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  1. No worries man. I really do try to help people. Some days I should wait to reply until I've drank my mountain dew though lol :) I've been doing various computer programming for years, and even I have a hard time with the code for epoch mods. So don't feel bad if it takes a while to figure the mods out. Although some can be time consuming, most mods are fairly easy to install. The main thing that causes problems is that people think they followed the instructions exactly, only they really didnt because they misread them or something. Give it time, and you'll be a "pro" like the rest of us. Is there any reason you are not using single currency? It really makes things so much nicer.
  2. Apparently you don't read the forum or search very hard, or even the very first post. If you had, you would have read the hundreds of posts and the initial post by Zupa, saying this is only for SINGLE CURRENCY....ie..COINS. Briefcases are part of the gold currency system. Therefor, cannot be used for Advanced Trading. Zupa said several times that he is going to work on making Advanced trading work with gold system also. But, until he completes that, you can't. Feel free to go and edit the code yourself though and make it work.....course if you didnt read even the first post, you probably wouldn't know how to code either. The very first post for Advanced Trading says, "First version will support only the following: Config traders Single Currency ( ZSC 3.0, Souls Hive 2.0, For 999 change the variable name in the sets at the top.)." <------------ HERE is your ANSWER I apologize, to anyone else that had to read this post of mine, if I sound a little rude. Anyone that has spent time on the forums can agree with me that it gets annoying having to answer the same question over and over again in the same forum topic just because people don't take the time to actually read. Answering the same question just makes the forum take way more pages than it needs too, making it that much harder for some one that actually needs help with something, that hasnt already been answered, to get helped.
  3. Uhh, 15-20 is on the low side. Think about how many weapons vehicles can hold. Some of the easy ones to get, can hold 40. Putting a limit on how many you can sell at a time, would limit the amount of space for gold bars anyway, and really just compounding the problem. If you don't have a limit, then you have more free space for the "combining" of briefcases. The sale of the items would make the money as combined as possible and thus take up less room. But having a limit, you will probably end up having more partial briefcases, which you would have to combine later. On my server, I spectate players a lot, and see them drive from building to building, picking up weapon after weapon, and gear, until the inventory is completely full. Then they go sell it all. That's what I love about the current advanced trading, you can mass sell everything in the vehicle basically, and not have to worry about how much room the money takes up when using SC. I really don't care if you can purchase vehicles through advanced trading. It's not needed. The regular trade menu works just fine for simple things like that. Advanced trading's appeal is you can sell everything way faster, and you can buy multiples of things a lot easier as well. If you are buying or selling a vehicle, being able to do multiples, doesn't apply.
  4. See above......lol. Seriously though, its cause you messed up some where. I can't really say where, because I don't have your files.
  5. It looks like the 999 version is using headShots. So you may want to check the entire getvariable is there. For instance, getVariable ["headShots",0]. So make sure you have the ,0] on it. I'm kinda guessing as to what you should have though, because I don't have your actual files to look at. I am just looking through the code of the SC script Zupa has on his github. Also, depending of where you are looking, it may be slightly different. For instance, when it is setting the variable, it could be like this, player setVariable ["headShots", _qtychange , true];
  6. Both of your guys's problems have been answered multiple times on either the Advanced Trading forum, or the appropriate Single Currency forum. But, read below and I'll once again try to give the answers that multiple people, including myself, have already given :) Also, the complete .sqf files for the corresponding mod, are very useful to post. Just make sure you put them inside a spoiler, and they are formatting the same way as when looking at them, in say, Notepad++. First off, does Advanced Trading work, but you don't get the coins from it, or, do you not get coins from Advanced Trading and from normal trader menu? I am certain you don't have the variable set right in both places. Also, try "HeadshotsZ" for the variable instead. If you look at your character table in you database, what ever the headshots column is named as, is what you want to use. In my table, which should be using the default values, it is "HeadshotsZ". If i remember correctly, there is a spot in the advanced trading script where you need to set it, and in the normal trader script. I also recall swapping out (I believe it was) fn_selfActions.sqf with a Single currency version. My server has been off for a month or so since I have been doing some job training, but I do still have the files, if I really need to look at them and tell you for sure. You need to change the currency variable, to the variable name used for the money. For instance, if you have a single currency (ie. COINS not gold) with banking (ie ATMs, bank, etc), then the typical variable name uses "HeadshotsZ". If it is Zupa's Single Currency 1.1 with storage (no global banking), then it typically uses "cashMoney". But, other versions may use different variable names. The important thing, is to check your character table in the database and use the headshots column (exactly as it appears with the proper capital letters), if it is global banking. That typically works. I can pretty much guarantee that for anyone not receiving coins from selling, or that are told they dont have enough money when trying to buy, it is because your scripts have the wrong variable name in them. That makes the script not know how to find your money, or where to put it when giving it to you. Reply back if ya still can't figure it out....just make sure to post the entire files, and not just the lines you think are the problem.
  7. The normal trading does it as follows, so just edit the variables and such to match what advanced trading uses.
  8. The instructions did say what to do. So, you just missed it. Glad it works!
  9. I understand where you are coming from, i was simply stating he doesnt have one. He obviously doesnt know that he doesnt, so I was just pointing that out. Nox (noxsicarius Epoch Admin Tools) is Admin tools - Teleport, spawning, skin change, weather, etc. Best free admin tool there is :) I'm thinking his problem is fixed since he hasn't been back though.
  10. It's amazing how many server admins/owners don't read their own log files. Or, just have such a lack of understanding, that they could not read the multiple lines in the log that said exactly what the problem was...missing a ; (semicolon)....kinda hard for it to work if it isn't even loading the compiles I would imagine. Should use the copy/paste features of editors next time, so you don't miss that last little character :) Hope you got it working though. If not, post your custom compiles and I'll fix it.
  11. Its not anti hack related since he doesn't have one. I have Nox tools also, works just fine.
  12. I know what the error says. My question was why is it being too big only occasionally. I never really looked at worldspace before I added PBB, but I just assume the original code didn't have as much worldspace data length since it didn't go to such a precise grid. I know the limit is 128, and the error ones are over that. But is the 128 a limit of the hive DLL, or can I just alter the database to like 256?
  13. Ah. Ya, I'm not really sure either. The DLL thing is why i opted for ZUPA's SC 3.0, instead of souls 2.0, or the others. I guess I'll have to fiddle around with it and find out. Sounds simple enough :) I use your P4L 2.34, and really like that it uses the inventory field. Some times I worry that having P4L, doormanagement, plot management, and I'm sure some others all on my server right now, using the inventory field, is going to cause the field to be over the length limit or something and cause problems ( I actually do have an issue occasionally with worldspace data too long, for metal floors (maybe others) at the moment). Which is why I'm hoping we can use the fuel field, or maybe the hitpoints fields or something (with the stock dll files). I'll definitely take some more looks at your files. So, I'll try your suggestion for file edits and see what I can do. I'm not as experience in arma scripting as you guys are, but, hopefully I can make it work.
  14. Some of my players are having issues with objects they have placed, such as metal floors, disappearing at restart. I'm trying to find the log file that has the exact error, but, in my server window, it basically says Error worldspace data too big. I have P4L, vectoring, and PBB installed. Could it be that PBB makes the location/direction fields too long occasionally, since it makes them more precise? I can't say for sure that PBB or any of the other mods are responsible, just a theory. I'll update post when I find which log file the error is in. Been several restarts since I saw the error in the server monitor window. Here is the actual error.
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