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  1. Jason... I would know that understand that too. No idea what happened. I need more time to be able to learn and read much more... so far, I have so little time that is barely possible. But I will learn. And then, perhaps I could tell you how I turned that init to have that crazy loop!! jajajajaja
  2. I think it is one of the other ones where i did something wrong... because I put the files back and add that line to the init in wai and it is working now, no spamming
  3. new thing... perhaps it is nothign but just in case... it began after those fixes https://gyazo.com/ba47d337f9d84c873894d43f06806662
  4. Thanks Relentless... I saw that before I posted my reply and corrected, but just checking because it is giving me the error like in 3 different lines (guess its because different missions?...)
  5. I was checking every single mission to fix what I was doing wrong. I think I have them all done. I did all these changes you posted above and the heli one where the static was missing. I am having this error: But, no matter different lines, guess it was the same issue, right? Thanks a lot for all the hard work, Jason.
  6. Question again... Locate Vehicles is working as a charm... same as everything else. so... honestly it is one question and an issue that I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the VG Question: the VKC, it is working great but if you sell one of the vehicles the key dissapear from your belt. How can I avoid that from happening? And the last one... I has the VG working great on my test server... but, after uploading the dll into GTX every single time we use the VG the server crash and I have this screeninthe console https://gyazo.com/10be95f74e90810526dcb30027a4b328 I already told GTX and they say it is me doing something wrong. Obviously, I would love to think they are right because if I am doing something wrong, I can solve it. What do you think? Welll.... the most importan right now, is the Key that dissapear when we sell one vehicle. Thanks a lot again
  7. So VKC is not going to allow me to have 1 key in general instead of 1 per vehicle? The locate vehicle: how do you call it?... you open the map and that's it? or u have to use the key? The VG... I didnt try it in a plot... my mistake. Thanks a lot as usual, Salival. You are amazing teacher in this matter
  8. Battling with the Admin Tool. The Epoch Admin tool (that I like) is giving me white screen when log out and I cant find the error So I installed the Testkit but I am not understandind this part of the isntructions: # Editor Usage: 1. Place a center, group and unit. 2. Set the unit to playable. 3. In the unit's init field enter `execVM "testkit\init.sqf"` 4. Optionally save the mission for easy loading next time. Can somebody explain to me where to do that? thanks a lot
  9. I dont have infistar but it supposes to be working.... It is marked in map but I cant make it to disable the pve in that area
  10. Thanks Yukito for the reply. I still fail to understand what should I change to make a pvp area in Chernogorsk (for example)
  11. Okay... I have the local server (test server) up and running. All your Modpack is up same as the DZAI and WAI. Now... I am having some question (obviously is for my ignorance... not for problems in the mod) So... 1.- How can I make the "one key vehicle" works 2.- How does the "locate vehicle" works? (I bought a SUV, I disconnected and when reconnected it was no more in Stary safe zone and when I click in the key to "lock" it says that the suv is not in the area) 3,- How do use the Virtual Garage? (I look for videos but cant get it yet) Thanks a lot and amazing job the one you did!!
  12. sorry Tanita... I didnt open Epoch forum, I was busy on the local server. This is the Mision.sqm I couldnt make it work at all. And some of our guys want to have pvp... and others, dont want it. I would be greatfull if you help me in the solution.
  13. I tried it Salival, and it didnt work. My character has no Spawn choice dialog. I did this but something was wrong because it is not working... ((the entire config.sqf from spawn)
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