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    @iben I had stopped posting in public. but in this case I wanted to set aside certain things because it is really sad to read your post. In my opinion you are the best one here. Not only for the way you write, its the humanity you have, patience, humility, good manners. Generally great writers like you, do not have these qualities that you squander. so friend I hope "goodbye" means "see you soon".
  2. Ohh yes i had a simil msg some time ago. Cannot remember the user.
  3. @Erzengelgames dont know what kind of script is it,, but you can test with other script. Extra_rc.hpp extra_test.sqf
  4. lol, no i just postint the test when you said "options displayed" dont worry you dont sound bad :D
  5. you also can try this little test. replace your extra_rc with this code. class ExtraRc { class ItemToolbox { class test { text = "test"; script = "execVM 'custom\extra_test.sqf'"; }; }; }; extra_test.sqf if works you can discard any issue with ui_selectslot.sqf
  6. Are. You sure youre using corrects items classnames?
  7. @Erzengelgames here you got an example about how the extra_rc structure looks. class ExtraRc { class ItemKiloHemp { class smoke { text = "SmokeDrugs"; script = "execVM 'custom\scripts\drugs\smokedrugs.sqf'"; }; }; class ItemShovel { class buildjail { text = "test"; script = "execVM 'custom\scripts\drugs\smokedrugs.sqf'"; }; }; };
  8. Problem was you took old files. Remember a guy with the same rpt. Glad to know is working now. See yaa.
  9. Youre not using the last admin tools version. Your undefined variable is cuz epoch 1.6 use safeobjets not allowed objects. Check the gitub link.. noxicarius had updated this.. so pretty sure ure using olds files. check this post:
  10. You should check too if key folder is in there...
  11. the tip is.. check how your : \steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ looks- you will see all your mods with an @ in front of the folder name. for my epoch 16 the folder is @DayZ_Epoch161 this is mine: then you must go to your game, expansions.. and activate this folder/mod. Do not active the Dayz Mod or others mods.. jsut arma,arma2,BAF,PMC and epoch
  12. @iben understand anyway looks great!
  13. @iben the new version recognize others players in mission zone and punish if they not leave the area¿?¿ Pretty cool adition!!!
  14. juandayz


    Hey tom, Good luck with your new community.., glad to see people still working for arma2!!!!! my best wishes for your project!!!!
  15. you can use exec in server_functions .. but i always use call compile in this file.. anyway is hard to me explain it in my bad english and without totally knowless about it... but check this post maybe help you better than me to understand https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/115016-call-execvm-and-spawn-which-and-when/
  16. do you try with call compile? at bottom of server_functions.sqf call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "z\addons\dayz_server\PATH\BRIDGE.sqf"; or at bottom of server_monitor.sqf execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\PATH\BRIDGE.sqf"; Or just put the bridge function at bottom of server_functions.sqf? EDIT: @totis LOL now we need vote thogeter the selenaparat post.. is the real answer to be in first place
  17. So just for test.. remove any kind of parameters i notice that you was using "- mod= @DayZ_Epoch;" Start arma2 one single time close it. (from steam launcher) Start arma2oa from your steam launcher...Not with dayz_launcher or that sh*** (clean version without mods) Go to your main menu, expansions and let activated the mods : arma2, arma2oa, BAF,PMC, and epoch161. restart arma2oa (allways by steam launcher) go again to the expansions menu and check if all of this mods are still actives.. if yes then try to join in a dayz epoch 1.6.1 server. **note: with steam launcher i mean this way:
  18. just for know.. are you taking your epoch client files from here? http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php Do you have this file:dayz_epoch106.bikey in your ....\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch16\Keys\ your expansions looks like this: (forgot phantera island its just a map)
  19. Sounds like youre trying to join in a epoch server with a 1.6.1 dayz_epoch.pbo
  20. At beign at the circus show you get your answer from @lwbuk. At the end of this post im pretty sure you gonna change your key. Anyway is not a problem wit h you, just with your actitude. Ilbuk is a great guy..i saw lot of his post always helping.. you can ask some other thing and i gonna be glad to try to help [email protected] maybe this post needs be locked. Cuz i could start to be a rude clown.
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