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  1. It's a sad time to see anyone leave, you'll always be welcome back though @Cherdenko Thread locked due to the previous replies which are now removed, come on guys, let's try and get along with one another.
  2. Either missing server keys for @DayZ_Epoch or version mismatch, where the server runs one version and the player another version.
  3. Richie


    @Krit English only please.
  4. The cannot play this mission etc is almost always a missing addon in your misssion.sqm or a typo in it somewhere
  5. Enough now, it went too far several replies back, I really do not want to take action but you know I will, let's all behave like grown ups, cut the bull shit and get along, If you have an issue with someone, take it elsewhere. The forums are for help, support and an all in one place for all things Epoch, It's not for name calling and provoking people, It you have nothing constructive to add, by this I mean real help then don't bother posting.
  6. English only please, as per forum rules.
  7. If you have your own license you can, might be worth asking in advance how but in the past you could install an unactivated version and then use your own key, this might of changed since though.
  8. English only please, as per forum rules to avoid this being locked.
  9. Richie

    Script Idea

    BRPVP has Ai defences, maybe ask @Donnovan for permission or help ? he's a nice helpful guy more info on BRPVP can be found Here
  10. Richie

    Taviana wont work

    Sahrani and Lingor are both supported terrains, the server keys are packed with the terrain by their authors.
  11. Thread locked, if you need assistance please use English, as per forum rules.
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