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  1. you can always change the line on 3 in create vehicles to a 1 from 5... or just add the exception if you dont wanna add a wide range freedom for vehicles incase you get some hackers.. :P
  2. x_Raven_x

    Remove Vehicle

    tthats what will happen, this is a nice little hack to a persons server i wouldn't touch this with a 7 foot pole i wouldn't let someone screw with my database.. thats an admins job...
  3. Does anyone know the arma 3 code to add the shades to the spawn list for epochlist?
  4. also in your descriptions.ext try enabling channel 6 that allows the Mod to work as well :)
  5. ya, seems the Quartz radio is the most common used.. to get this to work normally, what I have noticed is the message pops up about 4 times 1 after the other not sure what that is TheVampire not Everyone understand your elegant code like we both do? :P love the work, this is turning out way better then DZMS :)
  6. Lol it was fun in Athiros such a huge city timed out when 3 of us were tackling the mission trying to find the crate :) I was like... I counted the bodies they not "all" dead :P 900-1800 is a good number to use
  7. sweet thanks will try this out, and yea got it working flawlessly when i swapped to Quartz radio :D
  8. same for me you should enable System chat ( number 6) in your Descriptions.ext file inside the mission :)
  9. kk thanks, i just enabled it when i looked it over
  10. ah... your Mod uses "System Chat" ingame as well?
  11. Vamp.. I accidentally clicked the Fork button in GitHub :P anyhow awesome work :) and yea my SO also didnt pack your mission right the first time :) so i gotta re add the mission stuff to the mission pbo :) also your welcome to pay a visit to my server as well anytime :) hehe "Ravens Loft" is the server not sure if i can post my servers name?.. but yes, will get them missing files put up and maybe see yea in later :)
  12. awesome KiloSwiss :D, if you need help with the test i'm good for it, always am and always was :) were you part of the arma 2 mission team?
  13. Vamp? is the Loot customizable too for MAS mod? so we can use it for like an OverPoch server? and great work!.. glad to see a DZMS - Equivalent or better on arma 3 now :)
  14. heya KiloSwiss? can you do a Github for your Server Missions? and If yea need any help I got many years experience working with the guys with all sorts of Mods/addons/scriipts etc, and server repacks u name it, I was part of it :D under an Old name of course... :P and thanks for your missions there real fun... i actually was able to add MAS items to it and other addons with custom stuff, just had to make sure BE had the Exception in the proper location like usual... sure used to the arma 3 server and Epoch filters now :)
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