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  1. Sun Glare On Chernarus

    I've tried a few time/date settings but I can't seem to find the right formula where the sun is straight overhead. would you be able to help me with this? Here's what I have atm ... [Date] Type = Static Year = 1985 Month = 6 Date = 6 [Time] Type = Static Hour = 11 <<---- I have tried 11 / 12 / 13 Offset = -5 <<---- I had this line commented out but after every restart it's enabled again (wont save) Thanks for any help,
  2. Sun Glare On Chernarus

    after more testing it continues to be an issue for me. I have this in the HiveExt.ini [Time] Type = Static Hour = 13 and this in the init.sqf setDate [1985, 6, 6, 12, 15]; but it's still doing it ... any ideas?
  3. Sun Glare On Chernarus

    Thank you for the fast reply! ======================= Edited
  4. Sun Glare On Chernarus

    So I'm sure there's a topic on this somewhere but I can't seem to find any updated information. ====================================== I have several players complaining about the sun glare on my server. Here are two pics - same location - one facing the sun - one looking away from the sun - https://imgur.com/a/4cSfg Basically, when you look away from the sun all is normal but when you look towards the sun your screen becomes really dark. ====================================== I have tried adjusting HDR I have tried static time 10am / 12pm / 2pm I have tried accelerated time Nothing seems to fix the issue. ====================================== Any tips or information on this? Thanks,
  5. This was a HUGE time saver - thank you!
  6. Thanks for sharing - I'm not sure what the difference is but your code worked on the first try. Much appreciation !
  7. Just installed - works perfect! Thank you, Edit: I changed all "ItemHatchet_DZE" to "MeleeHatchet" in MT_Defines.hpp
  8. Not even sure if this works anymore but : ===================== I used the code from Albertus on page 5 I added the fix from Salival on page 6 I disabled infistar and battleye ===================== Only AI spawn in southwest corner in the water NO heli's What did I do wrong? Thanks for any help,
  9. Skalisty Island Treasure Hunting

    Thanks man - This should fit perfect with my current island setup! testing ....
  10. *** NOT MY SCRIPT - Just wanted to share since it works with the new epoch 1061 Very simple to install just added it to my server - works perfect!
  11. *** I claim no credit for this code - Credit goes to blurgaming and all the "welcome messages and intro music" script writers out there. - I just want to share what I did to make it work on 1061 since the init.sqf is different now. ======================================= 1) Create your introSong.ogg file and place it in the mission folder (same location as init.sqf) I use this - https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg 2) Create a file named playerspawn.sqf with this code and place it in the mission folder (same location as init.sqf) Screenshot of messages - https://imgur.com/a/Xk5Aw 3) Add the code in red to the class CfgSounds section in the description.ext located in your mission folder - it should look something like this 4) Add the code in red to your init.sqf All done! *** Don't forget to edit the playerspawn.sqf unless you want to advertise my server :)
  12. Time Control

    Great man - thank you - Installed and working on overpoch 1061
  13. Time Control

    First off thanks for this! I've been wanting to add fast nights since the 106 update I do have a couple of issues though. 1) The watch is not reflecting accelerated time is it supposed to ? (fast second hand spinning around) 2) The time update happens only after death (Once I respawn the watch updates the server time updates) Not sure if I missed something or what Thanks for any advice
  14. a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Hello guys, Thank you for this! I use this script on my LIFE mod server - I realize it is not meant for this mod but it works - Well ... Kind of It starts and runs just fine the missions spawn the markers work the messages and crates work. The problem is that the missions will complete as soon as I approach them on foot or in the air. When I get with in a few hundred meters around (500m) the mission will complete/despawn and a new mission will spawn somewhere else. There are no AI anywhere and when I get to the mission site the crate is there and full of loot. Any Ideas how to fix this? EDIT: this is all I can find in the logs - 19:13:22 IT07: [VEMFr] DynamicLocationInvasion -- INFO: invading Georgetown... 19:13:22 IT07: [VEMFr] fn_config -- ERROR: can not find setting 'aiMode' in '["unknown"]' fn_config.sqf - https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0d096f6d1c00aabb7cd6b72e638df36f
  15. Thanks for sharing this @Suppe This is great I was able to use it to spawn RHSUSAF loot on a Tanoa Life server I'm sure it will work on any map with any mod! --------------------------- What I did: 1) edit the LSlootBuildings.sqf and add the building names from Tanoa. (or any map) 2) Edit the LSlootLists.sqf and add the weapons / gear / ammo and item names from the mod your using 3) That's it - repack / upload / profit! -------------------------- FOR TESTING ONLY - try using these variables in the Lootspawner.sqf //Variables //local _spawnradius = 50; //Radius (in meter) around players to spawn loot _spInterval = 60; //Time (in sec.) to pass before an building spawns new loot _chfullfuel = 35; //Chance (in %) of a spawned fuelcan to be full instead of empty _genZadjust = -0.1; //High adjustment (in engine units) thats generally added to every spawnpoint _tmpTstPlace = []; //Coord's, in [x,y,z] of a preferably flat and unocupied piece of land _chperSpot = 100; //Chance (in %) if a spot gets loot