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  1. Ok guys I have looked and looked and looked some more. I cannot find were the female skin is saved. I cant even find the Hero skin. So there must be somewhere I am missing. Does anyone know where some more of these skins are at? They have to be somewhere.....right?
  2. Hey bud I just want to ask a quick and simple question. The changes you have listed, are they already live in the github? If not then I think I will wait to install this, but if yes then I like what you have so far and would like to install tonight.
  3. No RTP error to my knowledge, I am going to try and reproduce the issue tonight. I know one day I logged in my test server and my bank was cleared and I had one player today say his bank was cleared so I thought I should get any input before I look into it further. This player literally stays on the server until it shuts down. I just figured that might be why it happened to him and I was stopping and starting the test server so I figured it was just a glitch when it did it to me, but I'll let you know if anything comes of it. I mainly just wanted some input on if it was a known issue and it sounds like it is not so if I can't reproduce it then I am not going to worry about it to much. Thanks UPDATE - Turned out the database was bugged for just that player. Nothing was working right for him. I cleared everything in the database evolving that player and no issues since. :)
  4. Hey everyone I just want to ask in the past players were told to leave servers before restarts or they could loss gear and stuff. Is this still the case and if they stay logged on till server restarts is it possible the bank could be wiped to 0 as well? I ask because I have had some players report their banks setting to 0 and I am just trying to troubleshoot a little.
  5. Ok this may just be like a compatibility thing or something, but I am not sure why this is not working. I run this on Chernarus and no issues. I change the map to Jade Groove and I get the below error in the Client RTP. I tried loading the basic mission and server files and I get the same error. That leads me to believe it's some kind of comparability between the script and Jade Groove map or something. I have everything working, but this and I am hoping to be able to figure this out. When you select a spawn point this error message always appears in the client RTP and sometime, not always, but sometimes you log in the ocean. It's wont actually teleport you. Again this only started happening when I changed maps so I am at a loss. Ok I guess I do have an error in the RTP as well. I have a workaround right now so that if the spawn select fails at least people don't end up in the middle of the ocean, but it looks like the issue is my markers spawnpoints. Not sure how to make it see it a safe place to spawn or not. I will keep trying to figure it out, but with this information anyone with ideas would be great :)
  6. I actually got Jade Groove working. Now I just have to set everything up though so I was stoked. That Bear Rocks one does look cool though. I just want to use something that I can easily log on with DayzLauncher. I will put that Bear Rock map on my test server. That does look cool and I would like to check it out. :)
  7. I may have to try Takistan, but that map looks huge, not sure how that helps server performance. Jade Groove does not seem to provide MPMissions folder and Instance folder like all the other maps so it must be something that is set up different. If anyone knows how to set it up I would love some pointers. I downloaded the PBO's off the website, but the bikeys don't seem to work. It is very confusing and that just might be the reason I don't see any Jade Groove maps. If anyone wants to message me on how to get Jade Groove up and running that would be great. Otherwise I will pick something and role with it. It might be kinda cool using a super small map like Utes and adding one trader city or something, LOL.
  8. Hey guys, Just wanna kinda bring this up and throw this out there for anyone that might know more. I have a small server and wanted to have a smaller map. I have been looking at some of the other maps and they are all quite big. Utes is really small and I almost thought about messing around with that one, but I wanted it to be at least a little bigger, LOL Does anyone know what the deal is with Jade Groove? There is no clear information on it and doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. That would have been a great sized map, but I cant find the bikeys for it or anything. Other than that would anyone have a suggestion as to a good map to use if you have a low end server? Thanks,
  9. I like that there is a good ban list to use. Here is one that doesn't appear to be on any of these. Just caught this guy speed hacking. He is going to be ticked when he finds out he is now banned on every server that reads these forms. He was harassing the one player I had on. 9e012357984a6991f788a5f1de486ee0 -1 Admin Ban Speed Hacker
  10. Well it didn't work, but you helped me see where the separation was. I had to put the whole line in, but it works like I need it to. Thanks :) expDesactiv="terminate radzone1; titleText [""THE STRANGE FEELING IS GONE..."", ""PLAIN DOWN""]; [""Radiation Zone"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; // working Example
  11. Ok guys I think this will be an easy one to answer, but I don't know how to go about it. The first bit of code it the class sensor for the aircraft trader. Now the next bit of code is for radiation zone Notice expActiv and expDesactiv. If I am not mistaken the "call player_traderCity" is what detects it as a trader city. If I am wrong feel free to let me know, LOL I very well could be. The question........... Can someone help me understand how I can make the radiation zone sensor detect as a trader city without removing what is already in expActiv and expDesactiv? Radiation zone is an example. I have multiple sensors I am wanting to do this for. I wouldn't want to obviously make a radiated spot a trader city zone ;)
  12. Wow I opened up a large can of confusion and didn't realize it. Sorry about that, but it's good that it's helping everyone in the end understand something that apparently needed some clarification. I will try and remove WAI messages (remote.sqf) tonight and see if everything still works. I played around with remote msg (remote_messages.sqf) and couldn't get it to work. I am sure it is just because I still don't fully understand, but trial and error will teach me. One question though, it sounds like they are basically the same script only one is edited a little bit to allow additional functions should you choose. Does that sound about right?
  13. Thanks to both of you. You have helped fill in the blanks perfectly. I unknowingly installed the remote messages when I put coins on the server. I saw it later and didn't understand why I had it or if i was using it so I started researching it. Next thing I knew I was completely lost. With all the research and a basic understanding of reading the code I came to the conclusion I mentioned in the beginning, but now I understand. I have a test server so I might play around with it and see whats what, but should I decide not to take on the task then I will remove. At least now I know for sure I can :)
  14. So correct me if I am wrong, but if I am just using basic mission messages then I can remove remote_messages.sqf?
  15. Hey guys, I have this installed, but I guess I don't understand what it should be doing. I thought is was supposed to make the messages from WAI show up different like color wise and stuff, but all I get is the radio messages so either it's not working or I really don't understand it's function. So here is my thoughts, the remote.sqf needs the remote_message.sqf because it calls it right? But then if it is calling it then what exactly is it doing because it has color to text changes, but I see no change. Maybe that not what it supposed to do at all and if that's the case then what is the point in this line? format["<t size='0.40' color='#FFFFFF' align='center'>%1</t><br /><t size='0.70' color='#d5a040' align='center'>%2</t>",_message select 0,_message select 1], I tried to explain my question as best as possible , but to sum it up I am just trying to figure out what the heck remote_messages.sqf is supposed to do exactly? I am executing it in my complies, but ya any help understanding it's function would be great.