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  1. attach bombs to c130j

    hey guys, i wan to add an bomb to spawned c130j's tried like that if (_object isKindOf "C130J_US_EP1_DZ") then { _object addWeapon "BombLauncher"; _object addMagazine "6Rnd_GBU12_AV8B"; did the same with an2 and m240_veh and there it is working :O
  2. fuuuck yeah ! you fixed it. love so much ^^
  3. extra_rc can not execute files

    here is mine. nothing accept of the custom building is working
  4. extra_rc can not execute files

    no i can run the script when i keybind it
  5. extra_rc can not execute files

    wasnt my intention to let it sound like that :D
  6. extra_rc can not execute files

    the options are getting displayed so yes. iam sure
  7. extra_rc can not execute files

    i did try like that but its not working
  8. extra_rc can not execute files

    First of all i will explain the problem. I have shown you my extra_rc which is running and working cause the building systen in this is working but when i try to run scripts, that i can run via my planermenu or keybinds they do not work. the option shows up so I tried it with toolbelt items can anyone tell me what i have done wrong here ? no errors btw
  9. [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (26.09.2017, v1.4)

    after we got this working i can realy say i love the script. i use this overlay for every script i run that displays messages and it perfekty fit to my hud and forum after customsation. Thanks for the upload and the help
  10. [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (26.09.2017, v1.4)

    if i do understand right i can not use this display my messages for missions ? i did try it with your code so, but wasnt working also sleep 60; _path = "custom\drops\drops\"; _scripts = ["drop1"]; _rnd = floor(random(count _scripts)); execVM format["%1%2.sqf",_path,_scripts select _rnd]; _header = "Mysterybox"; _line1 = "Search the box inside the blue circle marked on your map"; _line2 = "The crate can basicly contain everything"; [nil,nil,_header,_line1,_line2] spawn RLNT_updatePanel; sleep 900; _path = "custom\drops\drops\"; _scripts = ["drop1","drop2","drop3","drop4","drop5","drop6","drop7","drop8","drop9","drop10","drop11","drop12"]; used it like this but i keep getting this error Error in expression < [nil,nil,_header,_line1,_line2] spawn RLNT_updatePanel; sleep 900; _path = "> 22:26:57 Error position: <RLNT_updatePanel; sleep 900; _path = "> 22:26:57 Error Undefined variable in expression: rlnt_updatepanel 22:26:57 File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\drops\dropinit.sqf, line 14
  11. @theduke you were right. is was not commanded yout. thanks for the hint. but is still not safeing ^^
  12. LOL isnt that commetet out? I did laught at my selfe When i saw The mistake. Throught i allready did that
  13. Advanced Crafting (without the alchemy)

    @ViktorReznov i did try like in the instructions before but that wasnt working so i thought just adden to SafeObjects caus thats the list of objects safing to db, isnt it?
  14. i can not because you cant get messages :D but i will post a downloadlink here http://nonvirtual.de/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo pls responde after you downloaded so i can delte it again
  15. [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (26.09.2017, v1.4)

    did that but messages are still not showing up. i will show you how i trieded to use it called in dropinit (a simple mission script by my self)