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  1. Dzhabrailov

    [Beta] New Kind of Headless Client

    update this HC please for dayz epoch !
  2. Dzhabrailov

    Auction House

    I use the system ZSC and what changes need to be made? apart from Variable
  3. Dzhabrailov

    Auction House

    its work Auction House dayz epoch ?
  4. Hello!! How to add item picture here Picture I do not understand, help please getText (configFile >> _cfg >> _obj >> "picture");
  5. Dzhabrailov

    how to animals humanity

    how to do it humanity for animals killed ?
  6. Dzhabrailov


    but where can I find it?
  7. Dzhabrailov

    Headshot kill dont worked

    Hello, guys! Why, when I kill in head Does not count death type shothead VIDEO YOUTUBE Server default.
  8. Dzhabrailov


  9. Dzhabrailov

    Headless Client

    Hello! who can make Headless Client for epoch1062 to order? Or I'm not at the address :(
  10. Dzhabrailov


    is there any on the epoch headlessclient ?
  11. Dzhabrailov


    Why are the boxes removed? VIDEO
  12. Dzhabrailov

    humanity animals

    How it possible to give humanity for killing animals? :D
  13. Dzhabrailov

    [Another Debug in the Wall]

    What happened? why the topic is not shown?PHOTO
  14. Dzhabrailov

    For making Masterkey

    Who will write making Masterkey for epoch without bugs and dumb (before it was possible to dumb cars)
  15. Dzhabrailov

    custom box WAI

    How to cut a random box and make a custom BOX WAI?