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Found 6 results

  1. Just made a new script for proper vehicle service points where you are able to refuel, repair and rearm your vehicles! (I could not find a good one, so I did it myself) "Proper" meaning everything is done like it should be in Epoch and saved to the database, e.g. the script is really repairing all vehicle parts and not just setting the damage to 0, so it's the same as if you would repair every damaged part yourself. Main Features: dynamic service points where you are able to select the options (default at every fuel station, if you want it's easy to add the epoch fuel pumps so you can build a service point in your base, you can also add vehicles or units if you want, like a NPC trader) you can refuel and repair any vehicle by just sitting inside and get close to a service station (default 10m), then you get the actions menu attached to the vehicle, with rearm you have to be in the gunner seat because only that turret will be rearmed (for all cases the vehicle has to be local to your PC, so your have to be the driver/pilot or are alone in the vehicle) the services don't have to be for free, you can add a price to every option like the traders (e.g. refuel is free but repair would cost 2 gold and rearm 3 10oz gold) dynamic costs based on vehicle type you can also disable any option if you don't want or need it, like disabling the rearm option completely anything important is configurable in one place with config variables (there are comments in the config block, just take a look at the file service_point.sqf) The Installation is pretty simple, it's just a client side script. Add this to your init.sqf in the "if (!isDedicated) then { PUT HERE SOMEWHERE (at the end is ok) }" block (so it will only be started on your client and not the server): if (!isDedicated) then { // ... some other stuff ... // add the next line somewhere in this block execVM "service_point\service_point.sqf"; }; Download all files from here into a folder "service_point" inside your mission folder: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point If you want to change the path, there is one config variable in the file service_point.sqf called "_folder", you have to change that so it can access the other files needed for the script. Here a screenshot how it looks like (click on the preview to show a full screenshot with the UAZ DShKM): Feel free to add features and tell me your ideas. :)
  2. shote

    BEC Messages Restart

    Hello all, So i have my server 99% done, so the last thing i have to make work is SCHEDULER.XML . The custom messages I have made to anounce the server restart and some "rules". So, the auto server restart its working very good, I have make it restart every 4 Hours and is good. So the thinng i want to make work is the Battleye messages (BEC/Config/ SCHEDULER.xml) Im going to past here all my SCHEDULE.XML and if someone see somemistake I will apreciate it a lot if share with me. SCHEDULER.xml - http://pastebin.com/rpt9dBMU same here SCHEDULER Thanks for help. shote
  3. I have a Napf map and I did not install auto refuel or repair. We want it somewhat old-school. So I installed a TK_GUE_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_EP1 in the middle of the map. It would refuel and repair in editor, but will not work in game. Here is the script: if (isServer) then { _vehicle_7 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["TK_GUE_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_EP1", [10228.423, 10289.031, -0.018438198], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_7 = _this; _this setDir -53.171276; _this setVehicleInit "this setVectorUp [0,0,1];"; _this setPos [10228.423, 10289.031, -0.018438198]; }; }; What do i have to do to get it to refuel and repair? Thats without turning on all other pumps on the map.
  4. Hey guys, I've been thinking recently, "Wouldn't it be great to have a Git Service dedicated to DayZ?". Why you ask? Well, yeah we have github and bitbucket and all your other gits. But really, if we had a dedicated DayZ Git for all our modifications and projects then we could advance our community's online collaboration. What can we use it for? Use it to share code snippets, normal git stuff, help each other with projects and learn from some of the best! But everything else works fine why not just use that? Because everything is in one place, and as I previously said, 'Collaboration'. OK so you convinced me how should we do it? I was thinking of using GitLab. Going to host it with a Digital Ocean server. This is just an idea, but I think it could potentially benefit the community. Vote here: http://goo.gl/BbZ63K Have something to say? Post below. FAQ Most projects are generally universal. Just "DayZ" in general I guess. All the individual projects are managed by their creators. Along with who ever they assign to managing their repo.
  5. Okay, so I'm new here and completely new to scripting I've played about with a server before and managed to get a few things working thanks to the great tutorials about, however our old host wasn't great, daily complete service downtime (both service and their webpage) and frequent server crashes. So we moved to gamingdeluxe, the one click install was brilliant and worked great, but the way they installed the mods has made it more difficult for myself a complete rookie who learned on one server setup to add anything. Literally one word (I"temMap") added to the stock loadout in the .ini file (worked fine on the old service) Stopped both the admin mod and the custom debug monitor loading on server start. and an attempt at disabling R3f Realism mod (one line of code voiding the execution of it added to custom compiles again something I had done previously) resulted in the server completely failing to load So to skip the in depth frustration what im looking for is for someone to help me either by scripting a few things into the server or to provide me with working scripts and instructions on how to install and possibly some correcting in my errors if it doesn't work there will of course be gratitude shown on my part and some compensation for your time and efforts in a monetary form for each working script (after verification) and recognition for your help on our server loading screen. I have given up as real life events have sapped the time I am able to sink into this for a while and would like the server running as intended ASAP The scripts we are currently looking to install range in complexity and include: Bicycle: A deploy-able mountain bike deployable by either rightclicking toolbox or scroll wheel or both that can be repacked after use Disabling Realism: Mainly to disable overburdened 3 Hourly restarts: Server restarts every 3 hours Custom monitor: A custom debug monitor containing player name, server name, a picture of current equipped weapon or vehicle, player kills, zombie kills, bandit kills, headshots, blood remaining, FPS, Web address,Time until restart. Custom buildings: A few custom buildings/encampments with a crate (weapon,building supplies,vehicle ammo,Medical supplies) in which AI spawn after each reset and the crates refill with custom map markers Random loot crates: Occasionally a random crate of either (weapon,building supplies,vehicle ammo,Medical supplies) Spawns on the map and is marked but No AI guarding (with serverwide notification) Its late and I may have missed some Edit or additions to come Thanks for your time I understand its a long ass post but I felt the more information I gave the better and apologies for typos Benjaaargh
  6. Good day i have seen that many people are having trouble setting up servers and adding their preferred addons and scripts to their servers. i am offering a service to add these scripts/addons to your Server for a Paypal Donation. if you are interested please contact me via PM or Email([email protected])
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