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  1. I know of some questions in the forums regarding custom loot crates with available missions systems. I have managed to create a custom loot crate thanks to @DAmNRelentless help, that randomizes items and weapons from user customizable arrays and integrate this with the mission system. This for the time being works for DZAI on Epoch Following is my custom lootcrate.sqf , all the classnames used is from the official epoch github repo with thanks to @salival found >here< From here I have added the following script to my custom DZAI spawns found in \z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\world_spawn_configs\custom_spawns\cust_spawns_panthera2.sqf. Obviously you will use the sqf appropriate to your map etc. ["staticspawn",10,2,true] call DZAI_spawn_units; if {DZAI_spawn_units && DZAI_despawnWait == true} then { execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom\lootcrate.sqf"; }; This method might need some tweaking and someone else might have a more effective way of doing this, but for me this works perfectly. Fully tested with random loot spawns after new AI group spawned.
  2. Can anyone familiar with DZAI help me with a way to time my custom crates to respawn with DZAI custom static AI. I have the randomized crate spawn at server startup, and essentially will be looted once the base has been cleared from all AI. Currently it will "refill" the crate based on a sleep timer. I would like to have the crate refill once the next round of AI spawns based on these values set: DZAI_respawnTimeMin = 300; DZAI_respawnTimeMax = 600; Any help will be appreciated. This is my current loot crate configuration. Thanks for @DAmNRelentless who guided me in creating this script.
  3. Thanks @killerkiwi Very useful info. I have been looking for some of these classnames for a while.
  4. i have seen a lot of people looking for epoch class names with very little information available on where to find the full lists if you are planning on doing some custom loot crates for static mission spawns. I found on the Epoch Github Repo all the items available to I hope that others find it as useful as I have. >Full lists here<
  5. This is a really nice safezone script and works like a dream on chernarus. My question is, if i change the locations in the sqf to the trader zones on Panthera will it work for this map?
  6. Thats a good idea. maybe, as a suggestion and based on the hardware the server is running on that that continuous script execute on player death can be an optional feature. I for one would welcome it. My server currently runs on a KVM to which i have allocated 500gb ssd space from 4tb striped raid, 16 cores xenon @2.2 ghz and 16gb 2400mhz ram. I have a bunch of custom added bases and buildings, 2 static AI bases with 30 AI each, 3 mission systems, your evac system, single coin system with global banking, refuel/rearm, mystery corpse event, infected pools and dams, zombie camps, zombie hordes, supply drops, dynamic weather, customized loadouts..and with all of this im still only utilizing on 50% server performance. server running at 45fps with 10 people online. Here are some screenshots, first two are my custom AI bases and last one is our Evacs baricaded by barbed fence, lockbox for keys and refuel point: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287907026 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287906859 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287906710
  7. Thank you, much appreciated. Keep up the good work
  8. I have tried that. For me that method doesnt work. nor calling a custom sqf
  9. I found this on another forum, but seeing as I am truly dedicated to this one, I thought I'd share what i have found concerning the question I see a lot of people ask regarding default loadouts for everyone, including respawns and new players to the server. Its customizable with current class IDs. Unpack dayz_server.pbo and navigate to the compiles folder. Open the file named server_playerlogin.sqf. Find the follow block of code : _config = (configFile >> "CfgSurvival" >> "Inventory" >> "Default"); _mags = getArray (_config >> "magazines"); _wpns = getArray (_config >> "weapons"); _bcpk = getText (_config >> "backpack"); _randomSpot = true; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,[_wpns,_mags],[_bcpk,[],[]]]; _key call server_hiveWrite; and comment this out by adding /* */ to the top and bottom of this code block. Like this /* _config = (configFile >> "CfgSurvival" >> "Inventory" >> "Default"); _mags = getArray (_config >> "magazines"); _wpns = getArray (_config >> "weapons"); _bcpk = getText (_config >> "backpack"); _randomSpot = true; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,[_wpns,_mags],[_bcpk,[],[]]]; _key call server_hiveWrite; */ Then directly underneath this paste the following and configure to your liking. I have tried this and it works. To understand the logic, it is pointless to add a custom sqf in the mission folder, whether it be inside the init.sqf or a "exeVM" or a "call" method pointing to another custom sqf file seeing as the init is processed before server_playerlogin.sqf. _randomSpot = true; _inventory = [["ItemFlashlight","ItemMap","ItemGPS","NVGoggles","AK_74"],["ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller","30Rnd_545x39_AK"]]; _backpack = ["DZ_ALICE_Pack_EP1",[],[]]; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,_inventory,_backpack]; _key call server_hiveWrite; Here is a list of most of the class ID's currently being used. Not all of them are there, but for this purpose you will find it more than adequate. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/137361-dayz-chernarus-class-ids/ Finally we can now lay this beast to rest. Hope this will help many solve their default loadouts. I can recommend <ESSV3> by @ebayShopperif you need more than a single loadout for all spawns.
  10. Thanks for the help @JasonTM @steve21k. I realized that being a tool comes with disadvantages like asking dumb questions like mine. I realized this morning that in your features description you said that if the heli gets destroyed and by putting another heli on the pad will accept it as the new recue heli. So i went to buy another little bird, put it on the pad and i was allowed to remove the existing helipad. Initially my thinking in terms of removing them was too technical. So i can conclude that you have rebuilt an awesome mod and 99.9% flawless.
  11. Thanks. but what if the key is lost due to death?
  12. All working perfectly now. One question.. How do i delete an instance of the Heli rescue that is linked to a players UID? Like say if i want to move my Heli Rescue pad elsewhere? I found in the object_data table my UID is linked to HeliHRescue
  13. I found this in the variables.sqf from dayz_code.pbo inside @dayz_epoch respawn_west_original = getMarkerPos "respawn_west"; //Prevent problems caused by cheaters moving respawn_west marker with setMarkerPos or deleteMarker switch (toLower worldName) do { case "napf"; case "ruegen"; case "sauerland" : {dayz_minpos = -1000; dayz_maxpos = 26000;}; case "tavi" : {dayz_minpos = -26000; dayz_maxpos = 26000;}; case "chernarus" : {dayz_minpos = -1; dayz_maxpos = 16000;}; case default {dayz_minpos = -20000; dayz_maxpos = 20000;}; }; which would fall in line with this spawn location from server RPT : 20:57:06 "INFO: Cannot Sync Character Peace near respawn_west [-18700,25800,0.00149536]
  14. Saw this in the RPT server side after loading the new version ESSV3 : 15:05:49 "INFO: OnPlayerDisconnect exiting. Player is not in playableUnits. ["76561198133712970","Charlie Chaplin"]" and still spawning outside the map. Does this have anything have to do location?
  15. I think i might know what the problem is. The copy of ESSv3 i downloaded was from epochmod.com and if i compare the files on github to the zip file i have, there are a lot of differences. Im going to download the latest version from github and test again later tonight.
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