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    To Bot or Not to Bot

    A bit of progress with the bot. Built in pathing I'm still to find, or wait for them to release to modders :) I put some serious hours into a pathing / collision avoidance system for local agents that never made it into A3 Epoch. That's going to come in handy now. I will update with progress here and on the discord, join here : https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7
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    Dayz Epoch (2019)

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    A3 Epoch v1.3.2 Update

    Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.2 has been released! Server Files: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch Gamemode File Changes: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/pull/1008/files Release Notes: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/46253-a3-epoch-v132-update/ Full Changelog: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md Client Files: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 http://www.moddb.com/mods/epoch/downloads/epoch http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27245 (Optional) Server Files are available here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1642000412 Note: this is meant for updates only as there is no DB folder and all configs appended with "-example". The first-time install would need this -example part removed from the file name and the DB folder from Server Files on GitHub. Other than that it should just override and update the server pbo's and mission files and dll's . Added Non Lethal Weapons Make opponents unconscious with special weapons Unconscious players can be woken up by a MultiGun with Heal Player attachment after a random timer (60-180 seconds) Paint Garages (with optional map markers) around the map for painting Vehicles Park your Vehicle in / on the Garage and hold Space (DynaMenu) on the Terminal Costs: 500 Krypto (Configurable by Admins) https://plays.tv/video/5d5d721191c8f06d14 Player / Server Statistics (within the E-Pad) Times connected / Playtime (hours) / Max Alivetime (hours) / Distance Walked (Km) Objects Looted / Trades at Trader / Placed Buildings / Crafted Items Karma / Player Revived / Tradermissions Player Kills / AI Kills / Antagonist Kills / Zombie Kills Deaths by Player / Deaths by AI / Suicides K/D PvP / K/D PvE https://plays.tv/video/5d5d716b0b171855fe Hint in Inventory for Heal / Revive / Repair to be used as MultiGun Attachment Item description to Trader items https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/622554669830373399/unknown.png UAV Backpacks - Assemble and then use via DynaMenu (SpaceMenu) Animated Heli Crash (with scattered loot) https://plays.tv/video/5d8a717407926fbfc2 Some Chinese translations (thx to @CHL198011) Fixed Players could instant get killed on contact with new placed BaseBuilding Parts Players Glasses (Goggles) were not correctly added on login / revive Some Building Parts where falling down on build (also when snapped correctly) Texture for Solar Generator / Charger was broken Changed Weapon attachments are no longer dismounted within containers on restarts Clothings (BackPacks / Vests / Uniforms) in storages will no longer get unpacked on restarts Vehicle / Storage Lock Colorized Vehicle / Storage Lock messages Hint how long your Vehicle will stay locked on lock Vehicles locked inside your own PlotPole-Range have now a longer Locktime Inside your PlotPole-Range: 3 days Outside your PlotPole-Range: 30 minutes https://plays.tv/video/5d5d71d2137413ba08 Increased UAV sounds Changed Taru / Huron / Mohawk Door Sounds (more decent sound) changed unarmed jump animation UAV-Support (AI's) will now spawn a bit more away from your Position Changed / Fixed some Epoch asset models Reduced Rain by default Hunger / Thirst / Alcohol loss no longer depends on time multiplier by default Reworked Looting function (Epoch furnitures + additional ground Loot) Server Owners Added an option to force the Gender for Players on Spawn / Respawn with "ForceGender" in cfgEpochClient.hpp Added the FastNights Epoch Event by default to epochconfig.hpp Added Compatibility to Lythium and Livonia Map Added a MultiMap compatibility Make it possible to run also not official supported maps Use the mission.sqm within the epoch._ChangeMe folder Spawn (Debug-Box) is set to [0,0] and spawn positions are random created on restarts Custom Textures (e.g. from Paintshop) can now be saved to the Database set "UseCustomTextures" in epochconfig.hpp to "true" force saving Vehicles after painting by: Client side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_interact; Server side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle; To adjust the new BaseLock-Time, use "vehicleLockTimeHome" in epochconfig.hpp Configs for the Painting Garage (available colors / Costs) can be found in CfgPainting.hpp SetUnitLoadout has been replaced by an Epoch function. To simply strip and reload Inventory, use "call EPOCH_ReloadLoadout"; Player Login Mass-Check Another fix to prevent login issues If you still have issues, make sure these positions are very close in your mission.sqm: respawn_east respawn_west all VirtualMan_EPOCH Entities Players playtimes are now shown in the Playerlist in Adminmenu https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/613059969943601208/unknown.png Added a function to jump up for Admins in Adminmenu Admin Teleport on mapclick now use ALT instead of CTRL (prevent creating Linemarkers) Added an option "EnablePhysicsOnBuild" to cfgEpochClient.hpp to disable physics while Building Changed syntax in cfgServicePoints to allow inherits from other Vehicle Classes Some more infos can be found here: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/34454-repair-rearming-script/?do=findComment&comment=307310 Added a config for the already available FastNight Event to epochconfig.hpp New Weapons + Mags: pvcrifle_01_F NL_pvc_bb_mag -> Knockout nl_Shotgun NL_shot_bb_mag -> Knockout nl_auto_xbow xbow_mag_bolt -> Kill xbow_mag_tranq -> Knockout xbow_mag_exp -> small explosion -> Kill hgun_Pistol_tranq_01 tranq_dart_mag -> Knockout If you run Infistar lower then v260 (not published for now), you have to change this inside your Infistar files! A3AH: 1 Search for: "_addCaseHDMG = 0;" add a new line behind it with: "_addCaseHDMG = player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" 2 Search for: "if(_addCaseHDMG == _roundRandomNumberHDMG)then" change it to: "if(_addCaseHDMG == (_roundRandomNumberHDMG+1))then" 3 Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',''];" change it to: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" A3AT: 1 Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];" replace it with: "if (infiSTAR_MOD == 'Epoch') then {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];}else {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];};"
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    MGT Epoch Altis

