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  1. Hi getting a few trades that are not paying the correct amount out when selling items see below: Im using just Blackmarket trades normal traders are off I have 6 at set locations and 1 random spawn. Blue is the price i receive red is pricing as it should be in Pricing.hpp Rpt Log from one issue and section of pricing.hpp Anyone else have these issues or know what i need to do to fix ? Thanks MegaZ EDIT I think I found the answer: in this part of the script - it reduces the price if vehicle sold is damaged.
  2. have you added : !=RyanZombieC to set damage filter MegaZ
  3. Thanks Graham, had 5 items that were causing the problem, Removed them and now all good thanks MegaZ
  4. Has anyone seen this error before: 18:54:05 Error in expression <_libtxt,_pic,_BIStype select 0,_BIStype select 1]; _return }; _config = "HSPric> 18:54:05 Error position: <select 1]; _return }; _config = "HSPric> 18:54:05 Error Zero divisor 18:54:05 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Australia\trader\tradermenu.sqf, line 21 tradermenu.sqf saw the post on page 35 but mine is different. This shows when i have error logging on in arma thanks MegaZ
  5. megaz

    Deploy bike from Dyna menu

    Thanks for looking at my file- Yeh didn't see that i put it in front of the last bracket - All working thanks thanks for the share MegaZ
  6. megaz

    Deploy bike from Dyna menu

    I Added that see below: CfgActionMenu_self and CfgActionMenu_target im using infastar dont know if that would stop it ?
  7. megaz

    Deploy bike from Dyna menu

    Hi Schalldampfer, I installed this as per instructions but i don't see a deploy menu when i push space bar does the player need anything in inventory to spawn the bike ? thanks MegaZ
  8. Any update on this a few players are requesting it but not if it is still has a exploit ? Thanks MegaZ
  9. did you ever find your notes as i get these errors on Australia and just try to clean up rpt erors? thanks MegaZ
  10. megaz

    Data Base

    thanks guys
  11. megaz

    Data Base

    Hi guys - My server is hosted with GTX and was wondering if the DB can be accessed like the A2 servers with redis to change items in DB. And what program is used to open up a DB dump.rdb file ? if any Thanks MegaZ
  12. megaz

    Fully Integrated Vector Building System

    thanks for the info - could not find it anywhere.
  13. megaz

    Fully Integrated Vector Building System

    Guys this maybe a silly question but is Vectors not already built into standard epoch ? I was going through the motion of installing this but i see some of it already in the files eg: ## 2. Add to "missionFile >> epoch_code >> compile >> setup >> EPOCH_clientKeyMap.sqf" #### Line 49 #### ["Build: Rotate RIGHT", "EPOCH_keysBuildRotR", 0x10], <---(This is on line 49 - Add the Comma!) #### ["Build: Vector LEFT", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltL", 0xCB], #### ["Build: Vector RIGHT", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltR", 0xCD], #### ["Build: Vector AWAY", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltAwy", 0xC8], #### ["Build: Vector TOWARD", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltTwd", 0xD0], #### ["Build: Reset Object", "eXpoch_keysVectorResetObject", 0x4C] is already in the EPOCH_clientKeyMap so my question is it in or do we need to add -- if its in how do i access vectors in game thanks MegaZ
  14. megaz

    Loading Epoch server in to E3den

    Hi Guys as topic: is there a way to add a vanilla map (im using Australia) into the editor with all the map editions from Epoch loaded - Not just the plain Australia map, ie with the epoch traders and buildings that have been added. I want to use the traders buildings but add a few other bits that i will then load from the server side ? thanks MegaZ