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  1. I copied chernarus.h and changed the name to chernarus_winter.h and changed inside Class Chernarus to Class Chernarus_Winter. I also changed the #include thing in the config.ccp to chernarus_winter.h but teleporters and static traders are missing. Missions etc seem to work as before
  2. Thx for ur posting about this. My server currently runs on chernarus.
  3. No worries take your time and enjoy ur vacation :) I downgraded to 6.46 and its working again, but the AI's seem to spot players not as good as in the newer Versions. I already raised their skills in the unitspawn
  4. Day and night acceleration not working for me anymore since last update. Any idea for a fix? Its enabled in the configs
  5. Yea im using both. Thx so far
  6. Anyone got the Ammo thing working?
  7. wip

    Any way to make em spawn more often?
  8. Any install instructions? Just found the 5 files in SRW but i dont know what to do with them. I tried to pbo and put it in epochhive/addons Edit: nvm got it working
  9. Any suggestions how to use it with A3launcher? Does the startup parameter have to be set to [email protected] instead of [email protected]? I got a rented server and can only choose the mods i want to use but i cant set them to be servermod or clientmod. Thx for ur help
  10. Stil not able to make it. When I respawn my log says: "Scripting function 'bis_fnc_execvm' is not allowed to be remotely executed" and gear is not applied. I used the scripts from timboye and changed the file names/locations to match the scripts. Any idea? btw. If there is another way to add a loadout let me know. I dont need a Donator or Admin loadout. Everyone should get the same stuff.
  11. Hi all. How can i use the commands suicide or killme on my server? tried to enable the respawn button its still not usable. ty for ur help
  12. Hi all. Im quite new to this but i want to run Chernarus Winter on a server I rented. I would like to ask for a map support coz i didnt find it in the mpmission files yet. Would be great to get some :)