    Features Black Market Traders with every in-game item available for purchase Loot++ Spawn Cars++ BLCKEagles Mission Cap Points WAI Mission (customised by DB) Militarized Cinder bases are indestructible friendly staff and players willing to help Contact DLC items R3F Towing/Lifting/Loading Players are genuinely listened to and changes are implemented quickly 500 part base limit FPS++ Spawn and pack quad/jetski through dyna menu Battleye and infiSTAR protected Reduced weapon recoil and sway Use DLC vehicles without owning DLC (you will still get prompts to buy the DLC) Halvs spawn select system Vehicles stay locked for 24 hours JSRS, Dragonfyre, Blastcore, Dynamic Soundscape, Dyna Sound and Enhanced Soundscape mods allowed New traders Custom Safezones Pay check system Remote garage door opener Vehicle flip option Virtual Garage Incoming missile warning Safe hacking Adjustable view distance via dyna menu Server IP:
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    W.I.P Images from Dayz(SA) Epoch

    All these images can be found on our discord, if you are not a member already, hop on and keep up to date with the progress of the mod.
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    Ignatz Epoch Altis - UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP

    Ignatz Epoch Ignatz Epoch has been transferred to new ownership, therefore I (the new owner) want to let people know there are changes happening on Ignatz and it would be awesome if people can come check those changes out. To list a few of the changed features: Increased loot spawn in city and military areas added high-end vehicle spawns increased view distance 2500 up from 1200 increased number of spawn points increased number of building parts to 300 max Got rid of auto vehicle deletion at base spots Allow menu level 2 to be purchased with crypto increased missions adding SEM which has convoys and bandit camps increased loot at missions Craft quad without materials This is just a few of the changes that have happened to the server, many more are planned, but will come in due time. Please come have a look! IP Address: Discord: Ignatz Discord
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    Traps server menu

