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  1. TheStainlessSteelRat

    arma3 issues this morning

    It has happened two days in a row now outage for at least 4-5 hours each time. Steam it self does not report any errors that i saw.
  2. TheStainlessSteelRat

    EpochZ: Down Under [EpochZ + ACE3]

    Jumped on as Australia map is one of my all time favourite maps. Thanks to Grahame for putting this together as the server is very playable and has much to offer the pve player even though server is set up as pvp. I know there is some pieces still wip which can only add to this fantastic server.
  3. TheStainlessSteelRat

    [POLL] Epoch & CBA

    that upload is nearly 2 yrs old, probably long gone.
  4. TheStainlessSteelRat

    "REAL" Epoch experience

    UKGZ ran two servers for most of this year. Altis server had all the features bemoaned about here. Napf and latterly Tanoa would have been exactly what OP was looking for. First server was always populated 30-50; second was just us admins and close supporters playing, so 6 at most. It seems there are not enough serious survivalists wanting to play to pop a server. I would say also that the arrival of other supposed survival mod who put guns on ground in every house, set the tone for how Epoch server hosts had to manage and config their servers to compete for players.
  5. TheStainlessSteelRat

    2017 mod Cancelled

    So sad.
  6. TheStainlessSteelRat

    Arma 3 epoch map editing

    We did this on our Altis and Tanoa maps creating new trader zones. You can now use Eden editor and a small add-on from workshop called E3DEN to export your work as an sqf.
  7. TheStainlessSteelRat


    For the 'Frankie' experience you will definitely have to have the base game plus all dlc and the Expansion. On top of that as Kpabatok says you will require many community made mods to add to the official content, these are mostly freely available to all in the Arma community. You will find it extremely difficult to ever get on that one server due to how it is run; it is locked by a password that is given to only a 'favoured' few in the hosts community. Frankie's videos are showcases for that community's current pet projects and are nothing to do with how most servers run or play, they are also exercises in storytelling in Frankie's own small way, so the staging and cinematic cuts add to the story but detract from 'real game play'. Enjoy Frankie's videos and look for a community run server that suits your needs, this will mean joining several different ones and testing them out for what you like. Hope you enjoy your Arma 3 journey!
  8. TheStainlessSteelRat

    New to Epoch so bear with me

    With no access to nvg and no base yet it can be daunting to venture far, in Epoch at night. Not sure if EpochZ has the 'Cultist' enabled, but they still give me nightmares! Try hitting a couple of military areas in the hope of looting nvg and always check traders you come across you never know what some other survivor sold. With a fixed night time on server a base helps to feel some safety. Build a fireplace and go over your inventory to plan for next day, what to trade and what you need to find to extend base or just stay alive another day. Remember fear of the dark is rational when you know there are antagonists lurking in it!
  9. TheStainlessSteelRat

    Improper animations with handguns

    No the patch was to stop that happening in Epoch. It happens in other mods too where weapon holstering is a feature. Not unique to Epoch.
  10. TheStainlessSteelRat

    Error - Can't get ingame

    Welcome to Arma
  11. TheStainlessSteelRat

    Error - Can't get ingame

    This is joining a server you have previously played? If so maybe worth deleting the following : C:\Users\Your PC Name\AppData\Local\Arma3\MPMissionsCache This will allow you to acquire a fresh download of the mission file from server. You should of course also verify integrity of Arma 3 in Steam. Some people also like to try a new profile to help solve similar issues. Assuming you are using the Arma 3 in built Launcher, ensure no other mods than those required by server are loaded in error. If this is the case rather than joining via server list try joining direct using the server ip. Hope some of this helps you.
  12. TheStainlessSteelRat

    Improper animations with handguns

    Have seen the first animation glitch whereby the melee/launcher slot holster is played before drawing or holstering the handgun. I thought the loop animation was only happening whilst moving, crouching and trying to use holster function altogether, and why Epoch implemented a Holster whilst stationary only function in last update.
  13. TheStainlessSteelRat

    New to Epoch so bear with me

    For sure the extensive command lists and key binds is probably the most frustrating part of Arma 3 experience for some. Fortunately I had no preconceived ideas of what is better practice for key binds so have learnt to make default bindings work for me with a few exceptions, i have bound all talking channels except side to their own separate key binds, that way i can never accidentally use voice in side chat. Best of luck in exploring Arma and welcome to Epoch.
  14. TheStainlessSteelRat

    New to Epoch so bear with me

    Obviously money always makes a difference in making a purchase but be aware that by buying from re-sellers like g2a can mean you are lining the pockets of scammers who use fraudulent purchases from legitimate sites to make money on sites like g2a. They use stolen credit cards to purchase keys and then get hard cash by selling it on. You could also end up with a key that becomes invalid if the publisher wishes to chase down such fraudulent activity. Buy from steam or BI direct and know where your money is going and end up with a trouble free genuine purchase.
  15. TheStainlessSteelRat

    RIP Junior

    Wonderful looking dog, so sorry for your loss.