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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Wonder where this 1 million bug came from.. will have to do more tests. The godmodebase seems to work fine now just a small kink in that a warehouse that is built, the X part is still destructible but its probably something else. Rollingmessages still seem to cause issues for some though so i've put custom ones on our server to alleviate the issue for now with cuttext format which seems to help. Thanks Max
  2. Another bug to mention is that once a player has over plus or minus 1 million humanity, they become invincible it seems... This maybe related to other scripts though. Has anyone experience this or know how to fix please?
  3. Ok yes the godmodebase true is working fine now. I mustve broken code while trying to add items to it but yeah would be nice to be able to add to indestructible items.
  4. Well Rollingmessages is nice but we've had a player with the 'bug' test it out for us and when we took out those messages their fps was stable, but when using them it halfs fps. Only happens for certain players. I was wondering it would be nice to have a DZE_GodModeBaseInclude setting for any extra buildables. Where are the objects for DZE_GodModeBase defined i cant seem to find them in the default code?
  5. dayz_rollingmessages seem to be bugged - they half fps for some players. Godmodebase true doesnt seem to be working. Items are still destructible Would also be handy to have a godmodeinclude objects.
  6. MaxMineVeins = 50; // Max number of random mine veins to spawn around the map Just add it to your init.sqf.. or edit the configvariables.sqf if you use that
  7. Yeah, it doesnt seem to fix the killme/infistar kill bug that happens sometimes atleast for me :S
  8. Thanks Ebay. I thought i was going mad XDD I altered the fill class to unlock them too if thats ok to post this edit? _puid = getPlayerUID player; _lock = (_level == 1 && !(_puid in class_Level1)) or (_level == 2 && !(_puid in class_Level2)) or (_level == 3 && !(_puid in class_Level3)) or (_hlevel < 0 && _humanity >= _hlevel) or (_hlevel > 0 && _humanity <= _hlevel);
  9. This Works: Add in Class pick sqf above _humanity = player getVariable ["humanity",0]; Then the server config add: Not sure its the best way to do it but maybe ebay wouldnt mind cleaning up when he's free- also needs something to add the lock sign
  10. No still doesnt seem to work. Looking in the public class code there doesnt seem to be any reference to playerUID.
  11. I have done that.. they work but are invisible to all but the person who's uid is in the list - we like them to visible to all players but locked to players not in the uid list.
  12. They dont seem to work correctly like your previous builds. I've tested stock with above code and uid in class_level1 (tested server sided and client sided) and they show in the list but are not blocked. Maybe it has something to do with the block list? Tried adding code but it didnt work :S
  13. Nice work as always ebay! Just something to ask - is there code missing for the class_public? The VIP level doesnt seem to work. Is there away to get this to work and have it call from the server sided config class_level1-3 please? Regards Max
  14. hey buddy just helping a freind with a server was wondering if your available to help me with a few things please :) thanks you

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