    Made this in my free time awhile ago thought id make it public. Right Alt is the key to open the menu. Install instructions are inside the download. https://github.com/NWDZ-Trapxxgods/traps-menu here is a picture of the server menu
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    I spent some time getting Virtual Arsenal Shop System (VASS) working in epoch recently and figured I'd share that (though may not be the best way to do this, as it's my first time really making anything for arma or epoch). Full credit to: https://github.com/7erra/VASS-Virtual-Arsenal-Shop-System EDIT: I created a fork on github with basically all of the below changes, so you only need to merge description.ext, init.sqf and CfgFunctions.hpp. (Instructions for doing so are at the top of the readme in the repo.) https://github.com/Alsekwolf/VASS-Virtual-Arsenal-Shop-System Step 0: get the "VASS" folder from that Github and place it at the root of your mission file. Step 1: Add to description.ext #include "VASS\gui\cfgGUI.hpp" Step 2: Add to CfgFunctions (Default for epoch would be in mission file \epoch_config\Configs\CfgFunctions.hpp) class TER { class VASS { file = "VASS\fnc"; class shop { preInit = 1; }; class getItemValues {}; class VASShandler {}; class addShopCargo {}; class addShop {}; class resetTimer {}; }; }; Step 3: Now you are going to need an object in SQF code at wherever you want the shop to be accessed, something like private _objects = []; private _objectIDs = []; private _item1 = objNull; _item1 = createVehicle ["Land_CashDesk_F",[11843.6,13031.7,0.0419998],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _this = _item1; _objects pushback _this; _objectIDs pushback 1; _this setPosWorld [11843.6,13031.7,6.992]; _this setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.956641,0.29127,0.00066811],[0.000698392,0,1]]; trader123 = _this; _this setVehicleVarName "trader123"; publicVariable "trader123"; but you won't want to use that, it does need a name Variable though, like "trader123" shown there (the rest of the code will assume you use trader123, or change it in any occurrences). Step 4: Create a SQF somewhere in the mission file, mine will be TraderCFG\Trader.sqf and add this code to it // Client Stuff ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (hasInterface) then { _shop = [trader123,"Shop test"] call TER_fnc_addShop; }; // Client Stuff ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Shop Inventory ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _cargoArray = [ // array in format: "class", price, amount "arifle_MSBS65_F",100,true, "arifle_AK12_F",100,5, "arifle_AKM_F",50,5, "arifle_MX_F",75,5, "hgun_P07_F",20,5, "optic_DMS",10,5, "optic_ACO_grn",5,5, "B_AssaultPack_mcamo",25,5, "U_B_Wetsuit",25,true, "U_B_HeliPilotCoveralls",10,true, "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam",15,5, "30Rnd_762x39_Mag_F",5,true, "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",13,true ]; // Shop Inventory //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Server Stuff ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if(isServer) then { // Objects ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// private _objects = []; private _objectIDs = []; private _item1 = objNull; _item1 = createVehicle ["Land_CashDesk_F",[11843.6,13031.7,0.0419998],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _this = _item1; _objects pushback _this; _objectIDs pushback 1; _this setPosWorld [11843.6,13031.7,6.992]; _this setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.956641,0.29127,0.00066811],[0.000698392,0,1]]; trader123 = _this; _this setVehicleVarName "trader123"; publicVariable "trader123"; // Objects ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Add Shop Inventory ///////////////////////////////////////////////// [trader123, _cargoArray, 2] call TER_fnc_addShopCargo; // Add Shop Inventory ///////////////////////////////////////////////// }; // Server Stuff ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replace all the code inside "// Objects //" with the object code you got in step 3, and make the any occurrences of "trader123" match what you name yours. Step 5: you'll need to add that file to run in your init.sqf, something like call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "TraderCFG\Trader.sqf"; Step 6: navigate to "VASS/fnc/fn_VASShandler.sqf" and in change "getMoney" to be like case "getMoney":{ /* Description: VASS wants to know how much money the unit has Parameter(s): 0: OBJECT - Unit whose money is requested Has to return: NUMBER - Unit's money */ params ["_unit"]; _Crypto = EPOCH_playerCrypto; _Crypto; }; Step 7: you'll need 2 files, name doesn't really matter