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  1. This mission system is outdated and needs an update to run correctly. Zupa is not going to since he left arma scripting. But he wrote an updated version for exile. So anybody would need to import this over to epoch
  2. Epoch Vehicles Unlockable By Anyone

    Sounds like there lockings arent correctly saved to the database or your vehiclelocktime is set to 0 which isnt set by default. Default vehicles are locked for 30 minutes. If you spawn a vehicle im not sure if it has an owner yet. So players might be able to unlock them
  3. BEC Bug after Last Update

    Yes you will need to change the port in BECs config file from 2306 to 2307 (or the one you run battleye in epochhive.ini with)
  4. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Thanks for your effort in this project. Now its about the players. Hope they will make this server becoming great and crowded so we may have some fun again like in the old days :)
  5. Updated Server Info Those who look for a more survival style server and more cool custom objects addons and stuff than this one has should visit @Grahame's Server found here:
  6. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Ok guys you really need to try this server! This is definitely the best arma 3 survival / dayz remake out there
  7. Unlimited Markets

  8. New server setup crashes soon as it starts

    Also you should change 2306 for battleye in epochserver.ini to anything else. I use 2307 on mine
  9. Planting gardens

    It has an inventory like a loot crate
  10. [RELEASE]Perfect Night Time Settings! (Within EPOCH)

    I think 420 will just be fine if you use the 10k range. Because i use 2.4 and a range of 32 meters so its still pretty dark but you can see a little infront @Sneer
  11. how to off the night and just be a day

    In epochconfig.hpp change to StaticDateTime[] = {2035,6,1,10,0}; timeDifference = 0; timeMultiplier = 1; So it will be 10 am in the morning every restart on a summer day
  12. AI patrol in vehicles around the map

    This makes AI continuesly roaming the map
  13. [RELEASE]Perfect Night Time Settings! (Within EPOCH)

    420.... was just tested as a good setting...yeeea ofc :D
  14. Change map to Taviana

    Maybe @Grahame can send you his old tavi configs
  15. Again thx for working on it @DirtySanchez but still same issues as in older versions. Sometimes when eople try to restore the vehicles it stucks at loading vehicle message. When they close window and open up same problem. After reconnecting the vehicle is entirely gone... absolutely not your fault just wanted to let the people know that this still is not fixed