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  1. I smell dupes in the air ^^ I'm pretty sure you wont really benefit from that system.
  2. In the Video I've logged in as normal Player. It's the headless Client, that joined the Civil Slot. The HC was started from a c++ library in that Video, which is why it started automatically. Originally somebody wanted to give me Money for that Library, which is why it's not included, because it would've been unfair to let somebody pay for it while everybody else get's it for free.
  3. You might want to validate your client files trough steam and also make sure, that you've started the game at least once. If you've done those steps and it didn't help you still have to option to turn signature checks out in your config.cfg by changing "verifySignatures" to 0.
  4. The ugly truth is, it simply does not work. But what you can do is place them outside, make them walk in and then freeze them. As Example i'll just copy + paste a few Lines from my dog Agent, where i got my dog to search inside buildings: _i = 0; while {_i <= 25} do { _locationPos = _nBuilding buildingPos _i; if(_i > 0 && ([_locationPos,[0,0,0]] call BIS_fnc_areEqual)) exitWith {diag_log format ["[Dog] - Found %1 Positions",_i];}; if (!([_locationPos,[0,0,0]] call BIS_fnc_areEqual)) then { _locationArray set [count _locationArray,_locationPos]; }; diag_log format ["[Dog] Position Index: %1",_i]; _i = _i + 1; }; Of course you could also try to just place the Trader on one of those found position.
  5. Well a headless client is basically a "virtual player" who`s screen is black. In order to play the game you have to actually start it. You could do that with a batch file, so here is mine for example: Save as "name.bat" @echo off start "HeadlessClient" /MIN /HIGH /B "E:\SteamGames\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ArmA2OA_BE.exe" 0 0 -skipIntro -nosplash -showScriptErrors -noPause -client -connect= -port=2302 -nosound "-mod=E:\SteamGames\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\EXPANSION;E:\SteamGames\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch1051" -cpuCount=2 -name=HeadlessClient -profiles=HeadlessClient The main Important things are "-client" and "-connect" //Edit: You could also you a c++ Library to start the HC whenever somebody connects.
  6. setVehicleVarName is not Multiplayer syncronized. So you might have a scope issue in there, except from the fact, that you need to make sure the Server actually loads the file AFTER the Unit and Marker has been created. So for incidence: juan_unit = _group createUnit [bla,bla,bla,bla]; juan_unit setDir 44.482033; juan_unit setUnitAbility 0.60; juan_unit removeAllEventHandlers ["handleDamage"]; juan_unit addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {juan_unit setDamage 0;}]; juan_unit allowDamage false; _group selectLeader juan_unit; juan_unit spawn { while {alive _this} do { "myMarker" setMarkerPos (getPosATL _this); }; };
  7. Forgot to put the Step with the config.cfg in. Basically all you got to do is open your config.cfg and add "localclient[]={""};" anywhere above "class Missions"
  8. I don`t mean this unfriendly, but it is actually a bit hard to read all that. Easy to miss out stuff. I think you should stick with a more "user friendly" Font like Georgia or Times new Roman and just one colour. Courier New and Lucida Console are also good Options.
  9. No clue, what the hell is wrong with you guys. There`s literally hundreds of servers and thousands of players.
  10. So, recently I was just browsing trough forums and I read about Headless Clients and I was like phew that would be a nice thing to have man. So I went straight to the Downloads, gave them a few Tests and decided screw this. I've seen "ARMA 2" Headless Clients using event handlers, that are for arma3 - not even sure, if they actually work in arma2 and then it's a mess (no offence thou, but it was very hard to read trough all that). Well, what Solutions did I have? Making my own one and share it with the Community to improve it to an acceptable Standard. The following Video (Sound might be loud) shows an Example of the Headless Client So, what's so Special about this... Well first of all this works on any Map. Also it works with any Loot Table. Also it works without the need of a player. It has it's own "independent Area" where it interacts in. What I mean with that is, that you won't need to rely on any Functions, as everything that is needed is included. All Variables and Functions work outside of the normal "dayz stuff", as only the Headless Client loads it and it won't overwrite anything. Also it comes with a few features available. You can fully customize the spawn Ratio between Zombies spawned on Buildings and in Wilderness, for Example you could have 3x as many Zombies in cities You can fully customize the Loot Tables or integrate your existing ones just by changing a variable You can fully customize which modules to use, like animal spawn, wild zombie spawn, building zombie spawn, loot spawn and custom spawn. You can customize which Animals to Spawn You can make AI Shoot at the Zombies You can shuffle the Loot by setting permaLoot to false, as the server clean up will then clean it up and the hc will just re-spawn it. You can ofc set how many zombies / animals / loot piles should max be spawned For a full List, of available Options see the variablesHC.sqf. The Performance While you have the ability to use all those variables, you can tweak the performance of this. However, the script will only be as good as the code and I'm not perfect. I tried my best to check every tiny bit to make sure nothing ever goes wrong, but there's always that slight possibility. Also I'm not perfect and this is my very first attempt, so if I did something wrong or could've done it better just