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  1. That sound really nice I´m working on my first Object: A armored metal wall I was a noob, as i began - now i can import my wall into object builder...if i figure out, how objectbuilder works, I can continue to some more Parts. But It makes no sense for me, to design metal-stairs or something existing, if i can´t open the existing file, See it as a request. Maybe theres a way to get the stairs file for me?
  2. So I see that right, that theres no way to open the stairs file for me? @baal_jayjay me 2, but I if I´m tring to import an Epoch Object, it says that MLOD to ODOL not implemented is
  3. I´m sorry for being unclear. English is not my first language. I´m, trying to create buildingparts for the Epochmod (Wooden Stairs, Walls etc.) But I can´t open the existing files, because of MLOD. My thinking was, to create a little communityproject ,which is trying to design new and existing buildingparts for the Epochmod
  4. Hello Guy´s Yesterday I tried to open some p3d files from Epoch to have a look at 3D design of building Parts. But theres a problem with opening because of MLOD and ODOL. After a bit of search, I guess now, that I can´t open the file because of the MLOD format, I would need the ODOL Data for openeing, but this Data is only by the creator of the file. I won´t offend anyone with a question like this, but maybe we can start a comunity-project for buildingparts. I´m sure. Theres way for doing this. I dont know about the thinking of the development Team about such a project, but maybe they can give us a reply about their opinion.
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