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  1. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Standalone Epoch mod ? Maybe ? Maybe Not ?

    Yea not looking forward to standard trader cities in SA .. Im sure it will happen .. but unless its much different than epoch has had in the past .. makes it too easy
  2. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Standalone Epoch mod ? Maybe ? Maybe Not ?

    Just curious if there is any mod plans for DayZ SA , I know it's not Beta yet .. but just curious if the Devs had any plans for a version for SA ??
  3. Chainsaw Squirrel

    FPS since Arma update.

    nothing here either , I rarely get above 45 on anything arma .. average for me is 30 -35
  4. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Option for Gender Selection

    not seeing that kpabatok
  5. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Base Maintenance alternative payment options

    Hey Dev team .. I was thinking ... could you make it possible to pay base maint fees with alternative sources.. like tin, copper, silver, gold and or jewels
  6. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Making epoch underwater missions

    Hello all... Im looking to make some part underwater missions..want to make crate at wreck to gather intel for next part of mission.. Documents in crate to guide u to next location.. Dont know if its possible to do with epoch.. And if its possible to add text to a document in epoch..im guessing you could bring docs back to boat and read from ur inventory? And could a briefcase be used at a wreck instead of the epoch loot box at wrecks..as well while lm on the topic could Ispecify that sharks be part of the scenario? If not why ? Trying to bring back some more intrest to epoch again
  7. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Eden Editor Issues

    export to sqf .. then paste into notepad ++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ then make sure you save it as.. whatever.sqf dont for get the .sqf part :) It will look weird . all squished together .. but is ready to use.
  8. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Trader menu suggestions

    And this kind of stuff.. is why exile was born, epoch of course opened the gate for exile and others, trading and building ... was all stolen from the A2 Epoch .. never have been able to figure why such a direct opposite direction from the A2 mod epoch was taken. But the trader from pack and vehicle was never a epoch feature .. was a script trade from vehicle ver 2.0 was Csus. Not a epoch native ..many of the once add-ons are now built in to the exile mod.. which is great for the server owner .. for what ever reason VBAWOL cant or wont do the same for Epoch .. sorry VBAWOL but We love Epoch and want to see it grow and people to come back and start writing scripts etc for epoch again as well as exile .
  9. Chainsaw Squirrel

    What's up with servers?

    What Zed Said .. lots of them with tanoa .39
  10. Chainsaw Squirrel

    How to switch weapons since apex ?

    dont see an option to switch, will look closer tonight when I get home.. time to leave for work
  11. Chainsaw Squirrel

    How to switch weapons since apex ?

    it works as 1,2,3 in the "E" word mod before was scroll there too, but 1,2,3 on epoch are build options etc , I tried binding to mouse buttons but that didn't work either :(
  12. Chainsaw Squirrel

    How to switch weapons since apex ?

    How to switch weapons since apex ? Tried scroll , pressing 123 .. what changed that Im missing , to switch between primary and secondary weapon ??
  13. Chainsaw Squirrel

    [WIP] Iwagi, Japan

    But all that work you did on the other . what a shame! Was looking forward to that map
  14. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Can not connect to most epoch servers

    I was just not waiting long enough .. seems I have forgotten how long it takes to load up for epoch
  15. Chainsaw Squirrel

    Can not connect to most epoch servers

    Having same bug, but I dont think its related directly to epoch, exile similar bug.. epoch gets stuck at loading screen I think arma released a little compatibility patch for apex wed or Thursday .. before that had no problems