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  1. you have the worst tutorial for your keychanger mod. i will not be polite about it, because it's people like you who try to do something and do it wrong.

  2. A chopper with a Key has to be on the landing pad. If the evac field dont get deleted, you maybe use the bad beta 112555 on your server? deleteVehicle is not working in that beta. Running fine on my server, and many other servers i know where i installed it myself. No issues at all everythign working! Need to have a look in the 1.0.5 files to see if it needs a update, but download is so slow on my end :/ Moo, Otter
  3. The menu entry has nothing todo with the server_updateobject.sqf had 4 guys today on my teamspeak server and guess what, they all had just the wrong rquirements in their inventory, the fifth guys missed a step on the install instructions. Im fine giving support on teamspeak for this, BUT, its working! just check everything again pls! Anyway i need to update it again to make it work for 1.0.5 Moo, Otter
  4. Okay i did not had a look for a hour or so and not noticed 1.0.5 is out now ^^ Will do the needed changes and then i just need someone on 1.0.5 that test it, best would be someone with a new beta version and infistar running ^^ I can test it on old beta with epoch 1.0.5, but i will not install new beta, as soon as gamespy shutdown i will take care about that. Posting here as soon as the client file download is finished and i had a look in the new files related to this mod Moo, Otter Otter
  5. Im already updated it a bit, had another player which wrote me a PM about it. It's almost finished and rdy for the public, maybe this evening! Moo, Otter
  6. It is the way things get stored to the Database on higher coordinates like [123.123[10000.123,12500.123,250.123] This would be reduced down to [123.123[10000.1,12500.1,5.123] This is not a Sauerland bug, it is related to the Arma engine which cant handle variables/floats with more then 6 digits!
  7. It is included in the 1.3 test version i posted, go try it! And a feedback would be nice, thanks.
  8. You can change this yourself if you like ^^ Not yet planned on making this any further, cause this Version now has anything i would like to have in it. No new functions planned, so there will be long time no new version, if noone comes with a good idea what needs to be added. Or if Epoch 1.0.5 comes out and there are changes to me made to make it compatible again. I never made a rightlick-on-radio function cause this is a Evac-Chopper, and normally a Player who dies and want to call his Evac-Chopper doesnt have a Radio on fresh spawn ^^ And it would require alot more of the Epoch-Files to be edited or you need to add another Mod to make it work! Moo, Otter
  9. Nice testing vid :) I'm working on a v1.3 which has a check for the bad beta version 112555 which has problems on the deleteVehicle command. But i can barely test it as i never used that version. Rolling Changelog v1.3: VASP_HotKey in the config secton, here you can set any dik_code you like to use as Preview / Preview abort Hotkey A routine to add, any Skin that is set in the AllPlayers variable in Epoch's variables.sqf also to the allowed list if someone used that variable to add more Skins also Fixed the displayAddEventHandler error Error type Script, expected Bool (thanks again to Gwandoya for the finding!) Fixed no preview for Ships and Motos (thanks again to Gwandoya for this line if (["trade_any_",_item select 9] call fnc_inString) then { ) TEST for Infistar detection and if found Skin-Preview position depends on amount of Players Previewing a Skin - Handled by a publicVariable - DebugMonitor override so the Preview-Message stays and not get overwritten by Infistar's Debug-Monitor Check for beta 112555 inplemented - If found all created objects get destroyed and moved away from the Playable Map-Area - Fixes the deleteVehicle not working in that beta version For all that wanna test it out: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fn3kxhm5n92873o/VASP_v1.3.zip THIS IS NOT THE FINAL v1.3 IT IS FOR TESTING ONLY! If someone runs Infistar or Arma2OA beta 112555 and gimme a feedback if it's working or not, i would much appreciate it! Moo, Otter
  10. Nothing in the scripts would delete the Action-Menu entry for any other Mod. Sorry really no clue without more information
  11. Thats really strange, i just can say again, script is running for over a year on my Server and is used alot, never had such strange behaviour!
  12. As the config says if you want to disable the Price for vkc_Price and/or vkc_claimingPrice you need to set it to "0" and not just 0 Moo, Otter
  13. No there is no vehiclefunctions.sqf needed 99% of the guys that asked me in Teamspeak about "why i get no menu entry" had not the right requirements in their inventory or messed up the config part. For example: If you have this block in your VehicleKeyChanger_Init.sqf ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // Edit these settings to fit your needs/likes // ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Claim Vehicles that does not yet need Key /// ///////// 0 = Not allowed | 1 = Allowed ///////// vkc_claiming = 1; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// //////// Claim Vehicles costs this Item ///////// /// Any Item can be used here, some examples: /// //// ItemTinBar, ItemSilverBar, ItemGoldBar, //// ////// ItemSilverBar10oz, ItemGoldBar10oz, ////// ///// ItemBriefcase20oz, ItemBriefcase100oz ///// //////// set to "0" to disable the costs //////// vkc_claimingPrice = "ItemGoldBar10oz"; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// Change Key costs this Item /////////// ////////////// see above examples /////////////// //////// set to "0" to disable the costs //////// vkc_Price = "ItemSilverBar"; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////// Need KeyKit to use this function //////// ////////// 0 = Not needed | 1 = Needed ////////// vkc_needKeykit = 1; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// DONT EDIT BELOW ! /////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// To change a vehicle's Key you need: KeymakersKit ItemSilverBar Key the vehicle is using at this moment Another Key where you wanna put the Vehicle on To Claim a vehicle that does not yet needs a Key you need: KeymakersKit ItemGoldBar10oz A Key where you wanna put the Vehicle on For the price, you need the exact given item in your inventory, so having a ItemBriefcase100oz will not work as the Mod doesnt handle the change itself! vkc_claimingPrice = "ItemGoldBar10oz"; vkc_Price = "ItemSilverBar"; Dont forget to put the item between " " as it would not work if you just have it like this: vkc_claimingPrice = ItemGoldBar10oz; vkc_Price = ItemSilverBar; Moo, Otter
  14. Be advised that this will give hackers the abilty to run any code they like with a call in a script! Not that they can do this anyway but...
  15. That was a nice guessing on what the OP meant ^^
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