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    Security system choice

    Good afternoon everyone who is reading this post. I extremely need your recommendations regarding choosing a reliable security system. Not a long time ago I bought a house, that was quite old, but it was the only variant I could afford. Now I have some money to invest in it. I've already renovated several rooms, changed windows glasses and painted walls. The next stage is to install a security system. I even do not have any fire detectors here. I've heard about the Ajax brand. They produce modern systems to provide a high level of security. Has anyone here heard about them? What security systems do you use in your house?
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    [Release] Epoch Recipes Previews

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    Mission SQF Manager

    Great program!
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    Advanced cooking and farming added. 8 new food items can be crafted Seeds and vegetables (and hemp) can be turned into patches and planted in or near a freenhouse. Greenhouse can be crafted. Cooking tripod can be crafted. Bucket added to items (use it to craft the cooking tripod). Fish can be turned into fertiliser
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    In the Halv_takegive_crypto.sqf make these changes from He-mans post an easy search would have turned this up..
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