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  1. MatthewK

    dayZ Night Lighting

    Not this old toss again. I've been saying it for more than 2 years now. The lighting system has NEVER been turned off and the developers of Epoch have no idea how to do it. Even though you can see references to them attempting it in the scripts. You won't get a straight answer in here. It'll be , maybe , yes , no , for sure. Trust me, it's a NO! Peace. If you need any help with the scripts, for non-lighting issues . Email me via thecloud.org.uk ..
  2. You can always throw your questions to my inbox via the email list above. I probably won't reply as quickly due to other projects i'm about to take on, but I'll always be happy to help where I can. I hope your server is a success. Good luck.
  3. After yet another painful experience at trying to rebuild a DayZ Epoch Origins server community, thanks to the incompetent services of GTX Gaming. I'm retiring from this area of cyberspace and chilling out with many episodes of X-Files until I can figure what my next online community project will be. I just want to say that I've enjoyed my time playing around with scripts, learning a lot along the way and being able to help others too. This community has some very talented programmers that I've learnt a great deal from. Thank you to them and thank you to everyone else for keeping the DayZ Modding community alive. I wish you all much success in wherever life takes you, be kind to yourselves and others. You were my internet family and I'll miss you! Peace out :) Lee Keep in touch/Get in touch: [email protected]
  4. In short.. The DayZ Mod hosting business has turned to cancer.
  5. Yes. . I'm not a mysql pro, so maybe someone else can chime in. But that looks like a script is trying to save players to the player_data who are already in that table. So somewhere your scripts are broken and I'm guessing you've not even tried to start with fresh mission and server pbo and a fresh database , or that error would be history. There's no magic answer for you , you will have to start over and install each script one by one , test it, make sure no errors, then the next script and so on, until you find the culprit. You could have made a typo or deleted something in number of files. I know you want to hear something else, but the truth is , you're up a creek without a paddle on this one! .
  6. Yeah, your post put me on the right track. Cheers for that :)
  7. Got it working with this code at the bottom of my init.sqf: (just add more wrecks using the example) if(!isServer) then { private ["_objects"]; //Add as many wreck types as you like with: + allMissionObjects "wreckName" _objects = allMissionObjects "SpawnableWreck" + allMissionObjects "UH60Wreck_DZ" + allMissionObjects "UH1Wreck_DZ"; { _nul = [_x,4,0,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn; } forEach _objects; };
  8. Cancelled our service with GTX Gaming due to a never ending list of issues they blame the customer for , only to finally fix it their end without so much as an apology or a thank you for bringing it to their attention. Their one click install for Epoch Origins was broken from the start. I fixed more than a thousand lines of broken code. I fixed the issue where gear was being deleted from origin houses due to the menu option in self actions being buggy, which GTX staff claimed was a known issue and no fix , so basically don't lock your house twice. LOL!! They are so frikking lazy! I fixed the issue in 2 minutes! I've fixed other issues with their database events that will delete origin houses after a set number of days, I sent them the fix, but they ignored me and threw it back in my face... Other issues were resulting in gear being wiped, players logging in after dying with a life they had 5 generations back, and so on and so on.. All this due to things they'd not set up properly and scripts that were not taking into account the way origin houses are saved in the database (i.e they don't have a owner ID , the owner information is stored in the hitpoints field. So if the user didn't save any gear in their house , the event that deletes EMPTY unowned vehicles, would also delete your origin house.. how nice!).... They don't read you bloody messages properly either. Dozens of times I've had to message them from my sons account (it was his server) and I've clearly stated that "This is LEE, not *****" several times during a conversation and they persistently replied with "Hi ******" .. Even when I've typed it in capitals on a separate line and asked them to "Please call me LEE, this is LEE, NOT ******".. Proof they don't read the dam messages, they just go into automatic response mode! They only started paying attention when I threatened to cancel the other day, several times they wrote back with my sons name but then quickly edited it .. If you don't even pay attention to who you're talking to then how the bloody hell can you be trusted to pay attention to the more finer details! As a 43 year old IT professional and Network administrator (with a good understanding of programming), take my advice and avoid GTX Gaming if you're serious about building a community. You will find it impossible to get straight answers, you will be blamed for their broken installs and technical failures. Seriously, when someone like me with my technical skills and experience cancels their contract with a company like GTX, it speaks volumes for their service and people should take note! Sorry GTX, you're nice guys, but you suck at support and your one click installs are a joke! Stop blaming your customers and start taking them seriously. Peace out :)
  9. Has anyone got the heli crash burn effects to work for people who join the server after the crash has spawned? People who join after the crash has spawned don't see any smoke or fire. I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. thanks in advance.