but mine are "TraderSetMoney_init.sqf" and "TraderSetMoney.sqf" in TraderSetMoney_init or whatever you name it, put if(isServer)then{ Alsekwolf_server_TraderSetMoney = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "TraderSetMoney.sqf"; "Alsekwolf_TakeGive" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select 1) call Alsekwolf_server_TraderSetMoney}; }; (Change the TraderSetMoney.sqf name to whatever you make that file, or add if its in a folder and not root mission file) Step 8: put the following code in "TraderSetMoney.sqf" or whatever you name it _this call EPOCH_server_effectCrypto; Step 9: put the following code in your init.sqf and make it match your naming [] ExecVM "TraderSetMoney_init.sqf"; Step 10: in "VASS/fnc/fn_VASShandler.sqf" change "setMoney" to match case "setMoney":{ /* Description: VASS changes the amount of money the player has Parameter(s): 1: OBJECT - Unit whose money will be changed 0: NUMBER - Amount of money changed (can be positive or negative) Has to return: Nothing */ params ["_unit", "_change"]; Alsekwolf_TakeGive = [player,_change]; publicVariableServer "Alsekwolf_TakeGive"; }; That should be everything, I'm really sorry if I missed anything, it's been about 2 weeks of trying different things to get this working. Also sorry for the bad writing of instructions, not great at that.
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    I have Identified the cause of the dissapearing bodies which was due to how simulation was being managed. I just pushed an update to the experimental branch that disables the script that manages simulation along with a bunch of other minor bug fixes. I will get back to this after New Years to finish the remaining updates which deal with: new ways to identify locations to spawn missions; updated simulation management.
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    I'm now testing enemy artillery in my server, and got it working (not balanced yet) 1. Activate artillery module by adding this in dayz_server/WAI/init.sqf (Because I use this BIS_ARTY_LOGIC for all mortars, we can use only 1 type of mortar in the the server. I think I'd better create new BIS_ARTY_LOGIC in spawn_static.sqf and use it in arty_fire.sqf .. but I haven't tried this yet) 2. To add brain of artillery to each mortar (which you will spawn by using spawn_static function), add this into dayz_server/WAI/complie/spawn_static.sqf 's Line183 or around - where one of the static weapon is prepared for battle. 3. Now this is the brain of artillery. Create dayz_server/WAI/complie/arty_fire.sqf with this content (Most settings are hard-coded here so far, and may be inbalanced) Notes: To spawn artillery, put this code in the random mission If the mortar's group find a player, they will try to bombard him. I think the mortar unit doesn't have good eye, so I'm combining the group to another static weapons or cars like
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    @Schalldampfer I found out, that Epoch_server_cargosave will not 100% work on killed Vehicles. It will not pushback backpacks and items, but weapons, magazines and subcontainers. Maybe an issue in Arma, not sure. But I have added a workaround to the experimental files, that Backpacks (and items within Backpacks) will also work now. But Items are still an issue (this means ItemGPS, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, weapon attachments ..., but no Epoch Items like mortar, metal....) So here is the needed change in the Epoch Files: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/297b2c04734b872b8769c3f972cf29c4b80c000e And I have another (in the case better code) you can simply run in your Init (without any other changes in any other files): if (isserver) then { addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; if (_killed isKindOf "Landvehicle" || _killed isKindOf "SHIP" || _killed isKindOf "AIR") then { if (!istouchingGround _killed) exitwith { _killed spawn { _start = diag_ticktime; waituntil {uisleep 2; (isTouchingGround _this && speed _this < 1) || diag_ticktime - _start > 10}; if (!isnull _this && !(surfaceiswater (getpos _this))) then { _pos = getPos _this; ["groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0], _this call EPOCH_server_CargoSave] call EPOCH_server_CargoFill; }; }; }; _pos = getPos _killed; ["groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0], _killed call EPOCH_server_CargoSave] call EPOCH_server_CargoFill; }; }]; }; You can call in any script, the Server is running on startup. Oh and thx to @Tarabas for his hint about the Eventhandler "EntityKilled". I was not aware about it before
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    Skalka City: Map edit

