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Found 34 results

  1. Downlod https://ln.sync.com/dl/043e1b3c0/wkrywtzv-idjkp722-wzfqg9g6-53b7xfyj
  2. I know of some questions in the forums regarding custom loot crates with available missions systems. I have managed to create a custom loot crate thanks to @DAmNRelentless help, that randomizes items and weapons from user customizable arrays and integrate this with the mission system. This for the time being works for DZAI on Epoch Following is my custom lootcrate.sqf , all the classnames used is from the official epoch github repo with thanks to @salival found >here< From here I have added the following script to my custom DZAI spawns found in \z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\world_spawn_configs\custom_spawns\cust_spawns_panthera2.sqf. Obviously you will use the sqf appropriate to your map etc. ["staticspawn",10,2,true] call DZAI_spawn_units; if {DZAI_spawn_units && DZAI_despawnWait == true} then { execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom\lootcrate.sqf"; }; This method might need some tweaking and someone else might have a more effective way of doing this, but for me this works perfectly. Fully tested with random loot spawns after new AI group spawned.
  3. Can anyone familiar with DZAI help me with a way to time my custom crates to respawn with DZAI custom static AI. I have the randomized crate spawn at server startup, and essentially will be looted once the base has been cleared from all AI. Currently it will "refill" the crate based on a sleep timer. I would like to have the crate refill once the next round of AI spawns based on these values set: DZAI_respawnTimeMin = 300; DZAI_respawnTimeMax = 600; Any help will be appreciated. This is my current loot crate configuration. Thanks for @DAmNRelentless who guided me in creating this script.
  4. in my RPT server side, I keep getting this errors that have to do with the dayz_code loot. The errors below are only part of what is in the rpt server side. I only copied a few. Has anyone seen this before and what to do about it? By the way, they show up in 2 servers I have Sauerland and Taviana The loot system is working. When I take DZAI out of both server, I do not get these errors. Was doing sector B today, which I use the DZAI. Every time you would shoot your weapon two times, you could see the loot change. I have gone over the loot files on mission side and can not find anything wrong with it. Also, I had someone else look and they could not find anything wrong.
  5. Impact eSport got now an ARMA 2 - DayZ Epoch Server! Version: IP: // PVP // Chernarus // 30 Slots (if needed, we could get up to more) // Localized in germany TS3: ts3.impact-esport.de Discord: discordapp.com/invite/RdRaWjR Website: impact-esport.de # RULES + No Hacking / Glitching / Duping / Combat Logging + Combat and base building in and arround 1000 meters of traderzones is prohibited + Theft inside trader zones is prohibited + Fighting arround 500 meters of safezones is not allowed + Be friendly to other players + Respect the admins and moderator + Parked vehicles in trader will be deleted + Follow admins instructions + Kamikaze is not allowed + Do not destroy more then you need while raiding a base + Only one base per player # SERVER ITSELF + Coin System + No Weight + 1 Step Building + Snap Building + 50 Meter Plot Pole + 300 Items in Range + Plot for life + Indestructible Bases + Group Manager 6 Hours Restart - 4 will be day, 2 will be night. # MODLIST + Action menu + Custom Map + Custom Trader + AI City for Bandits & Heros + AI Missions (WAI) + Roaming AI (DZAI) - Roamin AI is NOT marked on the Map. + Spawn Selection + Spawn with Custom Loadout - We got Hero & Bandit levels up to 5 + Tow & Lift + Service Points (Rearm, Refuel, Repair) + Tame Dog + Custom Trader Inventory - More Vehicles at Bandit & Hero - More Weapons at Black Market + Vault Reset after 21 Days + Lockboxreset after 21 Days #Changelog
  6. Units are not spawning not sure what I did wrong. https://pastebin.com/FrScw6nd https://pastebin.com/SeETUnRy
  7. On my Chernarus map, players are not receiving humanity after killing AI. I am talking about the ones that spawn on you. Have the following set as: //Amount of humanity to reward player for killing an AI unit (Default: 0) DZAI_humanityGain = 50; Nothing in server RPT or client RPT Any thoughts
  8. Hi! How to add custom ai spawn Dzai or Wai? Napf map Explanation of DZAI_spawn_units (For spawning infantry AI) [ "1489.94,3657.41,0.002", //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area. 2, //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units. 1, //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade) true //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed. ] call DZAI_spawn_units; Not worked.
