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  1. Hey, iam as the titel says trying to change my map to taviana. i know that will be a lot of work with spwanpoint, traders, pi pa po but i want it anyways. I tried allready with just adding @Taviana to the server which obviestly not works like that but at least i wanted to try, i followed a few tutorial found on different froums but cause of none of them was supposted to be for v1 it did not work for me :D as usuall iam trying to change as much as possible and a new map is an absolut need. please help me :D
  2. Hey, I just starded to play around with arma 3 a bit and decided to set up an epoch server. after starting to customize the map (moving mission.sqm into safes, work on it and switch it back in the pbo and upload again) i noticed soon that around 50 % of all placed object do not show up in acctual game wich is dissapointing when trying to build a tradercity ^^. anyone ever had this problem or has an idea how to fix it ?
  3. so there is no way to get this character selection at the moment ? not even just the function to selcet a character without preview or anything ?
  4. Hey guys, so i try to change the most easy way to play away from the bandit style and allready did make a lot of changes on this. but to set up the crown on to this i need to support multipe characters, so i did find this post which was working for and i do wonder if there is any version like this for cause my scripting scrills are not quite good enough for changing this to hopefully someone here can help me out..
  5. found my solution in custom fn_selfactions thanks
  6. Hey guys, i want to add an option to the scroul menu when player is wearing a defined skin. I guess i do know how oit could look like but because of iam pretty new to this it of cause will contain fillwords if player isKindOf "TK_CIV_Worker01_EP1" then set vehicle cursertarget damage 0.66 i know that is very much, it close to nothing i deliver but its the best i can do with nearly no knowledge about if senteces hope u guys can help me out
  7. oh :D danks a lot icomrade. not tested yet but does make sence ^^ edit: of cause it did work
  8. hey guys, i wan to add an bomb to spawned c130j's tried like that if (_object isKindOf "C130J_US_EP1_DZ") then { _object addWeapon "BombLauncher"; _object addMagazine "6Rnd_GBU12_AV8B"; did the same with an2 and m240_veh and there it is working :O
  9. here is mine. nothing accept of the custom building is working
  10. wasnt my intention to let it sound like that :D
  11. the options are getting displayed so yes. iam sure
  12. First of all i will explain the problem. I have shown you my extra_rc which is running and working cause the building systen in this is working but when i try to run scripts, that i can run via my planermenu or keybinds they do not work. the option shows up so I tried it with toolbelt items can anyone tell me what i have done wrong here ? no errors btw
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