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  1. I joined, same name as this one. Just send me a dm and I’ll reply later. If anyone else has any information, feel free to reply.
  2. I’m not at the moment, I can jump on in a few hours, midnight in Australia. Do you have a link to join the discord?
  3. I’ve unpacked and re-packed the folder over 20-40 times in the past 12 hours and still no luck.
  4. Sorry, I think I worded that last comment incorrectly. I don’t keep pbo backups in the actual pbo file. The server hosting company keeps a server back up, but I also have a copy of the working pbo file else where.
  5. Yeah I have, the server did work but after trying to install WAI it stopped worked and displayed these errors.
  6. That’s what I thought too, but I use PBO Manager to re-pack “dayz_server” and it’s a PBO file. Unless PBO Manager isn’t packing the folder correctly, is there a way to know if the software is faulty?
  7. Hi all, It's been a while since I've played with Arma 2, so I though I'd give it a go again. I've been having issues with WAI, I have a fresh install of a server and am trying to install it onto my server. I'm getting the below error, the files it says error for are actually in the correct file path. I get stuck on "Waiting for server to start authentication". Anyone have any ideas what's causing this?
  8. Thanks mate for your reply, haven't player arma 2 dayz in a while. I forget where the "dayz_code/configs" location is
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone knows what this error means and how to fix it? all mods are up to date.
  10. Yeah i have and i made it like 5 mins for the minor one
  11. I have completely gotten rid of WAI, My server restarted automaticly and i watched the RPT to see if DZMS and DZAI load up and they did and i was in the server for over 15-20 mins. So i stopped and started it again waited again, Nothing. So it picks when it wants to work or not. Does anyone know how to fix this, its doing my head in...
  12. Okay, so. I got rid of WAI, and DZMS started to work aswell as DZAI. One of my players told me that after a restart the missions seem to not work so i guessing DZAI don't work either. So i manually restart it and they seem to work? It seems to decide if it wants to work or not?
  13. yeah i think so ill give it another shot and ill look over the installation for both mod again :)
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