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  1. Thanks mate for your reply, haven't player arma 2 dayz in a while. I forget where the "dayz_code/configs" location is
  2. Hi just wondering if anyone knows what this error means and how to fix it? all mods are up to date.
  3. Yeah i have and i made it like 5 mins for the minor one
  4. I have completely gotten rid of WAI, My server restarted automaticly and i watched the RPT to see if DZMS and DZAI load up and they did and i was in the server for over 15-20 mins. So i stopped and started it again waited again, Nothing. So it picks when it wants to work or not. Does anyone know how to fix this, its doing my head in...
  5. Okay, so. I got rid of WAI, and DZMS started to work aswell as DZAI. One of my players told me that after a restart the missions seem to not work so i guessing DZAI don't work either. So i manually restart it and they seem to work? It seems to decide if it wants to work or not?
  6. yeah i think so ill give it another shot and ill look over the installation for both mod again :)
  7. I had them both working but i figured out, i got DZMS working then i added WAI and it worked for 1 restart then they both dont work..
  8. DZMS and WAI are installed and im with GTXGaming
  9. so go on the server wait a while then upload the server rpt?
  10. I cant can you remove your quote please? and yes waited at least 10-15 minutes and nothing.. no errors so idk? got a feeling it has something to do with dayz_server.pbo
  11. wow stupid me thankyou, got any ideas?
  12. Checked over my RPT files can't find anything, check my dayz_server can't find anything. Could someone have a look for me please. description: http://pastebin.com/eMQ3PQpn init.sqf: http://pastebin.com/rHwkxty8 also ask for any other files needed, ill keep checking this post regularly :) Cheers!
  13. Looks beautiful now, not all cramped and squashed :D
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