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  1. BEC Bug after Last Update

    Hi, al was fine. If anybody have the same problem, write a beserver_x64.cfg . Than it should work ;-D. Thank you all for taking the time to help me ♥♥♥ LG Honey
  2. BEC Bug after Last Update

    i don´t know, why it doesn´t work at my servers. i thik its all corekt
  3. BEC Bug after Last Update

    so, - firewall ports are all open - i channged ports from 2306 to 2307 - battleye is active in server.cfg - my servers are updated and it doesn´t work but thx for your help
  4. BEC Bug after Last Update

    thx i will try it tomorrow
  5. BEC Bug after Last Update

    Hey, after last Arma Update, BEC doesn´t work for my Epoch Servers. Did anybody had the same problem and con help me? Thanks Honey Bee
  6. Shipwrecks Loot table

    that is what i did, but i don´t understand whats the Numbers mean, I think ist the % of the loottable but i´m not shure
  7. Shipwrecks Loot table

    Hey, did anybody know, how to change the loottable in shipwecks? I mean the little boxes in water. thx Honey Bee
  8. Hi, hat irgendwer mal versucht unterschiedliche Blackmarkets auf seinem Server zu platzieren? Egal was ich mache er nimmt immer nur die Daten von einem obwohl ich alles umbenenne zieht er sich immer die Daten vom ersten oder einer von beiden taucht einfach nicht auf. Hi, Has anyone ever tried to place different blackmarkets on his server? No matter what I do he always takes only the data from one although I rename everything he always pulls the data from the first or one of them just does not appear.
  9. Can't place floor without it falling

    build the stiars a little bit lower on the floor and upgrad it than it should snap from stair to wall when not , build a floor halv way and the next floor shoud snap
  10. Wrong signatures for file...

    i had the same problems is was a little bench vrom apex an my map i delet it at the problem was fixed
  11. Hi, at the moment we have the problem that infistar ban all players every few days. normaly we delete the ban.txt and after that its all fine, but this time its empty and deleting dosent help. i hope somebody can help me with the problem. we also put infistr complete new on the server but even this dosent help :/ thanks for your support.
  12. Vehicle Spawn Limit

    danke hat mir echt geholfen
  13. Vehicle Spawn Limit

    Hi, i know there are many topics but i test it all and it doesnt work. My problem: in my epoch_server_settings.pbo>>config.cpp in allowedVehiclesList are 125 spawn Vehicles for example ... {"B_MRAP_01_EPOCH",3}, but On my map there are too many vehicles so that you can no longer buy from the trader - unless I delete a few of them i can´t delete all 3 hour vehicles on my map i need help thanks a lot