  9. Birgitte

    DZAI static spawns

    Is there a way to comment out a spawn point in DZAI so they do not spawn in certain areas like the airstrip on Napf?
  10. I have a custom citi added to my server. it is the Qdoba AI City. Ive checked all over the place but I cannot get AI to spawn in a custom location with either DZAI or WAI. Does anyone know how to do it?
  11. I am wanting to edit what spawns in the mission crates for DZMS and WAI, Im just wondering if anyone has some already modified configs i could look at for ideas.
  12. In Epoch 106 both WAI and DZAI, anytime certain boxes are used they dump there contents on the ground. Other boxes are working normally. I am running the 106 updated versions of WAI and DZAI. So far I've seen it happen with these 3 boxes. Can anyone tell my why this is happening? "RULaunchersBox","RUOrdnanceBox","RUBasicWeaponsBox"
  13. Hi!I was looking for, in what place removed vehicle patrol bots, but never found. In the files DZAI I opened vehicle, set ObjectID, ObjectUID, put in vehicle loot, added event message to the player that the vehicle will be lost after restart. Everything works, but when spawn a new patrol, the old vehicle is removed. I comment strings include deleteVehicle, did not help. Tell me which part of code is deleted? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey guys so super super weird question, but what controls the Ai's ability to move? Im having a problem where about 50-70% of the Ai are kind of "stickied" to the ground. Their legs will NOT move no matter what. They still do all the other actions, including shooting and awareness, but do not move around at all. The others run and do all the normal Ai things. I had the same problem with zombies... and then I defaulted compiles and was able to fix it that way :) (meaning I had bad code in my slow zombies scripts). With Wai though I've actually downloaded the absolute vanilla 2.2.0 and still they DO not move, the majority. This issue happens with both Wai and Dzai. And like I said it's only half of them, which is the weird part. I'd be happy to post any type of log that would help, but I don't know where to start :)!
  15. Hello Community, I would like to know how to create custom missions with either WAI or DAI. I know there is a template for this in the missions systems but I am not sure how to use them, I can see where objects and buildings are placed and the positions they are in but how do you make buildings and objects be setup where you want them, is it done on the 3D editor? A video tutorial would be most helpful, if there are any people out there with experience in creating custom missions for dayzmod Epoch then I would be willing to pay you for a tutorial. Lasombra.
  16. our server is back after being taken down for over a year. at one point we were ranked top 15 in the world. recently we have brought all files back to the gods of the interwebs. check out the new server, i am currently adding newer and improved mods into the server to make the gaming experience more streamlined. come check us out at ip:
  17. Greetings, I am rather new to the whole DayZ Epoch server thing.. Decided to set one up and I am getting an error, perhaps someone could help me out here? Everything was working 100% fine until I installed ESSV2 - (Enhanced Spawn Selection) then things went wrong, my arma2oaserver.RPT is below Addons I have installed: The issue: I either get stuck on "Requesting character data from server" or just a black screen with the DayZ logo, tried waiting around 10 minutes and still no change, however a small timer on the bottom right corner still counts up.. What I have tried: My RPT file: Any help would be much appreciated!
