking through the file and it looks like a bracket is missing ? this error: look at this see if it missing at bottom of Lootspawner.sqf thanks not sure where it should close. MegaZ
  2. megaz

    Add ATMs in traders (Altis)

    Hi Guys trying to add this but getting this error: this is the code just added new coords any help would be great thanks MegaZ
  3. So add this to HALV_RscMapControl: there seems to be two - one in Halv_defines.hpp and one in spawndialog.hpp Can someone plz post the file where this goes i have tried a few places and i either get the error as before or I join server and all slots in lobby show as AI (weird) i have tried this: thanks MegaZ
  4. megaz

    how do i convert a SQM to SQF?

    Ok a little bit more i found this link from He-man https://pastebin.com/Cc0CtX36 which worked and i got a code: see below so i set up a pbo to run from hive/addons like this all working now MegaZ
  5. megaz

    how do i convert a SQM to SQF?

    Hi Guys I cant seem to get this to work. I copied the code above into debugg press local exc and nothing happens no code is generated to clipboard. I have added just a couple of items to the map and just want the items to spawn on map. Below is the file i created: If i add as is i get error: I know in A2 when i made map addons i needed What do i need to remove or add to my export. Or can someone upload a small map addon for me to compare ? I tried removing all the other data and just leaving the Building bits but still get errors Thanks MegaZ
  6. Hi guys did anyone find a answer for this looked through only saw someone say they remove the boat. I have noticed (for me anyway) that it is the jetski that causes me to get kicked PubliVar #0 - Its when I buy this i get the kick I can buy all other boats, I see that there were 2 jetski's so i removed one at a time but either still gives the kick. this is the kick: my BE file: On a different note can the spawn point distance on a trader be changed ? - if where Thanks MegaZ
  7. `Hi Grahame, Thanks for the help. You say i need to change class numbers in LSLootBuildings.hpp i assume u mean LSLootBuildings.sqf ? mine is like this ? So for instance : ["Land_Airport_left_F", 0], i add a new building ie: Land_TentHangar_V1_F and add the class i wish to spawn ie 1 ["Land_TentHangar_V1_F ", 1], Thanks for all the help appreciate it MegaZ
  8. Hi Graham trying to install the link you put up but stuck on find an Exile CfgBuildings.h where do i find that file ? I have downloaded Exile server and client file cant see it anywhere thanks MegaZ
  9. `Hi Grahame, Thanks for the reply it is a standard install nothing changed. Except repairkit was replaced with VehicleRepair 18:25.02 Error Undefined variable in expression: _loot18:25.02 File loot_addon\LSpawner\fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf, line 14618:25.02 Error in expression <"repairkit", true]; with VehicleRepair added: 18:45:04 Error Undefined variable in expression: _loot18:45:04 File loot_addon\LSpawner\fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf, line 14618:45:04 Error in expression <"VehicleRepair", true];
  10. No one else getting these errors or do we have to live with them ? MegaZ
  11. Hi Guys - Trying to use this on Australia map and cant seem to get it to spawn anything in the new buildings: getting these errors: Settup like this LSlootbuildings.sqf LSlootLists.sqf Any idea why its not working? PBO in in epochhive addons getting these errors in RPT repairkit was replaced with VehicleRepair but still give errors MegaZ PS. Have fixed some of the errors in the 1st part Added to SQM file:
  12. megaz

    @MAS weapons Lootspawner script (More weapons!)

    Bump anyone use this on assie map and would share the spawns ? Thanks MegaZ
  13. megaz

    Napf for A3 Epoch

    Have tried this version to: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30518 loaded cup core terrains This is folder hierarchy and start bat and config cfg server will start but is not the correct map it is altis and i get kicked after around 30 seconds ? any help would be appreciated MegaZ
  14. megaz

    Napf for A3 Epoch

    Searched forum cant find much about Napf- does no one use it ? - I started a new server with GTX Gaming but cant find how to set up Napf map, Read a bit about loading the Napf files in to the sever as a mod (@Napf folder in the main Server folder) and add @Napf to the start bat. Tried but would not work had loads of errors ie Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Napf'. 15:10:20 Warning Message: No entry '.gridNumbersOverLines'. 15:10:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 15:10:20 Warning Message: No entry '.centerPosition'. 15:10:20 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array 15:10:20 Cannot evaluate '' - no file 15:10:20 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array 15:10:20 Cannot evaluate '' - no file then i tried a few different versions of Napf Stuck with this one at the moment : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1425442364 when trying to join server i was also getting errors 1 from A3 Laucher showing server as Epoch experimental so it wont load as its not on steam and other from within Arma 3 (see pics ) So my real question is does some have a how too instructions of loading Napf on to a A3 Epoch server. or can give me some more insite on how to do it Thanks in advance MegaZ