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  1. I think i have tracked down the post from Ghostrider that explains this part. Cheers
  2. Ok @GMS is uploaded to server root directory, and added to server mods. But i need help with the following. Whats the correct position to copy the contents of the debug folder (blckClient.sqf) into the mission .PBO? And where do i put (if i do) the supplied init.sqf Cheers.
  3. Thanks Grahame, I'll give it a crack
  4. After a long break im looking at setting up a epoch server and was wondering what the best mission system is out there at the moment. Also Epoch mission PBO no longer has Int.sqf, correct? Cheers.
  5. A lot of servers seem to be running 1.63 131129 version of Arma2, might be having a brain fart but i have tried Beta and legacy branches with no luck. Also keep getting content has been deleted....for Dayz and epoch assets.
  6. #0 "CUP_acc_ANPEQ_2_grey" 2:1294 Supply150 #0 "CUP_optic_HoloBlack" 2:1602 B_Bergen_tna_F #0 "CUP_optic_HoloBlack" 2:2072 GroundWeaponHolder #0 "CUP_optic_CompM4" 2:1565 B_Bergen_tna_F This represents everytime i have tried to move a Cup item from my gear since the 1.64 update, so dose that mean it will effect every CUP optic?
  7. I still find I'm getting kicks, not from epoch (cheers vbawol) gear but CUP items like optics. Is there a fix being worked on?
  8. Also the WIKI will give you a good understanding of what content is in the game.
  9. Sounds great G, I enjoy your server , but since Apex update my machine runs Arma like shit, tried your server after update was getting 5-10 FPS even with settings on standard.
  10. all good, got in. Must have been wrong file, cheers
  11. Looking forward to this release. Went to try this test server out and kept getting addons\dayz_code\configs/CfgServertrader/Cfgservertrader.hhp not found. Because i was joining this server and not making my own to test i just installed the client elements of the instructions, was this correct?
  12. Cheers, the steps that you took mirror my own experience, hopefully the upcoming DEV updates will improve this.
  13. If i read this correctly you need to go into your "server.cfg" and change the mission cycle from "veteran" to "regular" to allow third person view.
  14. Cheers, guys I'll look more closely at my system and server provider.
  15. "and the tumble weeds roll on by"
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