  18. This Server is Concentrated on Hardcore survival, build anywhere, do anything. This server is NOT easy and not for people who are easily frustrated. It Will test your patience and most of all, your skill. Stay alert. IP: Our only rule is: No sky/ floating bases and no ridiculous tower bases. Other than that, BUILD ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHING. ( hackers/ dupers will be banned obviously ) IP: Server Additions: -100 Meter Plot Pole - Roaming AI heli and ground patrols -Dayz Mission system -Wicked AI mission System -Disabled Player play as zombie. -Basic Starter gear -Upped vehicle ammo crate spawns -Decreased roadblock spawns -over 500 vehicles -Lootable Rocket Launchers (rpgs) -Repair(costsgold)/refuel/Rearm(costs gold) at gas stations & fuel pumps Additions to come: Vehicle Additions like m113, t-34(maybe), BMP HQ, BTR 60. IP:
  19. Pretty much every Asset from Arma2OA is inside, but NO: tanks, TWS, or other gamebraking shit! Well balanced, team-based PVP made from Epoch Veterans for Epoch Veterans! A bit harder than the rest, a bit more to explore and alot more to build! Welcome to Dead n Glad Epoch Takistan! powered by gaming.redrawinternet.com Server IP : Port: 4444 Server Version Join our Forum: http://DNG.wtf - Go here also for help! Join our Teamspeak: DNG.ts.ngz.net The Best Hardware! Right now we are on a 8 Core Xenon Dell Blade, 3,8Ghz on turbo, Database is in a RAMDISK, 10Gbit Connection from UK. Powered by Redrawinternet.com - thank you guys to make this possible again! More maps and gamemodes coming soon! Fresh Database from 12.09.15! The Best Software! Pretty much every script has been tested in the last 2 years, from random Nukes over AI-sectors on Aircraftcarriers - we had them all. Besides some own coding, only the best stuff is inside now, everything is well BALANCED to get the best epoch-moments you can imagine with this stoneold game. Right now weve added KING OF THE HILL - by loki87 from survivalcore.de Thanks Loki! Its really fun! The Focus in Development was always PERFORMANCE, so you will get the best FPS here, trust us. Even Serverside; up to 20.000 objects with no problem (we would never waste a database this much) ,expect arround 6.000 objects in a few months - - we try to never let it getting higher than this to always have a LAGFREE and performant gameplay for everyone! Some of the Serverside-Part is completly rewritten to get a more stable and faster game than the release is. Expect continued work over the whole phase - balancing will be always watched and corrected if we need to. Automated DB-backups every 5 Minutes, always the last antihack and also support over teamspeak nearly 24 hours a day. The Best Comunity! We had Youtubers, streamers, coders, big-clans and lone wolfs. 3000 Players a month on the old hardware. May you remember our old name... We are about to build that up again! Expect more Games, Mods and other content soon on DNG.wtf All Admins are from Germany, at least 25 years old and we all have 1000+ hours on our Arma2. Server language is usaly english, but you are free to speak whatever you want (we autotranslate everything anyway). NO DONATION CRAP! Yes, youve heared right; NO LOADOUTS, NO PERKS, NO BASEKITS, NO NOTHING but Epoch for Veterans! And now a boring list of the features, but you may will read it anyway: RandomAI: DZAI with some changes to keep the game hard until the playerbase has reached a specific level. Hived: You can spawn your virtual garage vehicles on every DNG Arma2 Server! Spawnselect: ESS2 by Ebay, well selected points and no parachute to keep the DayZ-feeling. Groupmanagement: DZGM in the last version, so persistent over restart. Advanced Trading: Faster, lighter, fixed! Deploy: Bike, AutoGyro, Jetksi (Mozzie is fo the noobs, real vets die in a Gyro :), or and M2 static! ClassSystem: Breaking-Point like, so YOU CANT WEAR HERO SKINS AS A BANDIT, and so on. Female Ghillie: Yep, its inside. Lift/Tow/LoadIn: Classic R3F including load in. Door/Plotmanagement: You should have seen it, it will make the game more playable. Thanks ZUPA! Virtual Garage: To keep the map fresh and the server fast; store your vehicles safe! Thanks GZA David! Paint Vehicles: You know it, thanks Maca134 for this aweseome piece of software! Service Points: Autorefuel and Repair (costs Gold) on every fuelstation. Marked with green dots on the map. Weathersystem: Each part of the map has his own weather! Seperate Day/Night zones will be added. Alchemical: Its called "CRAFT MORE" here to keep the confusing down, nearly every buildable item has been added! Snap/Vectorbuild: You should now the script. Simply awesome what you can build now. 1StepBuild: You dont have to wait when you wanne build something. Better be patient on setting up an anbush! CameraSystem: For your base! You may know the script, the TWS-part is not included! Colors: Dont like the high-colored default colorfilter? Choose another one from rightclick+map. Selection will be SAVED for your profile! Missions: DZMS with some changes, the bots are harder to kill than you may expect. Be prepared! Thanks Vampire! Drops: Different Suppy-drops, type, ammount and loot is choosen automaticly by playercount to get it balanced every time. All markers do respawn after death. 1Hit/SlowZeds: They are hard, but they are slow now. So you can go on a mission without the derpy-zombies glitching trough a wall! Remotekey: To find your vehicle, click the key and start the enging! No immersion-braking markers here! Elevator: Build your own Elevator for the base, just because you can! Fasttrader: Sell the whole invetory of your vehicle with one click in major tradercities! IED: Craft your own small trap-bomb and setup an ambush. Bicycle Break: No mor "accidents" due some hill driving; use the space key to break. Sirens: Cop car sirens + air horns with the well known "apocalypse now" sound for helis! Indestructible: Is only CINDER, METAL, and of course all indestructible-category items in the CRAFT MORE Rearmed: Armed Mv22 (yes, armed), rearmed Ks52 (just pkm), An2 with M134 and more! NoAmmoOnSpawn: No vehicle will spawn with ammo, you have to find or buy it if you wanne have fun with the big toys. Earplugs: on TAB key +++ Alot more stuff i dont remember right now ) But more spoilers = less wtf, so lets dont ruin your gameplay here. Expect very well made balancing, made from epoch-vets for epoch-vets, to keep you busy for 1000 hours - if you really want to!
