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  1. Check the recipes page in your journal. In there you will find the recipe for the crate. If it is a normal epoch server you are playing on it should be in there.
  2. _agent setObjectTexture [0, "textures\overall_prison_co.paa"]; this does only work for your client. if you want for all players to see the new texture you should do this: _agent setVehicleInit "this setObjectTexture [0, ""textures\overall_prison_co.paa""];"; if I'm not mistaken. You need to be aware that this might need a change in your battleye filters tho.
  3. what you are trying now is the lazy and at the same time more complicated stuff. first of all, how do you spawn that vehicle? is it coming from the database? (then check server_monitor.sqf) is it bought via a trader? (check the server_publishvehicle.sqf scripts) is it spawned via admintool? (check that one instead) then search for the line that has createvehicle in it, e.g.: _object = _class createVehicle [0,0,0]; after that you find some setvariable stuff etc. further down there should be something like this: _object call fnc_veh_ResetEH; after that, place the line I gave you. _object addEventHandler ["GetIn",{_nil = [nil,(_this select 2),"loc",rTITLETEXT,"This vehicle needs to be hotwired in order to work.","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE;}]; done.
  4. the eventhandler getin must be attached to where you create the vehicle. search for createvehicle and look where the other eventhandlers are attached. servermonitor etc. definetly serverside.
  5. an eventhandler works like you described it. once you enter the vehicle. the code is executed. everytime you enter it. sry for making it so unclear. yes the loc part is from the RE part of this. it means local the player.
  6. go to the script that spawns in the specific vehicle (e.g. servermonitor if spawned from hive, or server_publishvehicle when bought from trader etc.). add this: _vehicle addEventHandler ["GetIn",{_nil = [nil,(_this select 2),"loc",rTITLETEXT,"This vehicle needs to be hotwired in order to work.","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE;}]; Reconfigure it for your purpose. this will only be executed when a player enters a vehicle (once).
  7. The serverfiles are, as the name suggests, stored on the server. Ergo, nobody,expect you should have had access to them. (In theory) Sry, but you might have to restart. Epoch was updated anyway.
  8. How do you add them? You might not set up the vehicle correctly. There are some variables that must be set up correctly, else the ingame createvehicle check will kill the vehicle as soon as someone enters it. e.g.: dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor, _object]; _object setVariable ["ObjectID", "1", true]; _object setVariable ["ObjectUID", "1", true];
  9. This would best be achived via the server_monitor.sqf. if (_ownerID != "0") then { means its a locked vehicle. if (_object isKindOf "Air") then { means its an air vehicle, like helis or airplanes. then you would set _object setFuel 1; for it to be fully refueled at server startup. _object setDamage 0; _hitpoints = _object call vehicle_getHitpoints; { _hitpoint = _x; _selection = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> (typeof _object) >> "HitPoints" >> _hitpoint >> "name"); _object setHit[_selection,0]; _strH = ("hit_" + (_selection)); _object setVariable[_strH,0,true]; } forEach _hitpoints; [_object,"repair"] call server_updateObject; This makes it fully repaired on server startup. Someone correct me if I made a mistake somewhere.
  10. you can use extdb to achieve your goal. no need for a custom hiveext.dll. (tho it would be nice to have one; multichar support etc.) :)
  11. not possible via missionfile or serverfile editing. you would need to change that in the correct cfgmagazines configfile. which then means you would need to make a custom addon pbo file, which everyone needs to download in order to play on your server.
  12. thats correct. delay issue: if I remember correctly. the serverside script has a built in sleep. so it might be that it only checks each xx seconds.
  13. the number means minutes. 5 = 5 minutes after serverstart. 35 = 35 minutes after serverstart. and so on. these events will be executed each hour.
  14. check the classnames of the items and weapons. if there is a wrong classname the game adds a nonworking item to the body. when the player opens the gear the game checks the configs and produces an error. the game crashes.
  15. hint: check the variables.sqf for dayz_gearedobjects. all ori houses must be in there in order for them to be updated by the server.
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