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  1. Hey Salival, when you get some time I am hoping you can verify something for me. When I go to put the 350z_Mod into the garage it doesn't write. It does it to select 350z's. I haven't had a chance to test them all or a lot of other vehicles, but I know for a fact the 350z_Mod is not writing. It does not save in the database and it does not show any errors in the RTP's, client or server side. Would you or someone else try putting a 350z_Mod in their garage and let me know if it is just me or if maybe we have found a little bug? Thanks :)
  2. Good call, I should have thought of that. I have mine set to true and if it is set to true then every new self action you add you have to add to the list. So just for anyone else that this might have slipped their mind on. If _CSA = true then and "s_garage_dialog" to _dayzActions = in InfiSTAR That's a Duh moment on my part, thinks guys :)
  3. Sure I can do that. No rush, I am a small server so I doubt I will have any players notice the issue any time soon :)
  4. Hey so i know in the instructions it says to add 2800 if you have infiSTAR and all that good stuff, but I am testing this on my account that I am not an Admin on and the scroll menu does not want to stay open. I walk up to it and it pops up fine the first time so far and then after that you have to try and find the exact sweet spot to get it. I disable InfiSTAR and the menu comes up no problem and I can approach every time no issues. Is there possibility something else that needs added in the infiSTAR config? I am thinking I need something in _cMenu =, but not sure what?
  5. I am not sure how to tag everyone that was asking about this, but I was having this same issue and to fix it all I did is changed the true/ false statements to match what I had for deploying the helipad. This is what i have and both save to the database and there are no errors anymore when deploying. ["ItemRuby",[0,8,0],5,-1,true,true,false,true,true,false,true,["Land_MBG_Garage_Single_A"],[],["ItemRuby"],"true"], ["ItemToolbox",[0,9,2],5,0.9,true,true,false,true,true,false,true,["HeliHCivil"],[],["ItemToolbox"],"true"]
  6. Just put this on my test server and love it. Working great so far. I have been playing around with it and only thing I have found is when getting a vehicle out of the garage it allows you to get the vehicle even if you have no slots available for a key. It appears to just move the inventory to a blank slot so you don't loss anything, but i could see that being an issue possibly. I know if you try to buy a vehicle from a trader they will tell you that you do not have space on your toolbelt or something like that. Not sure if you could add something like that. I will keep lookout for any other things, but great script and I am glad you were able to get it released :)
  7. Commenting out those two lines didn't seem to work. The explosion goes off, but no damage. I have infiSTAR turned off for now to make sure that's not blocking anything. Is there something else I could be using other than "HelicopterExploSmall" that would work? SOLVED - Your edits did work, but my safezone script was overriding it. That also explains why everything I was trying was doing nothing ;/ Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I am needing some help to disable this. I want to be able to have a script execute "HelicopterExploSmall" or "HelicopterExploBig". Doesn't matter I am wanting it to cause damage regardless what I use. I have found though that damage is canceled if there is no vehicle within 25m of the explosion. My question is how can I disable that? I found the below code in fn_damageHandler.sqf, but I tried commenting out the whole code and I was still not taking damage.
  9. Thought I would ask this, does adding items to "DZE_restrictRemoval =" allow the person who placed it to remove it or does it prevent removal all together?
  10. Hey bud I just want to ask a quick and simple question. The changes you have listed, are they already live in the github? If not then I think I will wait to install this, but if yes then I like what you have so far and would like to install tonight.
  11. No RTP error to my knowledge, I am going to try and reproduce the issue tonight. I know one day I logged in my test server and my bank was cleared and I had one player today say his bank was cleared so I thought I should get any input before I look into it further. This player literally stays on the server until it shuts down. I just figured that might be why it happened to him and I was stopping and starting the test server so I figured it was just a glitch when it did it to me, but I'll let you know if anything comes of it. I mainly just wanted some input on if it was a known issue and it sounds like it is not so if I can't reproduce it then I am not going to worry about it to much. Thanks UPDATE - Turned out the database was bugged for just that player. Nothing was working right for him. I cleared everything in the database evolving that player and no issues since. :)
  12. Hey everyone I just want to ask in the past players were told to leave servers before restarts or they could loss gear and stuff. Is this still the case and if they stay logged on till server restarts is it possible the bank could be wiped to 0 as well? I ask because I have had some players report their banks setting to 0 and I am just trying to troubleshoot a little.
  13. Ok this may just be like a compatibility thing or something, but I am not sure why this is not working. I run this on Chernarus and no issues. I change the map to Jade Groove and I get the below error in the Client RTP. I tried loading the basic mission and server files and I get the same error. That leads me to believe it's some kind of comparability between the script and Jade Groove map or something. I have everything working, but this and I am hoping to be able to figure this out. When you select a spawn point this error message always appears in the client RTP and sometime, not always, but sometimes you log in the ocean. It's wont actually teleport you. Again this only started happening when I changed maps so I am at a loss. Ok I guess I do have an error in the RTP as well. I have a workaround right now so that if the spawn select fails at least people don't end up in the middle of the ocean, but it looks like the issue is my markers spawnpoints. Not sure how to make it see it a safe place to spawn or not. I will keep trying to figure it out, but with this information anyone with ideas would be great :)
  14. I actually got Jade Groove working. Now I just have to set everything up though so I was stoked. That Bear Rocks one does look cool though. I just want to use something that I can easily log on with DayzLauncher. I will put that Bear Rock map on my test server. That does look cool and I would like to check it out. :)
  15. I may have to try Takistan, but that map looks huge, not sure how that helps server performance. Jade Groove does not seem to provide MPMissions folder and Instance folder like all the other maps so it must be something that is set up different. If anyone knows how to set it up I would love some pointers. I downloaded the PBO's off the website, but the bikeys don't seem to work. It is very confusing and that just might be the reason I don't see any Jade Groove maps. If anyone wants to message me on how to get Jade Groove up and running that would be great. Otherwise I will pick something and role with it. It might be kinda cool using a super small map like Utes and adding one trader city or something, LOL.
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