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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, With Axe Cops permission I am releasing my updated version of his amazing Service Points script. This includes support for original briefcases, gems (from epoch 1.0.7) and coins. (original github url: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point) (original install/discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/) **** *REQUIRES DAYZ EPOCH 1.0.7* **** Major Changes: This version adds support for both single currency and gems (from the epoch 1.0.6 update) as well as the original epoch briefcase currency system. Instead of pricing things like the original way, prices are now done on a "worth" similar to how coins are done. The price value of items are below. If you are using coins, I would recommend using the _currencyModifier variable since coins typically are 10x the value of briefcase based currency (1 brief == 100,000 coins) (You can either set this _currencyModifier variable to 1 then set the proper value or use the modifier, the modifier is mainly for dual currency servers) 1 silver = 1 worth 1 10oz silver = 10 worth 1 gold = 100 worth 1 10oz gold = 1,000 worth 1 briefcase = 10,000 worth Please see dayz_code\configVariables.sqf for the value of gems (DZE_GemWorthArray) and their relevant worth if they are enabled. Example config settings for _refuel_costs, _repair_costs and _rearm_costs: All 3 sections can either be made free, disabled or a specifc price with the following examples: ["Air","free"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" free for the specific action. ["Air","disabled"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" disabled for the specific action. ["Air",2000] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC",2000] will make the specific vehicle have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","free"] will make the specific vehicle be free for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","disabled"] will make the specific vehicle be disabled for the specific action. Valid vehicle config classes as an example: "Air", "AllVehicles", "All", "APC", "Bicycle", "Car", "Helicopter", "Land", "Motorcycle", "Plane", "Ship", "Tank" Visit my Github page to download and read the README.MD : https://github.com/oiad/service_points Old Epoch Version can be found here: https://github.com/oiad/service_points/archive/refs/tags/Epoch_1.0.6.2.zip
  2. Just made a new script for proper vehicle service points where you are able to refuel, repair and rearm your vehicles! (I could not find a good one, so I did it myself) "Proper" meaning everything is done like it should be in Epoch and saved to the database, e.g. the script is really repairing all vehicle parts and not just setting the damage to 0, so it's the same as if you would repair every damaged part yourself. Main Features: dynamic service points where you are able to select the options (default at every fuel station, if you want it's easy to add the epoch fuel pumps so you can build a service point in your base, you can also add vehicles or units if you want, like a NPC trader) you can refuel and repair any vehicle by just sitting inside and get close to a service station (default 10m), then you get the actions menu attached to the vehicle, with rearm you have to be in the gunner seat because only that turret will be rearmed (for all cases the vehicle has to be local to your PC, so your have to be the driver/pilot or are alone in the vehicle) the services don't have to be for free, you can add a price to every option like the traders (e.g. refuel is free but repair would cost 2 gold and rearm 3 10oz gold) dynamic costs based on vehicle type you can also disable any option if you don't want or need it, like disabling the rearm option completely anything important is configurable in one place with config variables (there are comments in the config block, just take a look at the file service_point.sqf) The Installation is pretty simple, it's just a client side script. Add this to your init.sqf in the "if (!isDedicated) then { PUT HERE SOMEWHERE (at the end is ok) }" block (so it will only be started on your client and not the server): if (!isDedicated) then { // ... some other stuff ... // add the next line somewhere in this block execVM "service_point\service_point.sqf"; }; Download all files from here into a folder "service_point" inside your mission folder: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point If you want to change the path, there is one config variable in the file service_point.sqf called "_folder", you have to change that so it can access the other files needed for the script. Here a screenshot how it looks like (click on the preview to show a full screenshot with the UAZ DShKM): Feel free to add features and tell me your ideas. :)
  3. I have a Napf map and I did not install auto refuel or repair. We want it somewhat old-school. So I installed a TK_GUE_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_EP1 in the middle of the map. It would refuel and repair in editor, but will not work in game. Here is the script: if (isServer) then { _vehicle_7 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["TK_GUE_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint_EP1", [10228.423, 10289.031, -0.018438198], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_7 = _this; _this setDir -53.171276; _this setVehicleInit "this setVectorUp [0,0,1];"; _this setPos [10228.423, 10289.031, -0.018438198]; }; }; What do i have to do to get it to refuel and repair? Thats without turning on all other pumps on the map.
  4. Epoch Better Refueling. GIThub: Better Refueling. Dropbox: Better Refueling. Overall status: This is now a work in progress. Current Phase being worked on: Phase 1 & 2 [Fuel truck Beta released]. Overview This is a mod aimed at improving the fuel pump / fuel truck setup in Epoch. Current release. Realistic fuel capacity for air and sea vehicles (an AH6 is faster to fill than a Blackhawk for example). Faster flood fill for large vehicles from the fuel truck. Refueling 'cycles' depend on capacity from the fuel truck. Choose which vehicle in range to refuel from the fuel truck. Fully configurable via variables. You can change Flood fill vehicle list (default is realistic vehicles) Vehicle capacities (default is actual vehicles fuel capacities) Fuel Truck fueling litres / cycle (default would be realistic if one cycle = 1 minute - which it does not) Flood fill litres / cycle (default would be realistic if one cycle = 1 minute - which it does not) Fuel truck refuel range. This project is being done in my own spare time and will be provided to all, free of charge. Peoples entitlement level is directly relational to the cost :D. I am very happy to have others join me in creating this mod. I firmly believe in pooling resources from the community to make a better end product. If you wish to join me then let me know here or PM me. All contributors will be listed here and in the readme file that will come with the mod download. Contributors can, of course, remain anonymous if they prefer. Planned features by phase (current status in []); Install Instructions Other contributors to this project. Comments, suggestions, desirables all welcome. RB
  5. short version: Looking for where the "Tag Friendly" script is located in Epoch. long version: There was a dayz mod when you tagged them Friendly it would add a little glowing globe around their wrist that only you could see. it was small so i switched the globe to a Down Red Arrow that would be over the persons head.. no missing it. you could change _tag = "Sign_sphere10cm_EP1" createVehicleLocal _position; to whatever you wanted.. a huge POW flag attached to the player, whatever.. Im looking to implement the code below in to the epoch script. // create tags { if (isPlayer _x) then { _rcharID = _x getVariable ["characterID", "0"]; _rfriendlies = _x getVariable ["friendlies", []]; _rfriendlyTo = _x getVariable ["friendlyTo", []]; if ((_rcharID in _friendlies) and (_charID in _rfriendlies)) then { if (!(_charID in _rfriendlyTo)) then { _position = [0,0,0]; _tag = "Sign_sphere10cm_EP1" createVehicleLocal _position; _tag attachTo [_x,[0,0,0],"lwrist"]; _tag setVariable ["belongsTo", _rcharID]; _rfriendlyTo set [count _rfriendlyTo, _charID]; _x setVariable ["friendlyTo", _rfriendlyTo, true]; _tagList set [count _tagList, [_x, _tag]]; player setVariable ["tagList", _tagList]; titleText [format["You and %1 are now tagged as friendlies.", (name _x)], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; }; };
  6. gng45mil

    Auto Refuel Help!

    I have looked everywhere for a auto refuel that works on epoch lingor but i can only find ones for cchernarus only. Does anyone know how to edit these to make it work on lingor/know a auto refuel for lingor? Any help is appreciated.
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