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Found 34 results

  1. Many years ago, I made a Humanity Loadout script for 1.0.5.x. The script is basic, it checks your players' humanity and grants a pre-set loadout when they spawn depending on their humanity level. I've now updated and optimized this script for 1.0.6.x: https://github.com/OlofTheBald/DayZ-Humanity-Loadout-Granter
  2. how to do it humanity for animals killed ?
  3. I was wondering if it is possible to make it so that a players humanity would not change for a certain amount of time? I have a PVP arena with a teleport in and I was wanting to make it so people could TP in and fight without worrying about gaining or losing humanity.
  4. Hello. I was wondering if there was a way for gunners in a vehicle weither its in a ground or flying vehicle, to gain or lose humanity while killing players or a.i? Say for example you are on foot and you shoot either a player or a.i, you will lose or gain humanity but in a vehicle your humanity doesnt change.
  5. How it possible to give humanity for killing animals? :D
  6. Hi This is a restriction to vehicle seat according to humanity. It may be handy to PVE servers out there. Special thanks to Juandayz with his fantastic skills and salival. Both sometimes working unseen for the benefit of this community. Step 1. Make a new file, Name it veh_hum.sqf with the below contents and put into dayz_epoch/addons folder. If you dont have addons just create one. In this example we have a hero superhero and agenthero traders with 20k/40k/60k humanity respectively. Adjust according to your needs. private ["_vehicle","_inVehicle","_driver","_humanity","_txt"]; while {true} do { _vehicle = vehicle player; _inVehicle = (_vehicle != player); if (_inVehicle) then { _driver = driver (vehicle player); if (({(isPlayer _driver) && (alive _driver)} count (crew _vehicle) > 0)) then { _humanity = _driver getVariable["humanity",0]; if (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_heroHumanity && _humanity <= 20000 || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_superHeroHumanity && _humanity <= 40000) || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_agentHumanity && _humanity <= 60000)) then { player action ["getOut", (vehicle player)]; titleText ["","WHITE IN"]; _txt = "<img image='addons\vehicon.paa' /><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ea2828' align='center'>prohibited vehicle</t>"; [_txt, [safezoneX, safezoneW], [0.20 * safezoneH + safezoneY, 0.3 * safezoneH], 2, 0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; }; sleep 3; }; Step 2: Download this file http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdpt5d96o5cttk3/vehicon.rar Unzip and put paa file into addons folder. Step 3: Edit your custom variables file dayz_code/init/variables.sqf Put the vehicles you want to restrict below call dayz_resetselfactions; ike this: // Custom below s_givemoney_dialog = -1; s_bank_dialog = -1; s_player_checkWallet = -1; s_bank_dialog1 = -1; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; s_player_copyToKey = -1; s_player_claimVehicle = -1; s_collect_heli = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; DZE_heroHumanity = ["Mi17_rockets_RU","Mi24_D","UH1Y_DZE"]; DZE_superHeroHumanity = ["Mi24_V","Mi24_P","Ka52"]; DZE_agentHumanity = ["AV8B2","AV8B","A10","F35B"]; DZE_safeVehicle = DZE_heroHumanity + DZE_superHeroHumanity + DZE_agentHumanity +["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC"]; Step 4: Edit your init file to exec the script. Above the (false,12)execVm.... like below [] execVM "addons\veh_hum.sqf"; //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; Thats it. Enjoy! Hide contents
  7. On my Chernarus map, players are not receiving humanity after killing AI. I am talking about the ones that spawn on you. Have the following set as: //Amount of humanity to reward player for killing an AI unit (Default: 0) DZAI_humanityGain = 50; Nothing in server RPT or client RPT Any thoughts
  8. Robert261171

    Humanity Board

    Is there a script out there to display players Humanity on a leader board in the trader zones? It would be good for heroes to hunt bandits or bandits to hunt heroes. I'm looking for some kind of board that you look at and you can see a list of players Humanity on the server..
  9. Hey hey, Can anybody tell me how i can read stuff from the database ? i want to take the humanity from the database but dont know how i can do this.....
  10. Jun_msk

    New player humanity

    Hi! Can I change start humanity new players? Default is 2500. I want to chenge it to 0. Thanks!
  11. Shawn