  10. They make me rage so much. A simple 30 minute procedure turned into a 12 hour downtime. I give them credit for sticking to it, but you're right because whenever I go to them with a technical issue they come back at me like I've broken it, when clearly it's something at their end. Take this for example, we've been telling them for weeks that something was not right with the server, as everyone who connected would experience the same high pings and high desync every few minutes or so. They said it was probably a script we'd installed. Then yesterday we get an email saying they're moving everyone from that machine because it's beyond repair! lol The server is finally back online again. But not after I flipped out half an hour ago. The server does seem much much better, ping looks stable and no desync. But now our regulars are gone (again) and it's going to be another month of begging people to come join haha! I need a coffee :)
  11. Our hosting provider GTXGaming have had to move our server to a new machine due to hardware issues, during the move they have somehow broken the installation and we've been down now for almost 8 hours. The whole process was so supposed to take no more than half an hour. Sorry for the inconvenience. We had just started to get a steady flow of players too.. I'm hoping this doesn't mark the end of my efforts to keep the server running.
  12. Tried this on my test server and it works. You can prevent players with specific humanity from accessing only certain skins just be putting 4,0] at the end of the skin code, as shown in the last block of code below.. Just to clarify, this works on my test server. Haven't tested it on a live server :p In your classpick.sqf file change this code: _level = _classHover select 7; if (_level != 0) then { _vipUID = (getPlayerUID player); if (_level == 1) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl1) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 1 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; if (_level == 2) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl2) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 2 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; if (_level == 3) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl3) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 3 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; }; to this: _level = _classHover select 7; if (_level != 0) then { _vipUID = (getPlayerUID player); if (_level == 1) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl1) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 1 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; if (_level == 2) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl2) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 2 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; if (_level == 3) then {if !(_vipUID in vipClassLvl3) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class is level 3 VIP only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; //ADDED THESE 2 LINES . Note the _level == 4 .. _humanity = player getVariable["humanity", 0]; // You could put this at the top of the file after: _go = true; if (_level == 4) then {if ((_humanity >= 7500) || (_humanity <= -2500)) exitWith {titleText ["\n\nThis class for noobs only.","PLAIN DOWN"];titleFadeOut 4;_go = false;};}; }; Then change this: [" Survivor ","GUE_Soldier_Pilot",,[],[],0,0], to this: [" Survivor ","GUE_Soldier_Pilot",,[],[],4,0], // I change the 0,0 at the end to 4,0
  13. Thanks @Axe Cop, didn't see your reply until just now. I'll give that a go later, will be nice to learn something new :D @AiiDynBrus You will need to provide a bit more information. Are you getting any errors in your server log ? Provide a breakdown of what you've done so far, maybe pastebin the scripts with links in your breakdown. "this doesn't work" is the needle in a haystack statement for troubleshooting I'm afraid :(
  14. You can call the AI with a simple snippet like this: (this code could be run from an Epoch event script).. Go with DZMS and good luck :) [ [953.237,4486.48,0.001], // Position 4, // Number Of units "Random", // Skill level of unit (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", 4, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] call spawn_group; I used to use this type of code to spawn AI and paradrops onto douche bags camping the hills of Cherno. Just for kicks :D
  15. Don't know if you already knew this, but WAI has support for static missions. You can call the code from your own files, so for example you could have 1 or more static missions on any Island(s) that you run at server start, then just run WAI dynamic missions as normal. I used it on my old server, I had a couple of WAI static missions running via Epoch events and another at startup through server_monitor.sqf and then the dynamic missions via WAI itself.. Did you understand that? :p
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