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  1. [Another Debug in the Wall]

    What happened? why the topic is not shown?PHOTO
  2. For making Masterkey

    Who will write making Masterkey for epoch without bugs and dumb (before it was possible to dumb cars)
  3. custom box WAI

    How to cut a random box and make a custom BOX WAI?
  4. fnc_plyrHit

    Thx :)
  5. Traders mapping

    Hello! How to change the mapping of traders or ?
  6. fnc_plyrHit

    But how to make Custom Kill Messages on ?? https://github.com/0verHeaT/CustomKillMsg
  7. fnc_plyrHit

    Where is fnc_plyrHit in dayz thanks in advance
  8. Mega Loot Tables Epoch

    How to change loot I do not understand
  9. I heard that there are a lot of mistakes and dups, but if it is not so, why not ^^
  10. its work oh yeaaah THX Maybe you can tell me some more cool and useful scripts ?
  11. Oh, it worked. Thank you. And there is a script Server_DeleteObjInsafezone on and then I put old 1.5 and the script does not work