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  1. question about playerLocationMarkerGPSOnly

    Yea was added in 1.0
  2. question about playerLocationMarkerGPSOnly

    You'll need to use the new map dyna menu. Open the map and hold space then you should have these 2 features available. I personally removed the player GPS right now since it doesnt show group members as my old script does but thats planned to be changed. Also i removed the creation of death marker when having a gps in inventory. This can be done in epoch_code/compile/functions/EPOCH_fnc_playerDeath.sqf by removing the check for gps in assigned items when dieing.
  3. epochconfig.hpp restart not working

    It restarts earlier when the last player disconnects. So yes it will restart after the 5 minutes message if no player is present
  4. Adding loot from the RHS

    Those Items need to have a price. You need to have an entry in CfgLootTable.h and in CfgPricing.hpp too
  5. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Nanite Cream, Nanite Pills, Nanite Injector and Iodide Pills are against radiation
  6. [scarCODE] Virtual Garage System by IT07

    Not only empty garages. Sadly sometimes vehicles stuck when taking them out of garage and they disappear. So until this is fixed you should think twice if you really want to use it or you may have lot of crying players
  7. Sarge AI

    Just found this one. Nice to see something new for a3epoch! Sounds great will try it asap
  8. BDTZ's POI's

    Awesome cant wait to try !
  9. Confused about COS not working on all maps

    It does. I used it on redux like a week ago. Use epoch.ChernarusRedux.pbo, copy cos folder inside the root, open mission.sqm. Change Items=203 to Items=204 and add this after class Item202 {}; class Item203 { dataType="Logic"; class PositionInfo { position[]={12441.109,111.71768,11095.724}; angles[]={6.2235641,0,6.1585317}; }; name="SERVER"; init="call{null=[] execVM ""cos\cosInit.sqf"";}"; id=402; type="Logic"; }; If you want to change ryans configs place their logics and take them from mission.sqm, paste it in reduxs mission sqm and change Item IDs and Items=204 + ur added ID amount
  10. BDTZ's POI's

    Looking awesome cant wait for it! Good job and welcome back
  11. Confused about COS not working on all maps

    Had cos on mine too. Did you add the logic to mission.sqm?
  12. Altis Addons

    You could add a diag_log entry in the sqfs to see if theyre loaded in
  13. A3_R3F_LOG_Epoch BE kicks #11

    Not sure about that one. You could check the banlog in redis
  14. A3_R3F_LOG_Epoch BE kicks #11

    open scripts.txt and add this to line 13: