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  1. Thanks for the info! The mod really need a update, and hope community along with arma 3 raise again.
  2. thanks for your time and help , i got it some what working, you are doing a great job
  3. I don't see the russian rullet option, i only get "find something good" , anyway to explain how to make it work, i use regulare traders
  4. Ok, thanks ViseVersa, i changed verifysignatures to 0 and now its loading. One more question, is it possible as you in the video, to login as a HC player to that CIV slot?
  5. ViseVersa Thank your for your reply, i just tested it. and i had this message "signature timeout" by battleye and You were kicked off the game., any info how to solve this
  6. noob question, how do you login as a client to the dedicated server.
  7. This fix is still temp : if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; }; with: if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { endLoadingScreen; diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; }; As players still get bugged , and ends up with limbo, bird, or otherwise After my tests, it solves it for a time, but then the problems comes back, and pvar kicks #0 starts. I will go back to removing this line, and leave it at people cant join hearing sounds in loading and stuck, so that they can resolve the login by reconnecting, or wait for server restart.
  8. CEN! May i kiss your forhead! Thanks for sharing this!
  9. nvm, i think he means Add to , not replace with!
  10. Question : private ["_removebackpack","_pos","_backpack","_weapons","_weapons_backpack","_magazines","_current_magazine","_magazines_backpack","_loot_box"," < is this complete as is in the instruction, or it this a typo?
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