    https://youtu.be/b-MtH3sAKvU Download Link https://github.com/sam563/map/blob/master/skalka.sqf Before https://imgur.com/FAxEtFH After https://i.imgur.com/wDCll41_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium HOW TO INSTALL add map\skalka.sqf to your mission file In your init.sqf in if (isServer) then { add the line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "map\skalka.sqf"; INFO To disable vehicle wrecks, dead bodies, tents etc... to fit better into epoch change: _apocalyptic = true; to _apocalyptic = false;
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    I think BI have changed the behavior for waituntil loops with the latest update. I do not know this scripts, but you could try the following: Replace this line: waitUntil{if({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 0)then{uiSleep .2;false};if(({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 1) || !isESVP)then{true}}; with: waituntil {{cursorTarget isKindOf _x} count ['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] > 0 || !isESVP}; And replace this line: waitUntil{if(locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 0)then[{uiSleep .2;false},{if((locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP)then{true}}]}; with: waitUntil {(locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP};
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    2019 New Server Manager help

    Definitely take a look at the status bar / earplugs / other cool things in He-Man's github at: https://github.com/Ignatz-HeMan For missions you have a few choices. for traditional styles of missions SEM by Kiloswiss is nice (and grahame or He-Man may have an updated one), and I have been developing blckeagls for some time. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Experimental-6.94 Vampire has made a very nice town invasion / base attack system that was updated a while ago. Finally, if you like roaming AI, A3EAI has been working well for me. I can send you a dropbox link if you like.
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    New Mod based on Epoch?

    You can use our released sources on GitHub to build a new Mod. Please use another name than Epoch for your mod, give proper credit and keep the same license: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/dayz-mod-license-share-alike for A2 and https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike for A3 Also, If released to the public you need to also share your work in the same way it was shared to you (GitHub). If you want to include assets that are not available on the GitHub you may need to ask for further permissions.
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    Best A3E mission system at this time is BlckEagl's... By default there is no init.sqf in the Epoch mission PBO no.
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    Are you looking for a Super-Dooper OMG we've got 100000 cars, 4x loot and safezones server with flying unicorns pooping out loot all over the map? Well then, this isn't the server for you. If you don't want any of that mamby-pamby BS, read on! The Killin Zedz community, which was formed in early 2013, has returned to run a DayZ SA server! Over the years, we've had servers for DayZ mod as well as it's offspring (Epoch mod for example). We expanded into Arma 3 mods as well, but the community was shut down earlier this year due to a lack of anything new to play and boredom. Now we're back! IP AND PORT: Features include: Custom coastal spawns Increased zombie spawns - Good luck getting into a military area on your own! 3PP view with weapon cursor NORMAL loot and stamina Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 4 hours server cycle) Four hour server restarts Located in New York (East coast USA) MODS ON THE SERVER We are using the following mods on the server: Arctic Latitudes - This causes the sun to be low in the sky and the night time has a twilight effect. No more pitch black nights! Sullen Skies - More clouds and gloominess to help create the atmosphere. DisableBaseDestruction - Bases can only be disassembled from the inside. Increased Lumens - Even with the twilight nights, it can get dark in the woods and buildings, so this will help make light sources brighter. Build Anywhere - Is there a 1% grade on the ground? No problem, now you can build there! Zombies Health Rebalance - The zombie health varies depending on the type/clothing/protection (ie: A soldier zombie is harder to kill than a shirtless old man zombie) DayZ Expansion Chat - Brings back chat in the server! RPCFramework - Required for the Chat mod. Summer Chernarus - Chernarus is so green and colorful! Gorez - Adds blood splatter, a blood trail on wounded players until they bandage and a pool of blood under dead players and zombies. Melee Weapons Pack - A bunch of new melee weapons! HOW TO JOIN THE SERVER I recommend you download DZSALauncher at http://www.dayzsalauncher.com/. Once you've installed it, just search for "killinzedz" and you'll find the server. All mods will download automatically. If you insist on using BI's official DayZ Launcher, you'll need to subscribe to the individual mods in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597575287 You can either join the server using DZSALauncher, and these mods will be downloaded automatically, or you can download the mods, activate them in the official DayZ Launcher, and then join the server from in-game. The DZSALauncher is MUCH MUCH easier. There's no application process. Just join our Discord server at http://Discord.me/killinzedz and join us on the game server. You can even join the Discord server through your browser, without downloading and installing the Discord software! We also have a Steam group that everyone is welcomed to join too! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/killinzedz
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    Well, I haven't updated this post in a long time. Rather than posting every update here, you can read about the current status on our Discord. We just did a complete wipe as some players created some monster bases that were causing some problems. Feel free to come by and check us out!
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    I read it somewhere in the forum post but to fix the bouncing back into the air you can disable sntiteleport cheat in @epochhive folder in teh file epochah.hpp then set antihack_antiTeleportCheck = "true"; false to disable antiTeleport checks.
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    Solved, thank you all .
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    [RELEASE] Epoch ,OriginsMod pack.