let me know. Also be carefully, when changing the Script Timers, as a to low value might impact dramatically on your FPS. The Design This Client is not meant to Tackle the common Problem of a Headless Client joining to early, etc. It is meant to be persistent, reliable and functional. It more a "spawning handler" for various things like the loot. If you want a "perfect" Headless Client this is not the thing you're searching for. This is the Basement of a Script that is living from user Input, user Feedback and user advices. It wants further improving (if possible) and optimizing (if possible). Regardless of the fact, that it is fully Stable you can however do things wrong - I personally have only limited methods to test this Client, while you or other maybe have a large player base that is willing to tackle a new world of Zombies - so.. If you find any Bug or have any more wishes just let me know. The Installation Please prepare for everything, that you'll need: An Editor of your choice (OK, this was obvious) Your mission.sqm (Located in your MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_%INSTANCE%.%MAP% Your init.sqf (Located in your MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_%INSTANCE%.%MAP% Your config.cfg (Usually Located in a Folder called "instance_number_mapName") The Headless Client itself (See also: GitHub - Headless Client) IF you do NOT have a Headless Client Installed or failed to install it before: Before you continue, check that the class name from the code that you just copied is correct. In most cases you will have to change it to "class Item1". Once you checked everything (Did you check everything?) press CTRL + F again and search for "class Groups". It will take you to the class, where you then can locate a single Line saying "items = 2". Change this to "items = 3". NOTE: It doesn't necessary has to be items 2 for you, if you already added something else before! To fully isolate the HC from the rest of your files you will have to change quite a few bits and pieces in the init.sqf. Near the Middle you will see a few calls like: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\variables.sqf"; These Lines we're going to wrap in an IF. For me the whole thing looks like: //Load in compiled functions if (isServer || hasInterface) then { call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\variables.sqf"; //Initilize the Variables (IMPORTANT: Must happen very early) }; //progressLoadingScreen 0.1; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\publicEH.sqf"; //Initilize the publicVariable event handlers if (isServer || hasInterface) then { //progressLoadingScreen 0.2; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\medical\setup_functions_med.sqf"; //Functions used by CLIENT for medical //progressLoadingScreen 0.4; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions //progressLoadingScreen 0.5; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\scripts\rightclick\init.sqf"; }; You can put the "publicEH" in there to, that's totally fine, I only have it outside because I was doing something else with that to. Underneath those calls we start our Headless Client: if (!hasInterface && !isDedicated) then { //run on headless clients only call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "headlessclient\variablesHC.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "headlessclient\compilesHC.sqf"; }; The next Part is finding if (!isDedicated) then { And replacing it with if (!isDedicated && hasInterface) then { The Last Bit is Optional, if you have Scripts that run on both server and client. You decide whether or not to Load them on the Headless Client, but I recommend not to. So you will want to put the bottom parts inside an IF again, for Example: if (isServer || hasInterface) then { execVM "custom\scripts\weather\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf"; [7,true,true,15] execFSM "custom\fsm\core_time.fsm"; #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" }; IF you do have a Headless Client installed or managed to do so before: The Last Step is simply to create a Folder inside your Mission named "headlessclient" (You can ofc define your own paths) and put all the HC Files into that Folder. Edit the Variables if you want to or just hop right into game and start the massacre! PS: If I was unclear with the Instructions at any point let me know. //EDIT: Just out of interest I forced the HC to join the wrong slot, to see what happens. Apparently it can be in any slot, it doesn't differ ^^ //Edit Apparently some files on Github got broken during the Upload, they have meanwhile been replaced.
  11. **Infistar Antihack**<br> If you're running Infistar Antihack, add this to the dialogs array; 711194 And this to the '_cMenu =' section "PlotManagement" Before i actually look trough this, what is the actual Problem? Because that seems to be the Part, where 80% of the People simply overread the bit that meantions "inventory" and "inTentory"
  12. Meanwhile the Link to the Download is dead, so is this whole Thread. Should it be closed?
  13. I can`t decide, if i like them or not. I mean you did good work, well done man! But it`s a coffee cup. A.... coffee..... cup...... My oppinion is, that a coffee cup does not belong into a zombie survival apocalypse game xD But still looks good man.
  14. Did you get any kind of errors in your logs? Check both server && client log (client log is located at %appdata%\local\arma2oa\arma2oa.rpt)
  15. Here is an example of the new Loot Spawn, which is ready but not optimized yet. And another example of Zombie Spawn prioritizing wild spawned Zombies over Building Zombies with a 2 : 1 Ratio. (Fully customizable!) Since i got fully de-bugged animals, here another example of Animal Spawn :P
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