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  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing. You have just made a bunch of survivors very happy.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see members still contributing to the community. - Cheers
  3. Sorry, I just thought ... I'm running infistar, could this be blocking the action?
  4. Thanks for the fast reply! I'm not getting any options when I approach the NPC. I tried the Hooker and I tried my default black market trader. I've obviously done something wrong :/ Here's my Fn_SA section: player removeAction s_garage_dialog; s_garage_dialog = -1; }; // ZSC if (Z_singleCurrency) then { if (_isMan && !_isAlive && {(!(_cursorTarget isKindOf "Animal") && !_isZombie) || (_isZombie && ZSC_ZombieCoins select 0)}) then { ------------------ player removeAction s_bank_dialog3; s_bank_dialog3 = -1; player removeAction s_player_checkWallet; s_player_checkWallet = -1; player removeAction s_garage_dialog; s_garage_dialog = -1; player removeAction s_player_bury_human; s_player_bury_human = -1;
  5. Hello, I seem to be doing something wrong. My variables.sqf does not have : s_bank_dialog3 = -1; s_player_checkWallet = -1; Here is my Variables.sqf if (isServer) then { }; if (!isDedicated) then { dayz_resetSelfActions1 = dayz_resetSelfActions; dayz_resetSelfActions = { call dayz_resetSelfActions1; // Add custom reset actions here }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; }; Where should I place this code? s_player_gamblefree = -1; s_player_gamble1 = -1; s_player_gamble2 = -1; s_player_gamble3 = -1; I tried this but no profit. if (isServer) then { }; if (!isDedicated) then { dayz_resetSelfActions1 = dayz_resetSelfActions; dayz_resetSelfActions = { call dayz_resetSelfActions1; s_player_gamblefree = -1; s_player_gamble1 = -1; s_player_gamble2 = -1; s_player_gamble3 = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; }; Sorry to bother, any help would be appreciated.
  6. Good morning, survivors. Is there anyone out there still hosting A2 Epoch? I'm addicted and can't seem to walk away. I'm looking to add gem crafting to my server but I can't seem to find a working script. I've installed the ones below but they either have problems or I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated! I've installed alchemy crafting in the past but there have been a lot of updates since. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to share a working script with a friend in need Tried and failed with these: Thanks for any help,
  7. Anyone know how to give heros humanity for killing bandits?
  8. ok I can harvest the pumpkins and I get seeds I then craft the seeds in to plants with the option "Craft pumpkin plant" + fertilizer and water bottle I then get the option to "plant pumpkin plant" I plant the plant but it's not what it should be (Looks like a grave) PLUS - I have no option to harvest the new grown plants ================== This is the same with the hemp - Harvest plant / craft seeds / craft plant / plant plant / plant grows but I CAN NOT harvest new plant (Looks like a fern) ================== I have not tested the sunflowers yet ... ================== I'm not sure what I missed or if this is just not sorted out but any suggestions would be appreciated. This is what I get after growing a new hemp plant This is what I get after planting a pumpkin plant Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply @DAmNRelentless I don't think it's a good idea to "explain" the details on here - I hope you understand. Basically this is an old issue and BAD for pvp servers. ================= I refer to posts like this when I decline to share the details. It's not as serious of an issue but very easy to exploit. I can send you a pm if you would like to try and help
  10. Any ideas on how to stop the parachute "speedhack" without out turning off halo spawn? This is starting to become a problem - I disabled halo for now but would like to turn it back on ... Thanks
  11. This is something I've never come across before and was just wondering if anyone might know what would cause this? When I look at these base parts they are "normal" - but - When this player looks at these base parts this is his view ... Note: His video settings are on "Very High" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217778555/screenshots/
  12. Just installed this - works great! Nice presentation too. Thank you ~
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