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  1. Extraction Point Zero DayZ server uses Livonia map and is lag free thanks to extreme internet connection 2gbs up/down speed in EU. Server uses @ this moment two mods, #trader mod is coming very soon. Server has many nice futures like, auto restart after every 12h, auto restart if server has been crashed, INFO, WARNING, UPDATE messages, commands and many more, visit website to look more. Main mission in this server is survive in this post apocalyptic and reach Extraction Point Zero secret place in map. If you get it there you find secret chest, what inside, you must get it first there. So jump in server, loot gear, watch out other survivors and start travel :) Server IP: alternative IP: Server Name: Extraction Point Zero Website: expzday.com Server is also listed in bohemia monetization servers list and all maior Online Server List websites like https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ https://www.gs4u.net/en/dayz/ https://www.trackyserver.com/server/498447 https://topg.org/dayz-servers/server-596737 https://serverstoplist.com/server-extraction-point-zero-7027567 and all others.. ANNOUNCE: We recruit server staff, feel free to apply in website! Thank you all survivors and see you in game #peaceful #letsbefrends #teamup
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