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  1. are you an admin and gave yourself admin access to plot poles on your variables? If you put your UID in the plot management array for plot poles in configvariables.sqf it will make every plot pole act as if you have permission on them.
  2. you could keep it as anyone can repack the deployable and then add it to the garage to restrict removal variable in your ConfigVariables.sqf. The restrict removal option keeps anyone from removing anything from your plot thats in that array without permission on the plot pole first.
  3. Runewulv

    Call Car

    in 1051 it was amazing. Loved it very much, used it for years. It's died since 1.6 was released. Salival had mentioned looking into it as well. Would be great to have that mod up and running again. I've been a server owner for about 5 years now.
  4. Runewulv

    Call Car

    Awesome Looter I will update my server now and take a look see. Thanks for tweaking! Have you ever tried working on Just Another Evac Mod?
  5. ah OK, I did test it out. It worked very well from what I could tell. But was not compatible with WAI. The missions wouldnt spawn. I'm super disappointed in that as I was excited to use it. I like DZAI but Sarge was always a lot more crafty and more versatile. It also cut about 10 FPS right off the top of all my players LOL. I run mission systems too which is why and Sarge is taxing obviously. Just too bad, was hoping to swap out DZAI for Sarge.
  6. Runewulv

    Call Car

    i did watch it several times because I thought it may be an obstruction. There isn't, it only seems to really happen when it's going on a road between buildings like from Pustoshka on the vybor side
  7. Runewulv

    Call Car

    I've tested the fixes done by Looter809 with the additions added by Schalldampfer. It seems to be working well. My only issue is, the AI seems a bit too ready to abandon the vehicle. Depending on distance, I have to keep re-calling the vehicle because it will drive a random distance and then abandon the vehicle. So it's not bugging you to where you can't use it, but the abandon option is just a little too aggressive.
  8. Runewulv

    Call Car

    well done looter, in your pastebin does this also have @Schalldampfer masterkey compatible menu added in?
  9. member berries member when DZAI Land Patrol Vehicles were something to fear.
  10. With the last two instructions, where it says add to the two schedulers. It's a bit vague. Should I just place that snip of code in front of the code that's already on line 4 and 45 respectively? Or should I replace the code that is already on line 4 and 45 respectively?
  11. was a menu added to call car? I wasnt aware it was a feature I was hoping would be added for 1061 ahh i found the reply. Sweet.
  12. Runewulv

    Call Car

    This has always been an issue even in 1051. If there are player built walls up the AI will not be able to find a path very well. Ive suggested to all my players to make sure there is an open space for them. The two best ways to clear this issue out is to lobby log, or get in the vehicle urself and drive it to the location u called it to. Once you pull up to that spot it will stop the vehicle and kick you out of it as if it was delivered properly and the AI will despawn.
  13. Runewulv

    Call Car

    Unfortunately that would be for JAEM, and it's not 1061 compliant yet. I do miss evac choppers. I wouldnt mind if this was updated with some kind of menu that was compatible with Masterkey though.
  14. OMG Salival. I'll be installing this ASAP to see if it works. Can't thank you enough for what you do for the community.
  15. Man do I miss JAEM working. I have it installed on my server, but have never been able to get it work since the 1.6 conversion. The Legacy thread is dead. Biggest issue reported was the change in the server_monitor file. Would love to have Evac choppers back *tear of nostalgia*
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