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  1. Yes I've noticed this too. I was meant to bring it up with @He-Man. I think it's just the line of code needs to be seperated in cursor target. Don't quote me on it though.
  2. Sarge AI

    Maybe re-download and redo the 3 steps from the beginning just in case you've gone wrong somewhere, usually the best way. @Dango thank you I did eventually work it out. I had to remove it unfortunately due to issues in the sides however I've resolved this now so will likely have another go at it.
  3. Sarge AI

    Scripts folder? It needs to go in the mission file. As your error is referencing that it can not find the scripts folder, double check the path it is in if you have indeed inserted it.
  4. Sarge AI

    and have you moved the scripts folder into the mission file and added it in the init?
  5. Sarge AI

    where are you putting the pbo?
  6. Multigun Vehicle Repair

    Lol thx @Grahame ah yes initially I didn't like the idea but they are such a unique asset to epoch seems a shame to not use it. One of my players has a safe purely just for multigun attachments lol , not easy to though so it balances
  7. Multigun Vehicle Repair

    Hey all, trying to track down the code that determines what the multigun Vehicle attachment will fix. Here is why. A player of mine noticed that the vtols can not be repaired. After some testing on both the epoch and vanilla variant I couldn't get either to work and actually found I couldn't do much with repair on them at all, I'm wondering if this is the same as the Hitpoint issue??? As always thx in advance for any help or suggestions, always appreciated :)
  8. Solved: Apologies I didnt see the cursor target update. For anyone else that may see this these are the files that need to be updated: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/3966ad70105efc020a1203d68191f2022bbe5e33/Sources/epoch_code/compile/vehicles/EPOCH_client_VehicleMaintananceCheck.sqf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/3966ad70105efc020a1203d68191f2022bbe5e33/Sources/epoch_code/compile/vehicles/EPOCH_client_VehicleMaintananceDo.sqf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/3966ad70105efc020a1203d68191f2022bbe5e33/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgActionMenu/CfgActionMenu_target.hpp Hitpoints also need to be added: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgEpochClient.hpp#L214-L232 On a positive note I learnt more about github today then I have in my entire time developing on arma :)
  9. just did a bit of further testing and I can repair the glass but other parts not fixing
  10. Have you tested this @natoed? Im getting the vehicle maintenance but not able to fix? copied and pasted as mentioned above. When I click on remove or remove the dyna just disappears
  11. lol thank yo @natoed, questioned answered. Yes thank you @He-Man your continued support to epoch is what makes it great! thank to both @Helion4 and @natoed , this sort of assistance is what makes these communities great.
  12. so the lines that are edited are obviously committed to the main files so could I just use those or definitely do the line editing?
  13. So am I able to just replace the vehicle maintenance sqf with your edited copy @He-Man or will I need to do the line editing? Sorry my experience with updating mods to newer versions isn't good and also why I ditched exile after their disastrous pineapple update. Totally wrecked many hours of customisations. This is a much better community though.
  14. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.80

    First off, Fantastic Mod! Adds so much to the game and makes just leaving the house a bit frightening, lol. Couple of easy ones. 1. How do I know what version I am running? 2. Am I able to change the marker size via GMS_fnc_spawnMarker.sqf ??? THANKS!
  15. Door remote script

    Thank so much I didnt see the end statement finished their, Thank You once again for your awesome scripts :)