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  1. They removed it with the 1.0.6 update. There is no possible way to restore the squad index.
  2. Anyone have any clue as to how the random loadout format works? Specifically an example? The definition is a bit confusing. I can't find the answer anywhere.
  3. I've been having problems making the AI attack zombies... up until now. I have the BI tools that allow you to work on the FSM files. You have to call the zombie_initialize file from your custom compiles, then in the zombie initialize file recall the zombie_agent.fsm file to the root of your mission folder. Add _agent addRating -1000000; to the **begin** category like this; _agent setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _agent setSpeedMode "FULL"; _agent addRating -1000000; //hint "run local zombie"; _isSomeone = true; Otherwise it seems to slow the server FPS because the AI have to run a script to engage the zombies, and it takes them longer to spot the zombies because usually these scripts are looped.
  4. The link doesn't work. Does anyone still have this and is willing to share? Would definitely help us a lot.
  5. The streetlights are still enabled, as well as a few other lights.
  6. Is there no way to disable the lighting system in the 1062 update? It robs from the environment to explore fully lit up towns and cities during a zombie apocalypse.
  7. Just a heads up; Removing the following [[DIK_1], _rifle] call _addArray; [[DIK_2], _pistol] call _addArray; [[DIK_3], _melee] call _addArray; Will break any HUD using the quickswitch function. The AI otherwise work just fine with the space bar, ~, backspace, and numberpad '.' (period).
  8. I figured as much, albeit I was a bit hopeful that you could call it somehow because it IS default in Arma II. Pity.
  9. Yeah I know that, the issue is that the squad index is hidden. I'm trying to figure out how to un-hide it so that you can see what soldiers you have selected when giving them specific tasks.
  10. So what would need to be done to enable the hud, exactly? Where in the keyboard.sqf does it 'hide' the menu?
  11. Still looking for an answer to this.
  12. Hello My server uses a feature that allows players to recruit AI via the radio. The AI work well and there aren't many problems with them except for the fact that the command HUD (the green group icons at the bottom left hand corner of the screen showing your soldiers) is disabled. The ~ and backspace button allow you to select and order them around but the numberpad ' . ' and f1-f10 keys are already bined to other features/disabled. Does anyone have any idea how I might go about un-hiding/enabling the command hud as well as adding the ability to select them with the f1-10 keys? Thanks.
  13. Hello The DayZ Epoch sky is very bland. Playing regular Arma 2, I noticed that the sky had a natural constellation which could be used for navigation. Is it possible to re-texture the sky so that we have the default Arma sky without using extensions? Thank you.
  14. Don't pay to have scripts installed. It's extremely easy to do yourself once you know how. Any server hosts that do not allow you to download the mission and server pbo files are a real pain to deal with.
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