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  1. Great job!
  2. Didnt update my mission file for some time. Static missions arent done yet are they?
  3. Updated Serverinfo, Vector building added
  4. You fixed it? Is VG working without other issues for you?
  5. Sollte funktionieren wenn du alles wie in der Anleitung gemacht hast. Pack die ganz nach oben in deiner Init [] execVM "trader\init.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\resetvehicleammo.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; Die takegive kryto sqf sollte dabei die kryto sache regeln
  6. Da siehst du auch ob sie online ist
  7. dump.rdb in deinem DB folder. Über remotedesktopmanager z.b. kannst du sie verwalten
  8. Wie lange hast du gespielt? Soweit ich weiß speichert redis nur alle 5 minuten in etwa
  9. Redis über die start redis cmd gestartet?
  10. Thx great to hear you like it :) Sadly having some crash issues and i dont have alot of time now to do server stuffs. Also if forgot to announce the IP Change to
  11. Your server uses realtime on startups if you didnt change it yet. You should set a specific time in ur epochconfig and increase the time accelleration in there too. Check what time the night starts and set your daytime at startup to match your wanted night times
  12. Thought so thx will update em then :) I just didnt use be before i reininstalled my server thats why i had some issues with them now but the addon itself works fine
  13. Tried to add them like i usually added filters using != but still doesnt work. It also seems to be variable value restriction so has to be added to variableval.txt but i didnt get this to work. Edit: Fixed the Hints issue, needed to change #include in description.txt before some other addons