    Sorting out humanity

    So I am currently trying to get humanity working well as there are many humanity boosting methods open, but I cannot figure what to do from here. This is what I've worked up to so far. If anyone could direct me in the correct direction, it would be appreciated. _HFKiller = _this select 0; _HFVictim = _this select 1; if (!alive _HFKiller) exitWith {}; _humanityK = _HFKiller getVariable ["humanity",0]; _humanityV = _HFVictim getVariable ["humanity",0]; switch true do { case ((_humanityK > 5000) AND (_humanityV > 5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK - 200),true]; }; // hero vs hero case ((_humanityK < -5000) AND (_humanityV > 5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK - 200),true]; }; // bandit vs hero case ((_humanityK > 5000) AND (_humanityV < -5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK + 200),true]; }; // hero vs bandit case ((_humanityK < -5000) AND (_humanityV < -5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK + 200),true]; }; // bandit vs bandit case ((_humanityK > -5000) AND(_humanityK < 5000) AND (_humanityV > 5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK + 200),true]; }; // civilian vs hero case ((_humanityK > -5000) AND(_humanityV < 5000) AND (_humanityV < -5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK + 200),true]; }; // civilian vs bandit case ((_humanityV > -5000) AND(_humanityV < 5000) AND (_humanityK > 5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK - 200),true]; }; // hero vs civilian case ((_humanityV > -5000) AND(_humanityV < 5000) AND (_humanityK < -5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK - 200),true]; }; // bandit vs civilian case ((_humanityV > -5000) AND(_humanityV < 5000) AND (_humanityK > -5000) AND (_humanityK < 5000)): { _HFKiller setVariable ["humanity",(_humanityK - 200),true]; }; // civilian vs civilian default (true); };
  12. Since 105 or 1051 (since 105 was only around for a day before 1051 came out...) I have had strange goings on with humanity. Sometimes and for some players, not all, it randomly doubles either each time they relog or at server restart. I haven't been able to pin it down more than that. The problem last month was quite rare so, I didn't bother with it after a quick google didn't find anything. However, over the last 2-3 weeks it has developed into a more serious problem. It seems to be happening to some players, not all and the same players. It can happen 3-4 times a day for some players and has resulted in them having humanity in the +/- millions. I have googled around again and can't see anything posted....? I have tried the obvious and systematically turned off and on all additional scripts/changes for the last month and haven't been able to narrow it down to any of them either. We are a pretty loaded server with all the usual popular scripts: DZ Group Management, Enhanced Spawn Selection, infiSTAR, Logistics, WAI, EMS, infiSTAR SafeZones to name a few... The server is high population and a managed virtual server so, unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a dev server to test with and have to be careful with what I'm doing with the live based on the population. Is anyone else seeing this problem at all on their server? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. Howdy guys. I tried to make lossing humanity after die by adding this code: _DeadHumanity = player getVariable["humanity",0]; _DeadHumanity = _DeadHumanity - 1000; player setVariable ["humanity", _DeadHumanity , true]; to player_death.sqf. After die I can see, that humanity changed, but when I spawn, my humanity amount is like was before death. I just think, that I should make it in server side, but dont know how and where. I have few ideas about that, but dont know how to realise them: 1. Data base script, that changes humanity when creates new body of already existed player. 2. Mission side script. After spawn change humanity of player. 3. Server side. Idk where :c Hope that someone clever can help me :) Thanks!
  14. So i have been scripting away and testing with a friend, everything is all well and good but it wasn't until i shot my friend accidentally that i noticed i gained a lot of humanity from just hitting him once. We carried on shooting each other to see what was going on, The humanity is all over the place. Even decimal points!. Just did a test. I had 9022, shot my friend once with a glock and it dropped to 8964.98, logged out then logged back in, the humanity was 8965. So that's -57 from 1 hit and it's not always that number, sometimes it's a hell of a lot. It even gains occasionally. I Googled around and found nothing. It doesn't seem normal to me (from the overpoch servers i have played anyway) Which files control the humanity is the real question so i can take a look at them? but they might not be the issue Thanks =)
  15. Hello forum. I want to add a new vehicle trader on my server, which sells military vehicles. :P I know how to add a regular trader, and edit/add/remove the buyable stuff, but how do i add a sort of "pad" where the bougth vehicles will spawn? Is it placed there automatically, a certain distance from the trader? or how is it working?... :o Also, how do i edit the humanity need to use the trader? i know i can type neutral, friendly, bandit and so on, but lets say 40.000 in humanity to trade with tanks/helis? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I need change starting humanity and change table character_data in the mysql: `Humanity` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', creating new survivor back on 2500 in humanity... why? Help, i need to change this parameter for my server. Thanks
  17. I am trying to work out how to change the bandit trader to a normal one. I'm running a non pvp server so there is no need for a bandit trader. I've searched the database but can't find any reference to the bandit trader. I've looked in the server_traders.sqf and then searched the database by the skin, but still nothing comes up. Anyone got any ideas how I edit it from hostile to neutral? Cheers Andy
  18. Hey guys! I wanted to ask how to create new Groups based on the humanity besides Hero and Bandit (e.g. Saint or Vilain) and link those with special traders. Thanks!
