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  1. Ok didnt try the static ones before but the others doesnt seem to work. Edit: They spawn in but they disappear after few seconds
  2. Yea that is what it was before that you had to exit to complete. Would be great to have that back again :) Edit: I just changed the endcondition to all units killed think that should work then
  3. Yea e3den is of course another way to do that :) I run a cherno server and will try it again
  4. I just use a status bar from this forum with world coords as admin... check the scripts section for it ;) Did you change anything for the offroad to spawn?
  5. Any updates to this?
  6. Sounds like a cool idea. Would you like to share? :)
  7. Last version seems to be not working as some older did. The AIs dont attack me when im in a Vehicle and i dont even need to eject from the car to finish a mission so players can just pass the mission crate with a car and its finished
  8. Yea just create a case for tanoa. You can see an example for altis in there already. You can also define the group sizes. Also dont forget to place the lootbox in the case. But it seems that only the snipers and normal AIs are working so no vehicles and static hmgs or gmgs spawning in. At least they dont for me.
  9. Hello Epoch community, I just created my own Epoch Chernarus Server because there was no other pvp&pve Chernarus Epoch server existing at that time. Here are some Server features: Increased Epoch Loot, added ground loot and increased object loot Armed Vehicles (up to 40mm Grenades) Zombies and Hordes (SM_Zombz) AI Patrols (Cars and Helis) Added Military Buildings and Skalisty Bridge Changed Trader Positions and added Advanced Safezones with Vehicle Protection Added Sector B (WIP) Rearm option at Traders and Fuel Stations CUP Vehicles and CUP Weapons Advanced Towing Shorter building delays 10 Days of Base maintenance 40 Slots I also created a website for that server, feel free to visit it for more Info and Updates: Server Homepage Everybody is welcome ( excludes Glitchers, Haxors etc. :P ) Server IP: Servername: [NOX] Epoch Chernarus Hope to see you soon! :)
  10. I want to decrase the spawn rate for some guns gears and scopes. can i just double all other items in the list to do that or is there a easier/better way?
  11. Yea this made it! Thx Kenobi. So was wrong commented by creator then
  12. Seems not to work. I added Scopes as you can see in the Scripts. Mags are still spawning in but no scopes. No errs in RPT
  13. Will try them tomorrow thx! :)
  14. Thx for this natoed. Works good! Only thing not really working for me is the adding of scopes. Added them to weapon list but when you pick them up you cant attach them to the guns. If you sell to a trader and rebuy u can use them