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  1. Hi guys, sadly that is the truth as we already discussed earlier this year... It takes at least a few hours to setup the environment to compile the hive DLL (if you're lucky), but if you really wanna do it you can follow the instrcutions here https://github.com/vbawol/DayZhiveEpoch/blob/master/README I just don't have the time to do it at the moment, you can thank the author of the hive DLL for the complicated setup or just C++ itself since it can be a pain to use C++ with many external libraries :/
  2. yeah thanks for the offer, I don't know if it's worth or how many people are still using this mod.. since the hive changes are only a part of my mod after all it sure is some work and requires some testing as well.. I think my hive changes are pretty easy to merge with your code if someone just wants to do that.. but I still remember the pain in the ass to build the hive myself haha :p
  3. Oh ok if the changes are in an open pull request I didn't check that. At least something but I'm still busy atm and it's lots of work to get the required pre requirements to build the hive dll and stuff so, at least it was a pain back then... :D
  4. Hi, I don't have much time atm. Also I'm not in the loop of the current development of Epoch for ArmA 2, I tough there wasn't an update for over 2 years or something... anyway if there is an update to the Hive DLL it isn't in the official repository (https://github.com/vbawol/DayZhiveEpoch last change was about 3 years ago) or did that change as well? If so I don't know where to find the source of the changes, if it even is available as open source... Btw my hive changes are open source since the release, so if someone wants to build a new HIVE DLL they are free to do so with my modifications: https://github.com/vos/DayZhiveEpoch
  5. There might be some layout problems if the font size is to large, sadly there is not an easy way to make a dynamic layout for ArmA mods :( You know the user (client) can scale the font in the UI settings, e.g. with the setting "Interface size: small" so the fonts gets smaller...
  6. Should be pretty simple if you have some programming knowledge and look at the file service_point_repair.sqf around line 46+47 the selected part is repaired: _selection = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> _type >> "HitPoints" >> _x >> "name"); [_vehicle,_selection,0] call object_setFixServer; You can use that to check if the part actually is glass and only repair that, the name of the part is stored in the variable "_x", if you don't know the exact part names for the glass check the vehicle config file "cfgVehicles".
  7. @Thug: Yes in theory that should work with: _servicePointClasses = ["TK_GUE_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_EP1"]; like any other building or vehicle class, but you have to try it I believe there are some admins who tried that and it didn't work but maybe that was due to another problem I can't say for sure. :)
  8. You can simply check if a vehicle is locked with the locked function. just exit the script if the vehicle is locked or whatever you want :D if (!locked _vehicle) then { // only do something if vehicle is not locked };
  9. @bualdoot actually that is not a bad idea, but I have no idea if you can manipulate the fuel column that easily on buildings, it might not work. With a custom HiveExt.dll you would have all the freedom you need and can save whatever you like obviously, but for this script I wanted to keep it simple as I know there are many complications with a custom DLL, also many admins don't have that much experience, I use a custom DLL for one of my other scripts and get many questions about it and people don't know how to use it etc.. you know :)
  10. maybe you should ask Zupa that, he modified some of my scripts to work with his single coins system.. I can't tell how to change it because I never looked at the code :D
  11. sure that would be nice, I thought about it back then when I made the script, but is is very complicated to do that as currently it only shows a simple picture in the background.. I had an idea to just render the players in 3d behind the text like you see yourself in game with all your gear, but there are many problems with that because it all run on a multiplayer server so the 3d models would be visible for all players not just you and other stuff to think about, also much work :D that should be fairly easy to do if you want that, if you know how to get the currency (there should be a simple function call for that) :)
  12. So it works now with your first changes? Arma can be weird sometimes, but I can't tell you why it didn't work before :p
  13. @Sazarac yes it should work exactly like your code, maybe there is some other error or the building class names are simply not found.. hard to say without testing why it is not working with your changes. the syntax you used is correct: ["Land_repair_center"] with the brackets and quotes (e.g. a list with only a single element in arma script). what you can can do to test your other changes just use simple objects or building names you know will work, like ["Land_A_FuelStation_Feed"] or some other stuff from the original list: dayz_fuelpumparray = ["FuelPump_DZ","Land_A_FuelStation_Feed","Land_Ind_FuelStation_Feed_EP1","Land_FuelStation_Feed_PMC","FuelStation","Land_ibr_FuelStation_Feed","Land_fuelstation_army","Land_fuelstation","land_fuelstation_w","Land_benzina_schnell"]; depending on your map it may be different fuel stations, but if that works there is something wrong with the names you used ("Land_repair_center and" "US_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_Base_EP1") or the script doesn't work with those.. I can't help you more atm, testing arma scripts is a pain if something doesn't work, I can tell you that much :)
  14. just ignore it, nothing to worry.. but I never got a message like that :D
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