    Hi, Epoch / OriginsMod 1.8.3 pack This is the salival pack that I modified to adapt it to Taviana 3.0. https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/44789-salivals-mod-pack-all-my-mods-tested-working/ I added the following mods to it: - DZAI - WAI - Select Spawn I made some modifications so that the mod works on Taviana 3.0. There is still some modification to make, I will update regularly. *** download: *** https://github.com/MigSDev5/Epoch_origins_pack Edit: if you want me to add things in particular, please let me know.
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Im going to test this on my server this week and let you know what people think. I have it working great on my Test server. I linked the mortars to the M2 guns and it doesn't seem to OP. There is such a long travel time between firing the rounds and them hitting, people should see it fire and get the hell out of there.
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    Hey everyone, So, long story short, I used to play OG Arma 2 DayZ Epoch more than 5 years ago. Playing the Epoch mod on Arma 2 was absolutely one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had and I miss it every day. I miss the trading, base building, and awesome PvP tension when I was scavenging for supplies. I would love to get back into Epoch. However, I’m really confused about how I would go about getting back into playing Epoch. I haven’t played for years and I’ve been reading about the mod in 2019. Apparently, there’s Arma 2 Epoch, Arma 3 Epoch, and there’s supposedly an Epoch mod coming for DayZ SA? Could anyone tell me the differences between all these version of Epoch – if there even is one? Which one of these is the “best” place to play the Epoch mod and why is it the best? I own both Arma 2 and Arma 3. If the standalone is really the best place to play Epoch, then I have no issue purchasing the game. I’m just really confused as to where I should be looking to get back into Epoch. Especially since I always figured Arma 2 would be “dead” after so long. Any help with these questions is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    4:35:12 "Epoch: Loading storage" 4:35:12 Error in expression <ld",false]]; _vectordirup = [_vectordir,_vectorup]; if (count _pos == 2) then{> 4:35:12 Error position: <_vectorup]; if (count _pos == 2) then{> 4:35:12 Error count: Undefined variable in expression: _vectorup 4:35:12 File epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_storage.sqf..., line 53 After removing all storage (tipi shelfs gunsafe etc) , simple login at 1.32 with all (whole DB intact) on 1.31 no problem ??? , yet on 1.32 its ...black screen Finaly found it one item from the early days ["StorageShelf_EPOCH",[270.397,[12460.1,15208.1,0.000717163]],0,[[] sort of way back 'pointing where' Error gone all is fine
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    I just pushed experimental build 186 which has some changes I hope improve efficiency and a few bug fixes. Any testing reports would be appreciated.
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    Custom Xml files for mods.

    There so many new and good mods coming out every day. The trouble is, some mods require type.xml or event.xml script to be added. Like vehicles, clothes, food, ect. Then when Dayz devs puts out an update it sends these .xml files back to default. Then I was thinking what if we had a custom type.xml and a type.xml file (same with the event too), where we can put the mod script into and have the game call from both files. example: All the mod's type.xml scripts will go into "custom type.xml" The dayz update new data will stay in the "type.xml" So we can continue to get all the new update items and it wont effect the mods that we have on our server, and vice versa. This would be a win win for the Devs and the modding community. I was thinking of just adding custom type.xml call script, but cant find where the type.xml call script is located at in the pbo files. "Any Ideas" on how to go about doing this will be very helpful and appreciated.
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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    For the trader issue, i'm guessing you are missing this: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/SQL/epoch.sql#L111-L146 Please also post your HiveExt.log
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    Safezone tk_ac_kick

