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  1. We have now opened up a space engineers server with a few mods everyone is welcome to join Info ---------- Server IP: space.thewalkingzuk.co.uk Server Discord: https://discord.gg/t6nK88j Server Website: Coming Soon
  2. normally.. well from when ive had passed servers from gsp they are set to their local address so there would be no harm in changing it to the local address and see if that works.
  3. yea i think the staff on the forums need to go on a clean up. Removing all the posts with nothing on them..
  4. After a lot of thought and discussions we have chosen to move full PvE. What we are working towards is more levels of hero and an xp system that will allow you go gain xp from killing zombies to doing missions and so on, on our transfer to pve a lot of the pvp aspects has been removed or disabled. People coming from the pvp server will be given a small starter kit to get you going. We are also going to be focusing on survival aspect.
  5. We are We are pleased to announce the launch of our arma 2 Overpoch DayZ server, we are a PvE with a PvP aspect, What we mean by this is our server supports both play styles we have a zone on our map that you are allowed to base raid and kill others as you would find on a normal pvp server. Doing this we have been growing a community and getting a foot hold in the arma 2 community, we also welcome all Suggestions you can do this by joining our discord or our website (Website Offline for now) We can offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples, Fair adult and mature staff. Experienced staff with experience and successful servers from Arma 2 to Arma 3, Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do. We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us. Features: Full Day / Night cycle (No Voting) Time Acceleration. Build Limit is based on your humanity, the higher your humanity the more objects you can build. Indestructible Bases with in the PvE Zone Only. Custom AI Missions. Custom Loot. Realistic Towing. Slow Zombies (still a threat and more of them.) Self Blood Bag. Air drops. Snap Building. Coin System. Repair/Fuel Services. Deploy Bike. Bury Body. Take Clothes. Locate Vehicle. TAB Menu. Custom Traders for 10k / 50k / 100k / 500k humanity Change / Custom door codes. and much more Website: Website Discord: https://discord.gg/zubtHR9 Server: overpoch.thewalkingzuk.co.uk
  6. oh i can see all the servers fine on dzc its just in game. No one can see it. but they can see all other servers
  7. can anyone else help out in anyway?
  8. We also trying out the apocalypse survival. We got AI Missions AI Air Drops Auto Refueling at gas stations Snap Tool Traders - No SAFE ZONES Custom Map JSRS & Blast Core Supported there are 2 or 3 mods. but its not game changing Rules are limited. Info can be seen under the post
  9. oh that's not what i have for my server. I was just putting them names and password there so i don't show the password But i will change the onHackedData = ""; onUnsignedData = "";
  10. I can see the server on dayz commander if i search for it. I can also see the server if i use remote and connect to the ip. But when i search for "Overpoch" in the search box ingame. All servers come up but mine.
  11. Im at wits end trying to work out why no one can see the server with ingame on the server list. Type in Overpoch and all servers show up but mine. I will add my server config and what not here so you can see how i have it set up and all. Also its run on a dedicated server. Not a hosted companie (Server port : 2302) just so you know Config.cfg Basic.cfg Server Stat bat All dll files are unblocked and all ports have been added. If you need any more info please let me know. Thanks Just to add. Its not a new server its an old server and it was working fine before the gamespy shutdown.
  12. When buying a vehicle it this shows up in the log 19:06:13 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: [b 1-1-B:1 (Adam) REMOTE,"Adam (PlayerID) deleted UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1 @063076 - characterID any - objectID: 15124 - objectUID: 0"]" 19:06:26 "EPOCH SERVERTRADE: Player: Adam (PlayerID) bought a SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 in/at Unknown Trader City for 20000x Coins" 19:06:26 "PUBLISH: Attempt 2eafdd00# 1064312: arrow_down_large_ep1.p3d REMOTE" 19:06:26 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:308:11:SUV_TK_CIV_EP1:0:5988:[139,[6389.76,7753.36,0.0118103]]:[]:[]:1:63898775340404:"" 19:06:27 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:388:63898775340404:"" 19:06:27 "CUSTOM: Selected "15125"" 19:06:27 "PUBLISH: B 1-1-B:1 (Adam) REMOTE Bought SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 with ID "63898775340404"" But again it does not take the money from the bank or the money you have on you.
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