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  1. Quick update. We now have Helicopters, Summer Chernarus, Missions and More FPS and better world loot. Note: Expansion mod is NOT needed
  2. Hey everyone we would like to invite you to our new dayz standalone pve server. Server Address Discord https:discord.gg/q4V2r6M Website http://www.puregaminguk.net We regularly run Server Events including, Custom Weather System ( Our player base LOVES this one) The Chernarus Cannonball! ...... Think you're fast? Why not join us on Wednesday nights for our Road and rally races, with Fabulous in game CASH Prizes! You don't need anything to join, we supply your vehicles for the event. Just join our discord,(linked above) and let us know you are racing and we will get you all set! We have Toxic Zones at high level Military Spawns, You need protective gear..... but the loot is worth it! They are Alpha ( Tisy Military) and Beta (Troitskoe) and The Entire of Skalisty Island We also have a Black Market Toxic Zone, You get more Cash for ALL weapons, but it's a dangerous place to go! WE also have a nice safe all-in-one Trader at Altar Custom Spawn Points, Vehicles and High Value Airdrops that attract Wolves!!! Custom Start Load outs, and Very Active Helpful Staff at hand. See you in The Walking Z! Mods on the server, Custom weather system PvZmoD Spawn System Toxic Zone No Vehicle Damage Check Pulse Party Me Much Stuff Pack Medical Attention Airdrop Updated Builder Items Base Building Plus Unlimited Stamina Forever Lights and Campfires Cannabis Plus Inventory Plus Plus Mercedes G65 AMG Disable Base Destruction Build Anywhere v3 MVS CPB Weapons Server Information Panel Inventory Plus Plus Better Supressors zSpawn Selection IRP LandRover Defender 110 Kill Feed Code Lock Bullet Stack Plus Plus Banking Trader Schana Mod Global Chat Vanbilla Plus Plus Map VPP Notifications VPP Admin Tools CF Note: Ask one of our staff for your basic starter kit, to help you get established on the server.
  3. We have now opened up a space engineers server with a few mods everyone is welcome to join Info ---------- Server IP: space.thewalkingzuk.co.uk Server Discord: https://discord.gg/t6nK88j Server Website: Coming Soon
  4. normally.. well from when ive had passed servers from gsp they are set to their local address so there would be no harm in changing it to the local address and see if that works.
  5. oh i can see all the servers fine on dzc its just in game. No one can see it. but they can see all other servers
  6. can anyone else help out in anyway?
  7. We also trying out the apocalypse survival. We got AI Missions AI Air Drops Auto Refueling at gas stations Snap Tool Traders - No SAFE ZONES Custom Map JSRS & Blast Core Supported there are 2 or 3 mods. but its not game changing Rules are limited. Info can be seen under the post
  8. oh that's not what i have for my server. I was just putting them names and password there so i don't show the password But i will change the onHackedData = ""; onUnsignedData = "";
  9. I can see the server on dayz commander if i search for it. I can also see the server if i use remote and connect to the ip. But when i search for "Overpoch" in the search box ingame. All servers come up but mine.
  10. Im at wits end trying to work out why no one can see the server with ingame on the server list. Type in Overpoch and all servers show up but mine. I will add my server config and what not here so you can see how i have it set up and all. Also its run on a dedicated server. Not a hosted companie (Server port : 2302) just so you know Config.cfg Basic.cfg Server Stat bat All dll files are unblocked and all ports have been added. If you need any more info please let me know. Thanks Just to add. Its not a new server its an old server and it was working fine before the gamespy shutdown.
  11. When buying a vehicle it this shows up in the log 19:06:13 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: [b 1-1-B:1 (Adam) REMOTE,"Adam (PlayerID) deleted UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1 @063076 - characterID any - objectID: 15124 - objectUID: 0"]" 19:06:26 "EPOCH SERVERTRADE: Player: Adam (PlayerID) bought a SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 in/at Unknown Trader City for 20000x Coins" 19:06:26 "PUBLISH: Attempt 2eafdd00# 1064312: arrow_down_large_ep1.p3d REMOTE" 19:06:26 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:308:11:SUV_TK_CIV_EP1:0:5988:[139,[6389.76,7753.36,0.0118103]]:[]:[]:1:63898775340404:"" 19:06:27 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:388:63898775340404:"" 19:06:27 "CUSTOM: Selected "15125"" 19:06:27 "PUBLISH: B 1-1-B:1 (Adam) REMOTE Bought SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 with ID "63898775340404"" But again it does not take the money from the bank or the money you have on you.
  12. Are you talking about this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "gold\player_traderMenu.sqf"; initialized = true;
  13. Now i have the coins working and saving how it should do. The is something new, when you buy something from a trader you dont get the money for it or takes the money for that matter
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