    If you are using Epoch Admin Tools or the Test Kit comment out this line: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/Epoch-Admin-Tools/blob/TestBranch/AdminTools/AntiCheat/antiCheat.sqf#L54
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    i used that till now. It did work, but inconsistant, and i wasn't able to find out when it changes to halv and when to epoch spawn :D. So now it's optional, as one prefer and it's another option for serveradmins too
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    DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

    DayZ Deathmatch game-mode: Newly open, fully modded game mode providing quick action for those who wish to practice surviving better in Chernarus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Features: -Global chat to satisfy your sh!t talking needs. -Voting system (vote for next area to PvP in) -New modded weapon collection -leader board and score system (long term stats and progress all saved, system still in development) -Killfeed UI -Minimal mods to download --> More Screenshots!
  34. 1 point

    DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

    These guys are killing the DayZ scene with their mods, and now a Fully Custom Death Match Server !!! Once again VPP 4 THE WIN!!!
  35. 1 point

    Repair & Rearming script

    Thank you! I'll try it out tonight.
  36. 1 point

    Repair & Rearming script

    @Grahame You can use this script to find all Vehicles on the map with weapons, but not currently in the default Epoch ServicePoint. This Script will give you the needed config entries for cfgServicePoint.cfg but you have to sort it a bit and change the price from 999999 to what you want. _allveh = allmissionobjects "landvehicle" + allmissionobjects "ship" + allmissionobjects "Air"; NewVehiclesAndAmmo = []; _AlreadyFound = []; _AmmoConfig = (missionconfigfile >> "CfgServicePoint" >> "VehiclesAndAmmo"); _VehiclesWithAmmo = ("true" configClasses _AmmoConfig) apply {configname _x}; _VehiclesWithAmmo = _VehiclesWithAmmo + ((getarray (missionconfigfile >> "CfgServicePoint" >> "VehiclesAndAmmo")) apply {_x select 0}); { _type = typeof _x; { if ((tolower _type) == (tolower _x)) exitwith { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; }; } foreach _VehiclesWithAmmo; if !(_type in _AlreadyFound) then { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; _magsturrets = (magazinesAllTurrets _x); if !(_magsturrets isequalto []) then { _entry = [_type,[]]; _tmp = []; _cnts = []; { _find = -1; _curmagturret = _x; { if (str _curmagturret isEqualTo str _x) exitwith { _find = _foreachindex; }; } foreach _tmp; if (_find == -1) then { _tmp pushback _x; _cnts pushback 1; } else { _cnts set [_find, (_cnts select _find) + 1]; }; } foreach _magsturrets; { (_entry select 1) pushback []; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 0); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 1); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_cnts select _foreachindex); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback 999999; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 2); } foreach _tmp; NewVehiclesAndAmmo pushback _entry; }; }; } foreach _allveh; Edit: I have changed the Script, so it is compatible to Epoch 1.3.1 and also the upcoming Epoch 1.3.2. The Output is an Array like this: [["B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH",[["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Yellow",[0],4,999999,100]]],["B_HMG_01_high_F",[["FakeWeapon",[-1],1,999999,1],["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Red",[0],4,999999,100]]],["O_UAV_01_F",[["Laserbatteries",[0],1,999999,1]]]] Add some linebreaks and tabs for a better overview like this: [ [ "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH", [ ["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Yellow",[0],4,999999,100] ] ], [ "B_HMG_01_high_F", [ ["FakeWeapon",[-1],1,999999,1], ["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Red",[0],4,999999,100] ] ], [ "O_UAV_01_F", [ ["Laserbatteries",[0],1,999999,1] ] ] ] Replace the 999999 by the price for this kind of magazine, like you want. Then you should be able to add the Vehicles to the cfgServicePoint. Do not copy / paste it, but add new entries with the same syntax like others already in the cfg
  37. 1 point

