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  1. BattlEYE Kick

    ok thanks, that's what I kind of figured I needed to do, but wanted to get some feedback. Appreicate it will give it a try.
  2. BattlEYE Kick

    the #3 shows: 02.03.2017 19:45:25: Lonewolf ( f0d6b2241188d06acb8ace2677100838 - #3 "USBasicWeapons_EP1" 3:115 [8603,3869,260]
  3. BattlEYE Kick

    Does anyone know what I need to add to the BattlEYE filters to take care of a CreateVehicle Restriction #3? I am running DayZ Epoch and the script that this is popping up with is here:
  4. R3F Load In Crates

    just tried this and it doesn't work either. Something changed when they updated Arma2 last. I have a few scripts that quit working that are called through the init.sqf. I am running Sheep's server setup and the scripts called through script control.sqf in his files are working, but can't get the ones I have added to work through the script control.
  5. R3F Load In Crates

    thanks will give that a try and see
  6. ESSV2 Help

    In AHConfig.sqf add 88890 to allowed dialogs: _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106, ... ,88890];
  7. R3F Load In Crates

    Does anyone know if the latest update of Arma 2 killed the R3F Load In Crate feature? I had it working on my test server before and now it will not work. I even rolled back to a previous known working sever and it does not work there either.
  8. Looking for City script

    Does anyone by chance have this downloaded and willing to share? Have asked on the post, but guess the guy has moved on.
  9. sound question

    will try those and see. Thanks Juandayz
  10. sound question

    I am wanting to add a sound to play when my DZMS missions pop up on the map to alert players that a mission is active. I have added sounds to scripts before, but was not sure if the same format would work for the sound to play so all players could hear. An example of what I have used is: _nul = [objNull, player, rSAY, "drunk"] call RE; that I use in a drink beer script that plays while the effects are happening. Any help would be great.
  11. Custom Mission Info

    Does anyone have the DZMS missions with a custom mission announcement added to it? I have added the info needed for them to appear where the infiSTAR debug monitor is, but would like for the info to be located else where on the screen so the debug monitor is not an issue.
  12. Random Weed Farms - Removal

    will give that a try and see, thanks Juandayz
  13. rpt question

    haven't tried that , will give that a go and see. Thanks Juandayz
  14. rpt question

    oldmatechoc, I tried removing the files in my MPMissionsCache and it loads the mission, but sits on the splashscreen.
  15. rpt question

    I am trying to figure out what is causing an issue with my test server running on my personal computer. I can run the server when the mission side files have to load in first, but when I try to get back on later or the next day since I have not made any changes to the mission side and it does not have to load up, the server stays on the splashscreen and doesn't allow play. I noticed a line that comes up several in a row in my rpt that I am trying to figure out what is causing it. the line in question is: 20:32:43 Server error: Player without identity Lonewolf (id 472247178) If I make just a simple change to anything in mission files and it has to load up I am able to play.