  19. This script works for players with positive humanity, but I cannot get it to work with heroes or bandits, when uncommented the script leaves all players blacked out. Does anyone have an idea why? if (!isDedicated) then { cutText ["","BLACK OUT"]; sleep 1; /* if ((player getVariable"humanity") < 0) then { player setPosATL [8952.6816, 10508.317, 0.1]; cutText ["","BLACK IN"]; };*/ if ((player getVariable"humanity") > 1) then { // if ((player getVariable"humanity") < 8999) then { player setPosATL [7045.17, 11901.4, 0.1]; cutText ["","BLACK IN"]; }; /* }; if ((player getVariable"humanity") > 9000) then { player setPosATL [5472.9067, 10611.989, 0.1]; cutText ["","BLACK IN"]; }:*/ }; Thanks in advance...
  20. Can anyone say me, how can i add a method, that the skin change for new humanity is random and work this script? I have found this in this forum. private ["_humanity","_model","_oldBackPack","_oldBackPackType","_newBackPack","_backpackWpn","_backpackMag","_countr"]; if (isServer || isDedicated) exitWith {}; // Humanity Skins waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_animalCheck"}; _oldBackPack = unitBackpack player; _oldBackPackType = (typeOf _oldBackPack); if(_oldBackPackType != "") then { _backpackWpn = getWeaponCargo unitBackpack player; _backpackMag = getMagazineCargo unitBackpack player; }; _humanity = round (player getVariable["humanity", 0]); //Check Survivor if (_humanity > -5000 && _humanity < 5000) exitWith {}; if (!(typeOf player in ["Survivor2_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ"])) exitWith { systemchat "<System>: Humanity skin change being run on an existing player."; }; //Check Hero if (_humanity < 15000 && _humanity >= 5000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "INS_Worker2_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWpink_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity < 30000 && _humanity >= 15000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWurban_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity >= 30000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "Camo1_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWcombat_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; //Check Bandit if (_humanity > -15000 && _humanity <= -5000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "Bandit1_DZ"; } else { _model = "BanditW1_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity > -30000 && _humanity <= -15000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWurban_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity <= -30000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "GUE_Commander_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWdesert_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; sleep 4; if (!isNil "_oldBackPackType") then { if (_oldBackPackType != "") then { player addBackpack _oldBackPackType; _newBackPack = unitBackpack player; _backpackWpnTypes = []; _backpackWpnQtys = []; if (count _backpackWpn > 0) then { _backpackWpnTypes = _backpackWpn select 0; _backpackWpnQtys = _backpackWpn select 1; }; _countr = 0; { _newBackPack addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackWpnQtys select _countr)]; _countr = _countr + 1; } forEach _backpackWpnTypes; _backpackmagTypes = []; _backpackmagQtys = []; if (count _backpackmag > 0) then { _backpackmagTypes = _backpackMag select 0; _backpackmagQtys = _backpackMag select 1; }; _countr = 0; { _newBackPack addmagazineCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackmagQtys select _countr)]; _countr = _countr + 1; } forEach _backpackmagTypes; }; }; Thank you for help. My englisch is a little mad, sorry
  21. https://github.com/OlofTheBald/DayZ-Humanity-Loadout-Granter/tree/Epoch_1.0.5.1 Updated for 1.0.6.x
  22. Hi all, let's assume that you don't play Epoch for the single reason of killing others. Then typically what keeps you hooked is to do something new, e.g. buy a new piece of hardware. On standard Epoch you've the bandit and hero traders - for buying there you've to accumulate humanity. But once you've your 5K, you have access to every item - and are bored. There are workarounds, such as having a sparse economy where it's difficult to assemble the money needed - but on the one hand this tends to frustrate players, on the other hand it favors clans creating a bunch of layered traders with increasing humanity requirements - but this merely delays the problem. What I'd like to propose would be an additional cost in humanity when buying something. Not necessarily for all items but for the highly priced - e.g. armed vehicles, top-of-the-line weapons. This way you'd have to kill Zeds/Bandits to assemble humanity, go to an advanced trader, buy the desired vehicle and not only pay in briefcases but in humanity as well, so afterwards you have to kill Zeds again, to re-gain access to the trader. This would spread out achievements automatically and thus increase long-term playability. Design decisions like signed humanity loss towards the starting value of +2500 fixed (configurable) amounts of hum-cost or proportional to item price are mere details. My main question is: where to hook in a standalone mod that is triggered by the action of selling something and depending on trader ore item price reducing player humanity? Anyone interested in implementing such a thing?
  23. Hi, Would be posible to do that? I have now a veteran trader in the spot of the old Bandit trader, since I have a PvP zone, there will be bandits, and I would like to add those bandits to Veteran trader too. So having a trader who can sell to Heroes with 25k or above of humanity AND Bandits with -10k or less humanity. I have veteran in fnselfactions-sqf, but I don't know if its possible to make it work for bandits too, Any help? _low_high = "low"; _humanity_logic = false; if((_traderMenu select 2) == "friendly") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < -5000); }; if((_traderMenu select 2) == "veteran") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < 25000); }; if((_traderMenu select 2) == "hero") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < 5000); }; Thank you!
  24. Hello, I need to consult you guys about humanity system. When humanity < -5000 change to be bandit that I want to change side of bandit to be opfor, because I will be able to create AI in mission to make HERO city cuz I don't know much about script. Anyone know about this plz advise me Thx u
  25. I have been searching high and low. I have recently changed one of our servers to PVE. I want to change the bandit trader to "Super"hero trader? I have tried EVERY post in here and for what ever reason it just wont work. Currently have CfgServerTrader installed and running Epoch Cherno Arma is 112555 and my dayz is, Any help would be great! Thanks in advance TiMMaY[KoS]
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