  20. Hello Epoch Community, I do not know much about scripting besides the basics. I am trying to add music that will play when AI hunt down players. I want the music to be played global, and I don't want the music to overlap every time an additional AI patrol joins in to hunt a player. Now, I have tried using tons of scripts on the internet which show the basics of how to play sounds, but no matter what I do I cannot get them to play with AI reinforcements. I have a private server for me and just a few friends, so I want the music to be global. I have the AI as police so I was thinking something like PayDay music to play when cops start chasing the players. I have tried tons of different code but nothing happens. If anyone could help that would be great. If you could also give a step by step guide that would be incredible, because I know little to nothing about where to put the lines of code and stuff.
  21. Hello, I installed DZMS on my server and it was working fine missions where popping up no problem. Next i installed WAI and that worked fine but i noticed that the DZMS missions were no longer popping up. I also installed DZAI 3rd and the roaming AI are working. In the install directions for DZMS it told me to put this [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf"; in my server_monitor.sqf at the bottom of the WAI and DZAI lines like this [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\dzai_initserver.sqf"; [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf"; allowConnection = true; anyone have any idea why DZMS would stop working after WAI was installed? Are they not compatible Thanks Alec [note:] sorry if this is the wrong place for this.
  22. Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions We are a new overpoch server!! We have the best addons and the best admins there is in the dayz community ! Here are a list of some of our addons! DZAI WAI DZMS EMS Action Menu DoorManagement select Spawn Group Management Take Clothes Right Click Deploy Bike Snap Pro No VoIP service Point AI City Safezones Custom GUI Tow & Lift And that is just some of them !!!! We have an amazing group of players and we can't wait to add you to that group ! To join the server you can search the name of the server which is Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions Or you can join by ip which is - We can't wait to see you in the game ! Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  23. Hi, I have a script that I got somewhere in this forum that allows me to define an AI helicopter patrol by setting waypoints to define their path. So I have a squad of three that go around both Tavi islands before starting all over again. This was before I started playing around with DZMS, DZAI, and WickedAI. I I haven't nearly learned enough about them yet but was looking for some assistance to shorten my learning curve. Things I what to be able to do... If they spot a player, have the helis land and let out some soldiers to hunt them down, improve their aggressiveness, and also let them spot players on foot. I'm told that AI in air vehicles cannot spot players on foot but I recall playing on an Origins server a long time ago where they would also spot people on foot as well as in vehicles. So is it possible? I believe I also saw some missions (I think in WAI) that had helis land and deploy troops so it seems that it would be possible to do that as long as the AI can spot players. If I could create roving heli patrols defined by a set of way points in any of the current systems (DZMS, DZAI, WAI), I'd make the switch but most seem to just define a patrol area based on a center point and radius. So can any of this be done? Thanks, Bob
  24. I'm changing the loot/weapons on AI in DZAI from epoch weapons to overwatch, if anyone can post their files of their DZAI for an overpoch server I would appreciate it. Tried looking for a public one but couldn't find one. Cheers
  25. Proximus

    DZAI patrols

    Question about the dynamic patrols. I adjusted the heli patrols to 4 and the vehicle patrols to 5. When i log in i only see one heli flying around and 1 vehicle driving around. Don't remember if i read somewhere that it has to do with how many players are online, to make it more fair for that one player (me in this case) Is this the case?
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