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    The latest VG update *should* fix this: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/83d8bc65d858a3f40dfa157d978fa7a31213aef0 Previously deletes were client side, so the player could store the vehicle, dc straight away and bypass the delete stuff
  38. 1 point
    Brian Soanes

    Dayz Epoch (2019)

    MusTanG08/20/2019 Postponed til 2020. IRL has caused a few of us major time delays over the course of 2019. My IRL delays were work travel during end of Q1 into end of Q2. I wont disclose anyone else's reasons or situations since those are personal matters they can share if they would like. I am working hard since my return and am getting us access to every constant in game right now, and some nice touches we added along the way for various on/off toggles.
  39. 1 point
    post your spawnlocations.sqf and i'll show you how to edit it to make all locations available.
  40. 1 point

    coins on kill dzms/wicked ai

    _player setVariable [Z_MoneyVariable,(_playerCoins + 10),true];
  41. 1 point
    replace this line : template = "DayZ_Epoch_15.namalsk.pbo"; by this line: template = "DayZ_Epoch_15.namalsk"; and try
  42. 1 point
    A Man

    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

  43. 1 point

    epoch standalone

    The team is working on it right now. We cannot give you any time for release at this point. You can keep up to date on our discord server https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7 And if you have any skills and free time you could also contribute to creating the mod, see here
  44. 1 point
    I have merged all of the changes I"ve made over the past few years into a forked version available at: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/halv_spawn Credit for the fixes goes to those who have posted in this thread including Megaz, Dr Slyme and Grahamme - I have only compiled their work.
  45. 1 point

    Epoch Class names full lists

    i have seen a lot of people looking for epoch class names with very little information available on where to find the full lists if you are planning on doing some custom loot crates for static mission spawns. I found on the Epoch Github Repo all the items available to I hope that others find it as useful as I have. >Full lists here<
  46. 1 point
    Does anyone have a script to harvest these or know the class names?
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    This will unlock vehicles that are left inside safezones and if they are not taken within 15 minutes it will remove them. Step 1. Define your safe zone positions in config Variables or below #include "configVariables" DZE_SafeZonePosArray = [ [[4064,11665,0],510], // Bash [[6326,7809,0],510], // Stary [[11447,11364,0],510], // Klen [[12944,12766,0],510], // Hero Camp [[1606,7803,0],510] // Bandit camp ]; ^^ above are my safezones, you could also add the aircraft dealer if you wish Step 2. go to your server_monitor.sqf located in dayz_server\system find then find this below it add this directly below that This is what it should look like If you wish to change the settings e.g the range at which it deletes vehicles, or if you want vehicles to be removed faster or instantly simple edit the "uiSleep (60 * 15);" if you want to remove the 15 minute wait, just remove that line of code or comment it out. Leave a comment if you need any help.
  48. 1 point

    [Release] DayZ Mission System

    DZMS is a logic and useability rewrite of the DayZChernarus Mission System. DZMS should be considered as an "updated" DayZChernarus Mission System. Why Use DZMS instead of DayZChernarus MS? DZMS has a simple Configuration File, no more digging through code No more junk code! (Anyone who has read add_unit_server will understand) Simple Install! DZMS Requires a single line edit. No more server_cleanup confusion! No more messy mission code! DZMS uses functions for most code. DZMS is rewrote with all maps in mind, not just Chernarus. Hence the Generic Rename. DZMS is completely server sided! No marker files needed in the Mission PBO! No more "Novy Sobor Bug"! Plus, many features have been added! Option to save vehicles to the database! If Vehicle Saving is off, Users are warned when entering vehicles! Randomized Crate Loot! No more static crate loot! Adjustable Body Despawn Time! Optional: AI Ran Over have no gear! More! The Current Version is v1.2 Download Instructions: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem Project Tracking: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem/projects (Note: I have given The Fuchs permission to use DZMS as the base for EMS.)
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    Happy Birthday AWOL!!!!

    same from me, happy Beers-Day! :)
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    Happy Birthday AWOL!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Awol :)
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